Why DEX Is A Vital Building Block For Business Success

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In today’s modern and dynamic workplace, providing the tools that enable people to perform to their best is becoming ever more crucial.

Agility, flexibility and working smarter are the watchwords for success – with cutting edge technology at the centre.

In many ways, the pandemic dramatically accelerated hybrid working and proved that people can effectively operate from anywhere, anytime. The Digital Employee Experience [DEX] has a vital role to play. The way people work has changed forever, and user expectations have changed too.

The mobile phone, for example, is the modern worker’s ‘office in their pocket’. High-quality collaboration wherever people are, relies on the correct tools to do the job. This not only maximises productivity but creates a rewarding and engaging employee experience. There’s a rising dependency on digital tools to empower remote workers which allows them to be fully integrated.


Dex Dynamics

Many factors need to be combined to optimise DEX. Platform integrity, security, and reliability as well as ease of use and system simplicity all matter. It’s so important to adopt a user-centric approach rather than a ‘one size fits all’ ethos. At Evolve IP everything is costed and tailored per-person and per-user. Some businesses might need CRM integration and soft phone ability whilst others prefer a physical phone and call recording. The ability to mix and match solutions and products provides the user with the best of both worlds.

Everything we do operates on a carrier-grade platform with the ability to monitor the performance of each device and component to their collaboration suite. Quality counts. Certainly, over the last 12 months, this has become more important. Wherever people are working they demand the same levels of performance on a conference, voice or wider collaboration platform. Do not underestimate the value of the user's end point. 

Technology never stands still and as a service provider, we are continuously expanding and adapting to the UC landscape. This year will see the impact of AI enabling people to perform even better. PCI compliance is changing too. We’ve also recently announced a closer working relationship with headset and conferencing manufacturer, Jabra. We share many synergies which can help bolster the support we can offer to our customers and their customers too – to further optimise the digital experience which boosts productivity and staff morale.


Adding Value

Cloud technology is moving quickly but in an increasingly saturated market resellers need to stand out from the crowd to continue to win new business and nullify the threat of a commoditised channel. We understand the dangers of a ‘race to the bottom’ where the cheapest tender always wins purely on price alone.

Many providers can make a phone ring but it’s about applying different layers of service and tools that can streamline business operations to make them more productive and successful. Surviving in a saturated market is getting harder but the rewards can be bigger than ever.

A bespoke offering is the key to success. People have different ways of working, different ways of thinking and varying expectations. Technology should always be tailored to the industry and person.

Your essential IT ally for the enterprise hybrid workforce.

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