Clearlogin Anywhere

Clearlogin Anywhere is an easy-to-use JavaScript embed code for any website. It delivers powerful identity management to the enterprise – with minimal to no custom coding.


One Form To Rule Them All

Use Clearlogin as your application’s authentication method – anywhere! Clearlogin Anywhere is a simple, secure JavaScript login form that can be embedded on any site or application. Users only have to log in one time to gain access to your company’s cloud applications and intranet portal.

Developers, Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Every time your organization adopts a new application, your developers have to create a database of users, write authentication methods, and manage a new security environment. With Clearlogin Anywhere, your developers can simply drop a code snippet into your site and leave the heavy lifting to us.

You wouldn’t waste time developing authorization processes to perform credit card transactions when you can utilize secure APIs from services like PayPal or Stripe – so why process identity yourself? Clearlogin Anywhere lets you offload the burden of authentication to the experts.

*Your application must support JWT or SAML authentication for frictionless authentication with Clearlogin Anywhere. Clearlogin Anywhere does not support Google Apps Identity Sources.

Our pricing starts at just $0.67 per user/month.