CARDIFF, UK. — June 6, 2022 - Leading unified communications provider, Evolve IP has announced its carbon neutral status for their EMEA offices. Together with ClimatePartner, Evolve IP has completed measuring the carbon emissions of the EMEA offices, calculating their corporate carbon footprints (CCFs); this includes heating, energy consumption, business travel and employee commuting. 

Evolve IP EMEA has discovered that as a business they created a total of 304.4 t CO2e in 2021. This number is now visible, and the team has been put to work to see how they can reduce their emissions, for 2022. For the areas that they are unable to reduce, ClimatePartner provides internationally certified offsetting projects. Evolve IP has chosen three offsetting projects, selected by the team as they thought they tackled important subject matters: social impact, clean oceans and forest protection.  

This positive step in helping the environment is one that the Evolve IP team did not take lightly. By carefully selecting the right carbon accountant, ensures the legitimacy of Evolve IP working towards their carbon neutral status. ClimatePartner works with over 5000 clients in 35 countries. ClimatePartner follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to calculate carbon footprints that are closely aligned with ISO 14064. We spoke to ClimatePartner about their process and the project they have run with Evolve IP...

'We supported Evolve IP on this part of their climate action journey by calculating the carbon (CO2 equivalent) emissions associated with their EMEA offices. Our method was based on the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol) and we used emission factors from scientifically recognized databases.'

Evolve IP’s next steps in the project are to become a carbon-neutral company, globally and plan to complete the US (United States) CCF by the end of summer 2022. We spoke to Paul Harrison, EMEA Managing Director at Evolve IP: 

'I'm very passionate about this project and believe every organisation should take steps towards helping our environment. We will be calculating our emissions as a business annually, working to reduce our footprint where we can and offset where necessary. It is important that organisations like us begin to make these environmental business decisions. Evolve IP has taken on this project not only because it is the right thing to do, but so we are able to offer our customers and partners the opportunity to start a conversation about the impact we all have on the planet and for them to be proud that they do business with Evolve IP. '

Evolve IP is leading the way within the industry by taking these voluntary steps to become accountable for its Corporate Carbon Footprint. Acknowledging the fact that businesses are looking at carbon emissions, Evolve IP wanted to do it the right way, utilising scientifically recognised calculations and supporting the right projects – making sure that whomever they work with knows that Evolve IP is serious about making a difference.  

With more sustainability stories and improvements to come, you can find out more about their work by visiting Evolve IP's sustainability webpage.

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