Cardiff, UK – January 31, 2023 Evolve IP, the leading Unified Communications Service Provider has been working to become a more sustainable organisation, with recently calculating their carbon emissions in the EMEA; Evolve IP is now reviewing and looking into how technology can help businesses reduce their emissions, and in turn reduce their business costs through minimising their energy usage.  

Evolve IP has today announced its partnership with MIT Dynamic, developer of the UCentric suite of solutions. MIT is an innovative technology provider that has developed and deployed sophisticated energy usage reporting for on-premise phone systems, smart buildings, IOT, and more. UCentric is at the heart of everything they do. 

UCentric data capture and analysis provides businesses with a clear breakdown of the voice systems configuration and capacity but also the environmental impact of their current telephony environment, providing them with the tools they need to understand how and where they can cut down on their emissions and unnecessary license cost. 

“We are looking at ways technology can have a positive impact,” said Paul Harrison, EMEA Managing Director at Evolve IP. “Changing solutions and adopting new technologies can be a challenging on taking for any business, Evolve IP wants to provide a solution to partners that not only has a positive impact but can help to improve any communication strategy’, said Harrison.  

Evolve IP is leading the way in becoming a conscious business within the Unified Communications Industry and this latest partnership with UCentric greatly supports Evolve IP’s sustainable technology decisions for 2023. 

We spoke to Elliott Ford, Director of Partnerships at UCentric, MIT Dynamic  

“We are thrilled to be part of Evolve IP’s tech offering. UCentric’s reporting solution will help Evolve IP’s partners adopt more sustainable technology choices and help guide their customers around their usage and the technology that they invest in. Partnering with providers like Evolve IP gives us the opportunity to roll out our services to a wider range of businesses and support a range of industries.” 


Technology like this aligns with Evolve IP's business model, adding to the existing agile and innovative solutions that are available to partners at Evolve IP.  To learn more about how Evolve IP and its partner services, contact Evolve IP today.  


About Ucentric – MIT Dynamic 
Part of MIT Dynamic, creating innovative software solutions and professional services to meet the performance monitoring and support requirements of the telecommunications sector since 1987. We serve the needs of our solutions partners ranging from standalone deployments to our largest international customers. We partner with very flexible commercial and deployment models combing software licensing and professional services as partners with some of the world’s largest telecommunications providers and have as our customers some of the world’s largest financial institutions and public sector organisations. 


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