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Is your business following PCI-compliancy regulations? Evolve IP has put in place a rigorously tested solution to enable our partners to provide a secure payment service to all of their customers with Anywhere Secure Call. 


We wrote a blog about the PCI Compliancy:

Protecting businesses and customers...

Anywhere Secure Call is powered by Technology Partner Broadsource. Delivering a solution that's fully PCI compliant.


  • Easy to use - Every payment through Anywhere Secure Call web app
  • Secure - customers enter their details using their own dial pad
  • Scalable - no minimum licensing. Allowing you to start small 
  • Payment Gateway - operating like any e-commerce website. 

How does it work?



Secure Call gives businesses the easy-to-use tools for fully PCI compliant, over the phone payments. 

  • Ensure your customer's security with end-to-end security for every payment made.
  • Empower agents by giving them control of payments to fully support and guide customers.
  • Offer a flexible licensing structure to enable you to support businesses of any size.

End-to-end Security

Ensure businesses of any size can take secure payments over the phone. Businesses using this solution reduce:

  • Annual PCI-DSS compliance audit costs
  • Cybersecurity insurance premiums
  • Costly (MOTO) processing transaction fees

Secure Call enables a business to better manage risk and escalating costs by 'outsourcing' PCI-DSS compliance to the BroadSource Cloud

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