Are You Switched-On For The Loki Switch-Off?

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Time is running out to prepare your customers for a smoother and more streamlined provisioning portal experience.

From December 1st our Loki platform will be permanently switched-off and replaced by our more powerful and reliable Anywhere Portal, which offers a host of user-friendly benefits:

  • Centralised system – One single portal. no more separate portals for provisioning and configuration. Switch between basic and advanced views
  • Easy to use – Much more Intuitive, as well as a user-friendly interface
  • Easy password reset – Giving you the power to reset passwords within the portal
  • Multi-language support – For example we currently support English, Dutch, and French.
  • Unlimited resources and support - Tools, tips and help to guide users on configuration settings available within portal pages.

In addition, group licence allocation empowers Customer Admins to build their own Users. This is done by giving them full access to administer their own system. It’s important to also remember that you ensure licence limits have been set for groups that a customer has access to!


Currently there’s also no ability for them to manage users services such as edit and remove users as well as create limits and conduct device management in the Anywhere Portal this is now possible.


Media management such as the uploading of multi-format audio files is now much easier whilst device and Busy Lamp Field (BLF) management is much improved too. User-level and Group-level reporting are also welcome additions.


An end user ‘wizard’ provides a simple gateway into the portal for basic steps and account set-up.


We have already switched off the provisioning side to Loki, with all partners now building users within Anywhere Portal, utilising ClearLogin as their landing page for all Evolve IP applications.


Many partners are already using the new portal but time is rapidly running out for internal communications to take place and for you to communicate this change with your customers and get them to migrate across.


More support and information can be found here via our Partner Webinar Series…


The launch of Anywhere Portal is a game changer. Partners can build and deploy a significant number of users easily and efficiently. This complements the industry-leading solutions Evolve IP provides and makes our offerings even more complete and compelling. We now provide one single space to manage cloud solutions whilst empowering our partners with self-service functionality.


If you are looking for further information and support we have hosted the latest resources for you to use to support your customer communications on the Evolve IP EMEA Partner Portal.

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