Hosted Applications

Thanks to SaaS and cloud communications, your employees can work just about anywhere these days.


Except for those final on-premises Windows applications that still sit in your data center.

Virtualize Windows apps that require a LAN or VPN today and enable a truly mobile workforce with Evolve IP’s managed hosted applications solution.

Work Anywhere™

“SaaS-ify” Windows applications like Dynamics and Quickbooks and deliver them on virtually any connected device. Tablet. Mobile. Laptop. Your choice.


  • Apps perform just as they would from your on-premises desktop
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, ThinOS, more. Apps run on devices that previously couldn’t handle software
  • Provide BYOD so employees everywhere can use the devices they want

Managed Application Delivery

We have delivered hosted applications for over a decade, helping clients eliminate server management & infrastructure to focus on delivery and end-user experience.


  • Best-in-class virtualization protocols
  • Self-service portal for instant MACD and easy scaling
  • Leverages Evolve IP’s redundant architecture, security, and AV
  • Seamlessly integrated with Office productivity

Flexible Deployments

Whether you have 250 or 10,000 users, our hosted applications solution gives your IT team granular control over how employees access applications.


  • Deploy apps, patches and updates on every device in minutes
  • Provision and de-provision applications quickly as user permissions change
  • Deploy on thin client, zero client, Chromebooks and more

Enterprise Security

Unmatched security controls for users, their devices, and your business.


  • Identity management (IAM) with SSO / MFA – Deploy Evolve IP’s integrated IAM or bring your own … Okta, DUO, MSFT
  • DDoS detection and prevention
  • Redundant enterprise-grade firewalls
  • Multi-tier routing and switching infrastructure
  • SSL transport to the endpoint

Audited Compliance

Maintain your compliance and make audits easier leveraging Evolve IP’s 3rd-party certified solution.


  • HIPAA / HITRUST – Ideal for healthcare IT and their provider networks
  • PCI-DSS – Perfect for finance and businesses taking credit card payments
  • SOC 2 and more