October 13, 2021 —After a long two-year journey of floods and a global pandemic, this week, Evolve IP UK opens its new UK headquarters. The UK team is excited to explore their office space, newly built just outside Cardiff, where staff, partners, and customers can comfortably meet.

The state-of-the-art office is a culmination of a 14-month overhaul. “We have been renovating this exciting new office to ensure Evolve IP is not just the best company to work for, but it’s also the best company to work in,” says Managing Director, Paul Harrison. “We have created a 21st-Century environment for our staff and customers to enjoy and we look forward to hosting our partners over the next few months.”

The Evolve IP UK team had been working remotely since February 2020, when flash floods in Nantgarw damaged the UK headquarters. The team has remained working from home following COVID-19 protocols instituted in the UK in March 2020. Mr. Harrison says that his team was uniquely positioned to seamlessly make the shift from the office to working from home. “Collaboration is in Evolve IP’s DNA.  The solutions we provide work, so it was easy for us to transition to working remotely. This is what we do day in and day out.”

Evolve IP® is a leading international service provider of Work Anywhere™ solutions, and one of the world’s largest providers of enterprise-quality hosted communications. Evolve IP UK provides carrier-grade unified communications to customers in over 40 countries. Their services create bespoke communication solutions across a range of sectors, equipping companies with powerful, best-of-breed solutions that help businesses thrive.

The UK team is spread across the country but considers a central hub essential to allowing them to connect, collaborate, and create the best possible solutions for their customers. “In this current climate, businesses have taken a step back and are looking to consolidate,” observes Mr. Harrison, adding, “Working from home has worked for most companies and, in many cases, the office has been replaced and mainly forgotten. At Evolve IP, however, we need to collaborate in person at times and ensure our partners and customers have the support and continued innovation they’ve come to expect. We, as a business, know this is best delivered by our employees having a central workplace to allow them to flourish and excel.”

The team, which consists of hybrid and fully remote members, now has a hub for them to connect with one another. This can only mean a bright future for both the team and their customers. If you’re looking to enhance your cloud-based services, Evolve IP UK offers a wide range of partner programs.  

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