Contact Center Features

Evolve IP’s omnichannel contact center provides all of the features enterprises need to deliver a world-class customer experience. In fact, Gartner noted in their most recent Magic Quadrant that our CCaaS offering was “fully-featured”.

And while they also noted our solution was “cost-effective” they didn’t say just how affordable it is. Compared to comparable solutions, Evolve IP’s CCaaS costs 30% – 40% less!

Plus, our solution can integrate agents and managers into Microsoft Teams, connect them securely to business applications, and is easily unified with Cisco voice

3 Key Strategies for Success as a Virtual Call Center Agent

Enterprise-grade CCaaS Features

Building Relationships. Empowering Agents. Connecting Businesses.

Complete Omnichannel Feature Set

Customers expect the ability to interact seamlessly using their preferred channel of communication; e.g. email, text, webchat, social media, or the phone.

Evolve IP offers a true omnichannel technology that is easy to set-up and simple to learn. It enables contact centers to have personalized interactions, consolidated reporting & deliver a seamless customer experience.

Unified with Cisco VoIP

Evolve IP delivers a truly unified contact center, one that seamlessly integrates with Cisco VoIP, unified communications, and Microsoft Teams; enabling managers to work with and hire staff anywhere. It enables agents to collaborate with everybody in the organization using the device(s) of their choice.

Workforce Optimization

By deploying Evolve IP’s award-winning contact center solution with Workforce Management (WFM), contact center managers can build accurate forecasts and optimal staffing schedules – ensuring the optimum number of agents are working at the right time, with the right skills, in the right place. You can save 5-10% of your staffing hours with WFM.

AI Speech Analytics

Provide your organization with a voice recording, transcription, and speech analytics platform with AI-driven natural language processing. Our solution provides business intelligence that analyzes call sentiment, produces interactive call transcriptions, and delivers automated notifications from keyword triggers via Microsoft Teams and email.

This feature is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, the Evolve Contact Suite, and Cisco unified communications and will help your businesses communicate better by enabling voice recording for every part of the enterprise – from Sales – to Support – to HR.

IVR & Post Call Survey

Your contact center needs to strike a tricky balance. On one side, you need to provide excellent customer service to drive more revenue and retain current customers. On the other, you must ensure your team is servicing as many customers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Evolve IP’s IVR & Post Call Survey is easy to design, quick to deploy, and customizable – helping your contact center meet those business needs.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Evolve IP has been delivering Microsoft Teams integrated with Contact Center & enterprise voice from the start. This integration allows contact center agents to take full advantage of Team’s productivity features while also interacting with the rest of the company’s associates including collaborative, persistent group chats, audio & video conferencing, integration with Office apps, search discovery & file sharing, workspaces with one or more channel, external guest accounts, and more.

Remote Application Access

Enterprise agents can work remotely – securely accessing applications that previously only resided in the corporate data center – on the devices they want to use.

Hire contact center employees anywhere and connect them easily with Windows applications like SAP, Concur, and industry-specific applications. All delivered from a Web portal and secured with identity management featuring SSO and MFA.

Advanced Reporting

There is perhaps no more important aggregator and source of customer intelligence in today’s business than the contact center. Savvy business leaders are not only looking for essential dashboards and reporting, they are actively seeking ties into other business units with insights that help drive the business forward.

Evolve IP’s contact center offers advanced reporting to meet the various needs of contact center supervisors and business executives. Contact center leaders can generate real-time or scheduled reports at the intervals your business needs, and in the format of your choice.

AIndustry-best Pricing

Evolve IP delivers a world-class, fully-featured contact center for 30-40% less than comparable solutions. We deliver capabilities that businesses actually need and derive real business value from. Our solution simplifies the effort for IT and contact center leaders.

Evolve IP has been recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for four consecutive years and it is the only vendor in the Magic Quadrant with pricing as a strength.

Agent & Supervisor Tools

Get all of the features you need to operate a world-class contact center (for 30-40% less!)

  • Agent Call Handling – Enterprise features that maximize agent efficiency
  • Agent Interaction – Build lasting relationships. Create an incredible customer experience.
  • Leadership Tools – Easily manage, monitor, and empower your agent performance with our Gartner-recognized contact center
  • Queues & Routing – Get access to the right tools to make vital decisions about your call flow and enhance business efficiency by automatically routing all of your calls to the best-skilled agent on your team