Cardiff, UK –January 16, 2024 – Evolve IP EMEA is primed for another record-breaking year after laying solid foundations for success over the last 12 months.The white-label cloud collaboration service provider generated unprecedented growth and attracted record numbers of new partners during 2023. Now the company is hailing 2024 as the ‘year to sell’ and accelerate forward with new product innovations and enhanced levels of reseller support underpinning performance.

Paul Harrison, EMEA’s Managing Director of Evolve IP, says reseller traction is set to be propelled further forward, especially across the UK and the Netherlands.“Our ethos has been to land and expand in different regions, attract more resellers, grow where we can and develop relationships with existing partners to take them further forward.”

Largest operators

Harrison explained: “We’ve grown into one of the largest operators in the UK. New partners come to us because of the innovation we offer, and the channel-focused technologies that we provide - recognising it’s not a one size fits all market. Equally, as an international business, we deliver services far and wide. This is becoming more and more important to our resellers.

“We offer in-depth vertical expertise from hospitality to automotive to retail to healthcare and even finance. We have also really focused on our hardware offering as we still recognise its importance within a business’s communication strategy. We like to keep things simple and make sure that we’re easy to work with and remain competitive. We try and tick every box and understand that our partners need to make good margins.”

Double-digit growth

Evolve IP’s carrier grade platform and expanded team of skilled sales and technical support specialists ensure customers are never let down, Harrison emphasised.

“We’re doing well and double-digit growth is very impressive in such a competitive space. For us 2024 is very exciting. It’s the year to sell. Over the last two years, the team behind me has been busy onboarding new products and streamlining our technologies, as well as automating internal processes such as in-house ticketing systems and developing enhanced online partner training.”

“We’re primed to roar in 2024. The platform is in place and all the ingredients have been added to give each of our partners the ability to go to market with confidence and surety.”

Harrison highlighted how PCI 4.0 regulation changes take place in March, where Evolve IP’s Anywhere Secure Call (the latest addition to its Anywhere Product Suite) can help give resellers an advantage. 

“We also have a partner day in April at Williams Racing which will further galvanise and invigorate our customer base.”

Bigger rewards

Harrison concluded: “Cloud technology is moving quickly but in an increasingly saturated market resellers need to stand out from the crowd to continue to win new business and nullify the threat of a commoditised channel. We understand the dangers of a ‘race to the bottom’ where the cheapest tender always wins purely on price alone.

“Many providers can make a phone ring but it’s about applying different layers of service and tools that can streamline business operations to make them more productive and successful. Surviving in a saturated market is getting harder but the rewards can be bigger than ever.”


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