Hardware needs to be part of the UC solution: Start don’t end with the end point.

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In today’s UC-driven world it’s easy to overlook the final part of the communication chain…the end point.

There is a wide range of end points that we provide our partners…handsets, headsets, and video conferencing devices, all of which play a key role in optimising the hybrid workforce.

In many ways, the ‘final few yards’ needs the same parity of importance as any sophisticated system – since a poor end point can undermine the whole user experience and thousands of pounds of platform investment.

It’s one of many reasons why we’ve started to develop a much closer working relationship with headset and conferencing manufacturer Jabra, so we can share their knowledge and expertise and offer our customers tailor-made solutions fit for purpose, which stand the test of time.


Evolve IP and Jabra – making the future of work better.

Jabra shares many synergies with Evolve IP which makes our growing partnership a natural fit. As a northern European company, this aligns with our UK and Dutch operations and they have an exceptional sustainability story, just like us.

Jabra has identified five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which are now an inherent part of the company’s operations, based on ‘tech that gives back more than it takes’.

We both recognise technology continues to reshape the general unified communications and contact centre markets. Jabra is at the forefront of the end point arena with dedicated solutions for all use case scenarios. Just identify your customer and go from there! Hardware is not just hardware. It needs to be high quality and high value.

For us, it’s all about the customer experience and having no weak links in the chain. Customers that interface with our platform need the best end points to communicate through. We know some organisations in the wider world are still using cheap headsets which were not part of the overall sales conversation.

Together with Jabra, we want to change that. Organisations need to invest wisely when it comes to hardware - don’t buy cheap and buy twice. In today’s increasingly flexible and mobile working world, employees need the tools that are fit for the job to provide maximum productivity and enjoyment. The end point has become more of a crucial tool. There are still too many people out there who haven’t fully grasped that message.


Offering a conscious and cohesive hardware strategy

All Jabra call centre headsets use DECT connectivity compared to UC variants which are Bluetooth for lower volumes of density. It’s easy to choose between them. They are robust, lightweight and reliable with the option to replace individual parts rather than having to buy a completely new unit. All are backed by a two-year standard warranty.

By developing a more cohesive focus and deeper strategic alliance we can better understand Jabra’s product lines, passion and how they can help our partners enhance the user experience for their customers – whether that’s a call centre or general UC office environment. Together we want to empower our channel with increased knowledge.

Bring end points to the forefront of your UC conversations and include it in your customer experience strategies. 

Your essential IT ally for the enterprise hybrid workforce.

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