When you listen to your clients their words speak volumes

“We went with Evolve IP because of their stability and reliability. And since we’ve switched we haven’t had any system outages. Plus, we can now forward calls from the main number to another location if there’s a disaster or business continuity issue outside the office.

That’s the type of proposition I like to bring to a Board of Directors. When I can say, ‘we can get everything new, be completely redundant, it can meet all of our needs and oh, by the way, we are going to save over $300,000 a year.’”

– K. Schultz, CIO

“Our move to Evolve IP’s award-winning unified communications (UC) suite brought about numerous benefits. For example, all of our team members are now able to easily manage their own call handling capabilities – such as follow me features – anytime, anywhere, without requiring a moment of IT support. Evolve IP’s solutions deliver substantial savings and efficiencies over our previous system and moving to their cloud-based service has been a pleasure.”

– N. Girotti, Network Operations Specialist

“I like the integration with applications like Skype and Office 365 and the crystal-clear calling and voice services. Evolve IP’s unified communications also provides a great deal of flexibility for our business. We are using it for customer survey and office meetings during work from home. We have integrated it with office 365 and Skype for video meetings for better audio quality.”

– Rahoul B. Agent

“With over 1,000 employees you can’t quantify the value Evolve IP’s services have brought to our organization.”

– J. Deliveron, Operations Manager

“Evolve IP is our one-stop shop of unified communications. Amazing products and services and GREAT customer service.”

– J. Robins, IT Manager