When you listen to your clients their words speak volumes

“With the growth we’ve experienced, partnering with you guys has made handling our expansion that much easier. Mobility for our associates has been key and that’s really shined. With the virtual desktop environment, we’re able to manage and support our remote offices (and employees) with less overhead. It’s been wonderful.”

– R. Easter, IT Director

“Evolve IP’s digital workspaces allowed us to quickly resolve our technology bottlenecks so that IT could deliver strategic IT value faster. The combination of rapid integration and cost savings has allowed us to acquire more practices in a faster and more profitable way. That is resulting in bottom-line cost savings and top-line business benefits.”

– J. Francis, Vice President of IT

“The reality is that not only do our associates not need a PC at their desk, they don’t even have to carry a big laptop. You can legitimately have your iPad and get on your desktop like you’re at your work office – all your icons are still there, all your applications are still there, all your files, everything is there.”

– N. Giotti, Network Operations Specialist

“We gained an immediate increase in mobility within single offices and as well as from office-to-office without having to buy every associate a new laptop … We can also now provision virtual desktops for new employees in just minutes. That speed is important as we continue to grow.”

– S. Jenkins, Director of IT

“Evolve IP digital workspaces meets our real estate needs by providing a synchronized desktop management solution for our work computers and anyone who works from home and logs in remotely. The deployment team is very customer-oriented and delivers amazing tailored desktop solutions for our employees.

The other thing that I like about the solution is that the security levels are way better than working on a regular pc and there is a lower risk with spam and unwanted junk mail coming in from different servers. The cost for this is also way cheaper than trying to use desktops and integrating them into your own server.”

– Jose C.