Multi-Factor Authentication

Requiring strong passwords isn’t always enough to keep your sensitive data secure. Configure multi-factor authentication for an additional layer of security that will plug up any leaks in your perimeter and halt spoofing attacks.


Enhance Security and Block Unauthorized Access

A determined hacker can uncover a password no matter how strong or unique it may be – all it takes is one user at your organization to fall victim to a phishing attack for your data to be compromised. The best defense against unauthorized access is multi-factor authentication.

How Multi-Factor Authentication Works

Multi-factor authentication is an essential piece of the security puzzle. In the simplest terms, multi-factor authentication means that a user needs multiple pieces of identification in order to log in: something they know and something they have. After a user enters their valid login credentials (something they know), they will receive a single-use authentication code on their mobile device (something they have). Once they enter the code, their identity will be verified.

Enabling multi-factor authentication from Clearlogin ensures that only trusted users are granted access to your data and applications.

Our pricing starts at just $0.67 per user/month.