Evolve IP UK created a total of 151 t CO2 in 2022

Evolve IP calculates its carbon emissions annually, working to reduce its footprint where possible and offset where necessary.


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What did Evolve IP measure?

Energy & Heating

Working with our energy providers we analysed our usage throughout the year across our offices. 

Vehicle Fleet

The leased vehicles that we have were reviewed and milage was analysed across the team. 

Employee Commuting

Those who commuted to the office were surveyed. We asked how many times a week and how they got to the office.

Business Travel

As the team works around the globe. International trips happen throughout the year. Destinations and milage were evaluated.

The Certified Carbon Offsetting Projects Evolve IP Supports

Working with carbon scientists, Evolve IP has offset their carbon emissions in the EMEA regions and distributed these emissions across selected projects for the remainder of the year.

Climate Project + Ocean Protection

A certified climate project combined with additional commitment


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This combined project contributes to the financing of a certified climate project and additionally supports international ocean protection. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution via a certified climate project, 10 kg of plastic is collected in coastal regions. This intercepts plastic before it enters the sea and protects sensitive marine ecosystems.

Clean Drinking Water 

Improving access to clean water for better health

Zoba Maekel, Eritrea

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This project helps to identify and repair broken boreholes in the Zoba Maekel district, located in the Central Region of Eritrea, showing high levels of poverty.  This project supports communities in renovating their boreholes so that they deliver clean water and breakdowns are quickly fixed.

Forest Protection

Supporting indigenous peoples to avoid deforestation

Mataven, Colombia

Providing education, healthcare, sanitation, food security, nutrition, and further social benefits for 16,000 indigenous people. This project works hand-in-hand with the communities to constantly inform and train them, improve living conditions and promote sustainable economic growth.

Making The Future Better For Everyone


Partners in Climate Action...

ClimatePartner is our
partner in climate action that works with over 5000 clients in 35 countries. ClimatePartner follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to calculate carbon footprints that are closely aligned with ISO 14064.

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