About Evolve IP

Evolve IP enables employees to Work Anywhere™ productively and securely.

Our enterprise solutions seamlessly integrate collaboration & communications, digital workspaces and contact center and are delivered from a browser on any connected device. Evolve IP’s technologies free IT to focus on business innovation, not systems and infrastructure, and enable their employees to contribute even more to the enterprise — no matter where or when they are working.

Businesses that choose Evolve IP have selected a true technology partner. A company that becomes an expert extension of their IT team, an organization that listens to their needs to tailor solutions just for their business, and is responsive and engaged in every interaction.

Why Customers Choose Evolve IP

Evolve IP makes the work experience better. We take the tools you’d typically use at the office, like a phone and the apps on your desktop, and deliver them from a single portal that users can access on any device.  Employers are increasingly aware of the importance of a ‘work anywhere’ mindset where employees want to be more productive and collaborate in meaningful ways no matter where they are, or what time it is. Evolve IP enables employees to contribute to the business in ways that fit their lifestyles while their company’s IT becomes more secure, more dependable and much easier to manage.

Our Purpose-Built® cloud solutions unify collaboration and communications, SaaS and hosted applications, access management, cloud desktops, and contact centers and leverage industry-leading technology partners like Microsoft, Cisco,

Citrix, VMware, and our own intellectual property. We are fully invested in building lasting relationships with our clients because our success is built around businesses expanding their services within the Evolve IP OneCloud™.

This focus keeps us dedicated to driving successful client outcomes and has resulted in Evolve IP scoring consistently at the top of verified analyst and client satisfaction rankings. It has also led to our solutions being deployed to over 500,000 users around the globe at thousands of enterprises, including some of the world’s most well-known brands.

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What We Do

Evolve IP Enables Enterprise Employees to Work Anywhere™ Productively & Securely

Enterprise business employees need the ability to work anywhere at any time. Evolve IP enables this by seamlessly integrating collaboration & communications, digital workspaces and contact center technologies—all from a browser on any connected device.

Our solutions enable employees to contribute even more to the enterprise while staying fully present in the rest of their lives.

Why We’re Different

We Give Real Meaning to Being a Partner

Evolve IP’s associates are responsive and engaged in every interaction and that means we’re always listening to our clients’ needs. This enables us to deliver solutions that are tailored just for their business and ensures we’re able to serve as an expert extension of their IT teams—whenever and wherever they need us.

At Evolve IP we always go the extra mile with, and for, our clients.

What That Means For Our Clients

We Help IT Do More With Less

The demands on IT are greater than ever—teams are getting smaller and the pace of change is increasing exponentially. With hundreds of expert technologists, Evolve IP works with IT teams to solve complex technology challenges while simplifying and future-proofing their technology footprint.

We enable IT to focus on business innovation, not worry about managing systems and infrastructure.

Evolve Cares

Our commitment as an organization has always been to the communities in which we live and work. We strive to participate in local events that will have a positive effect on the families and businesses within those communities. Evolve IP and all of the GPX companies are happy to share our time and talents with numerous local organizations and charities. Since 2009, we have donated over 7,200 volunteer hours to these wonderful causes. Since 2006, we have donated and raised over $6.5 million for these organizations.