Cardiff, UK – 7 February, 2024 - Global collaboration provider, Evolve IP (EMEA), has launched a seamless end-to-end secure solution to address major payment card information (PCI) changes happening in March.

Significant reforms are about to come into force that require businesses to have an evidence-based process for card payments, particularly over the phone. Ignoring the impending rule changes could expose businesses to sanctions, fines, and irreversible reputational damage.

To help address this major market shake-up, Evolve IP has launched Anywhere Secure Call, the latest addition to its Anywhere Product Suite, powered by Technology Partners Broadsource who work to power collaboration in the cloud and Help the globe's most sophisticated Service Providers automate, integrate and differentiate their Cloud Collaboration solutions.


Simplifying business practices 

Anywhere Secure Call has been designed to simplify PCI compliance and redefine the card payment landscape. It’s cost-effective, simple to set up, flexible and has been built from the ground up, ensuring proof of active adherence. The critical differentiation lies in ensuring customer payment card details are not stored within recorded voice communications.

Anywhere Secure Call, intelligently directs all transactional voice calls to a designated, PCI-compliant segment of its network automatically. In the event of a PCI audit, businesses need only prove the compliance of this specific component, simplifying the overall process. This innovative approach allows businesses to demonstrate that the relevant voice traffic is isolated from their intricate network infrastructure, effectively ‘de-scoping’ the compliance challenge.

Many organisations are still unaware and unprepared for the radical changes they need to introduce, according to Evolve IP’s UK Solutions Director, Scott Rixon.

He revealed: “From Spring, businesses will need to prove their innocence by providing real-life data and proof of their compliancy, rather than simply verbally defending any guilt that has been implied.”


Time is running out

Anywhere Secure Call is priced on a per-user basis rather than a per-transaction percentage, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether a small business with just one seat or an enterprise call centre with hundreds, the solution caters to diverse organisational needs.

Rixon emphasised: “At Evolve IP, we believe solutions should work for everyone but currently, that’s not always the case. Some PCI solutions require a minimum deployment of say 50 users which simply isn’t viable for a small business. Equally, other options need to have the ability to scale up to larger enterprises. Also, we even know of some models based on a low cost of entry but then charge higher transaction fees.

“Now any business that needs to take card payments can just enable Secure Call, from a small florist to a gardening company. It can be as simple or sophisticated as required and can even be plugged into a CRM database to automate the whole process. We are covering all angles. But time is running out. Don’t wait any longer.”


Continuing to partner with leading technologies

We spoke to Technology Partners, BroadSource about why they have partnered with Evolve IP and what it will bring to their partners and how it will support this change in  

“Anywhere Secure Call represents a revolutionary step forward in telecommunications, offering a secure, cost-effective, and customer-friendly solution for payment transactions over the phone. We are thrilled to be working closely with the team at Evolve IP to further solidify our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the needs of businesses and their customers. Anywhere Secure Call is poised to redefine the landscape of payment processing over the phone.” said Haydn Faltyn, CEO & Co-founder at BroadSource.


Simplify and future-proof your technology footprint with Evolve IP

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