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Anywhere Call Recording uses Dubber’s award-winning network-based speech intelligence and pre-packaged sentiment analysis to enhance customer experience.

The sophisticated call recording platform (with Voice AI) enables businesses to record 100% of calls, chats and videos, replay recordings and reveal crucial insights from every conversation, on any device.

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Global Partner Manager, Alex Finn says Anywhere Call Recording’s new Moments features are a game-changer in harnessing the power of AI-driven conversation insights.
“It empowers businesses to tap into business intelligence, driving growth, enhancing customer experiences, and optimising operations for efficiency and productivity. It turns all business conversations on multiple platforms including Microsoft Teams into critical data for compliance, business continuity and productivity.”

Deeper Understanding
The pre-packaged AI solution - powered by Dubber Moments - helps businesses capture, analyse and react to critical conversations and ‘moments’, according to Finn.

“We use AI to identify a key moment within a conversation. We gain a deeper understanding of the moment within the context of the entire conversation and connect moments across all conversations to deliver insights that help make informed business decisions.”He says the new solution offers the potential to reshape communication experiences.

“As a trained AI service, we offer a revolution for communication service providers by unlocking the vast amounts of voice data traversing their networks and providing out-of-the-box insights for their customers.

“Powered by advanced AI and natural language processing capabilities, we can analyse conversations to pinpoint pivotal moments based on contextual understanding. Actions, complaints, and a variety of additional conversational points can be automatically detected and flagged for action. By identifying these critical segments, Anywhere Call Recording generates immediately relevant insights from voice data.”

Unlock Insights
He concluded: “Rather than simple transcripts, end users and businesses can now enjoyactionable intelligence from every conversation. This has implications for any service provider or business seeking to unlock added insight from their conversations, without the need for large in-house AI budgets and teams.
“Our aim is to enhance the overall customer experience and enable contact centre and support leaders to quickly identify and respond to client issues, train new employees and document customer calls. Key use cases include sales coaching, HR, telemedicine, business compliance and merger and acquisition processes.

“Our AI solution offers the potential to reshape how we experience communication. Service providers can unlock the potential of their network - turning every conversation into an exponential source of value for differentiated innovation, retention, and revenue growth. This is a major step forward into a new era for call recording conversation capture.”

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