Multi-Domain Support

If your organization uses multiple Active Directory environments or authentication methods, Clearlogin lets you configure separate settings and authenticate users based on their domain.


Simplify Domain Management

For an organization that has acquired another company with an Active Directory, or a large university with multiple colleges on separate domains, an organized method of handling authentication is a necessity. Multi-domain support allows administrators to manage all users in one place and include all directories in their Clearlogin authentication routine.

Some cloud providers use your domain name as an identifier. With Clearlogin, you can use multiple domains with a single cloud provider. Users can select their domain from a dropdown list or enter a username that is associated with a domain in Active Directory. Clearlogin will identify the domain and authenticate the user.

Users can keep their domain-specific email address, whether it’s in Google Apps or elsewhere.

Our pricing starts at just $0.67 per user/month.