Faster, smarter, affordable customer service with the right integrations

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Faster, smarter, affordable customer service with the right integrations 

3 examples of CCaaS integrations that will improve your customer experience and operations 


We all know what the worst customer experience looks like… being moved around from pillar to post, getting transferred through multiple departments and no one seems to be able to help. 

With the right integrations, you ensure that your customer service works faster, and smarter, saving you money whilst making your customers and team members happier. 

When a customer calls into any contact centre, they hear the selection menu and then are greeted by generic waiting music. Eventually, they are greeted by someone who assists them with their query by either resolving their issue or directing them to the answer, sound familiar? We’re not saying that this order needs to necessarily change but showing you how you can use integrations to enhance and streamline this process. 


Three contact centre integrations that will enhance your business… 

By utilising these simple steps and improvements your business will save time, reduce spend and dramatically improve your customer service and communications strategy. Not only that, but these enhancements will also optimise your team's productivity. 


CRM Integration  

Integrating your contact centre with your CRM will streamline all your inbound communications. As soon as someone calls, your telephony platform recognises the number, e-mail address or chat info and grabs the right customer data from your CRM – e.g., Salesforce or MS Dynamics.  

You can build out how you want this to work and choose what information you want on the contact centre agent's screen, empowering the contact centre agent by giving them the information they need straight away.  


All of these improvements allow the agent to focus on the customer, improving their experience and ensuring that their time spent with your business has been a worthy investment of their time.  


The savings that you achieve in this way can add up quite a bit.


Call Routing Optimisation 

A customer wants to talk to the right person as easily as possible. That's possible with the correct system in place. With call routing, a phone number can provide you with information about the language of the caller, what the subject matter is and even their location, giving you the insight, you need to pre-empt their requests.  

Suppose someone calls from Germany and has ordered software package A. Then the customer gets someone on the phone who speaks German and understands software package A. All at once. 

Or suppose someone calls about an invoice. Then the integration ensures that the customer gets someone from the finance department on the phone. 


Build the system that you need 

You can tailor something like that to your own organisation. For example, someone from the sales department automatically gets someone on the phone before their first purchase. And after his purchase, the customer service department. 


Inbound Call Integrations

Not everyone has a complex problem when they call into a business. Often it is a simple question such as 'When will my order arrive?'' In that case, it is smart to add the option for order status in the drop-down menu and let the integration do the rest. The customer is recognised based on their number, enters or speaks their order number and then hears their order status. 


It is clear that you can save enormously on your costs in this way. 


This is not only possible with order status, but also, for a wide range of frequently asked questions that happen within a business. E.g., make a payment, change your address details etc. All of which free up the time of your front-line team to tackle the more complex customer queries.   

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