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In a world where countless applications seem to be continually making their way into the workplace, it’s essential for today’s businesses to know that all their tools can work together seamlessly. This is particularly important in the CRM space, where an alignment between a UC and CRM solution can help companies to differentiate their customer service experience.

The Next Generation of Computer Telephony & CRM Integration

Mondago can help you to connect to over 300 Apps. The solution range provides businesses to develop the eco-systems they need. Delivering the unified communications that you need. Rigorously tested and supported by Evolve IP’s technical experts, you can confidently provide a solution that will help streamline any business’ communications infrastructure, support growth, and enhance productivity.


Key Features

Activity Logging
Add call centre trainee activities to individual contacts or accounts to ensure information is shared across teams. Manually or automatically create an activity record of a call received within the CRM and easily add further notes.

Agent Features
Cara provides a simple way for a Call Centre agent to change settings, including join and unjoin queue, check queue data, select disposition code, escalate to Supervisor, manually set outbound DNIS number, and more. CRM Integration features are also available in the Toolbar interface for Agents.

Multiple Features 
Gain quick access to your desired features. The Preview Window allows for call control during a call. The Toolbar provides a dock-able UI with a comprehensive set of agent features, giving your agent full control of their environment.

Microsoft Teams Integration
A range of deep-level features, including using Teams as a preferred device, show/add/pop contact from Teams to integrated CRM, show colleagues avatar/profile image from Teams to Cara Presence screen, and more.

How Integration Can Help Business

Connect Your Teams
Linking internal business systems means that communications and productivity is massively improved.

Reduce Business Costs
Bringing disparate systems means customer management is smoother, saving time and increasing incoming business.

Customer Experience
All activity will be logged into the CRM system, helping to keep customer activity up to date and services simple.

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