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Evolved Hospitality

Deliver a World-Class Communications Solution For Your Clientele, Staff and Hotel Management.

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Work Anywhere Technologies. Tailored for Hospitality

Why The World’s Leading Hotels Choose Evolve IP

From Hong Kong to Italy to the United States, the world’s most well-known and respected hotels have selected Evolve IP’s hospitality solution to ensure a complete end-to-end connected guest experience all while increasing staff productivity and improving the customer journey on all hotel services.

Our crystal-clear HD voice calls reach your reception staff and agents when you want, where you want, how you want, and on the devices you want. Whether it’s a desk phone, in the contact center, working from a home office, or roaming the premises on a mobile phone, you never have to miss a call.

Advantages and Benefits

Our carrier-grade hosted telephony and omnichannel contact center services offer a full transition to the Cloud. They can either fully replace the existing on-premises telephony PBX with no effect to service or simply replace the ISDN circuit by utilizing our SIP Trunking 2.0 option.

We have flexible options to support the hotel’s transition timeframe and budgets in moving to the cloud, by ensuring all current assets are fully utilized. Evolve IP is “Cloud-first, but not Cloud only.”

If your hotel is part of a chain of hotels, the solution will enable extension dialing between locations utilizing HD voice quality calling from hotel to hotel. There are many benefits for hotels moving to the cloud which include the ability to centralize key services or overflow calls from one hotel to the next during business periods. Each staff member has the ability to have more than one device to receive or make calls at their desk or mobile around the hotel to ensure they never miss a call.

Once your hotel has migrated, all staff members will have the ability to collaborate by voice and with Unified Communications features such as instant messaging, presence, and HD video calling. In addition, staff members can screen-share documents to increase productivity, save time, and avoid unnecessary travel time.


Collaboration & Communications

Your employees are the most important drivers of happy clients and repeat business – the ultimate measure of your success. With Evolve IP’s integrated collaboration solution you can enable inter and intra-hotel teamwork and facilitate the kind of superior communication that results in greater satisfaction and better results. From Microsoft Teams to Cisco VoIP & Unified Communications we provide the hospitality industry with the world’s leading collaboration and voice services.

Contact Centers

Provide a ‘WOW!’ customer experience for your clientele and agents with Evolve IP’s analyst-acclaimed omnichannel contact center solution. Named to Gartner’s CCaaS Magic Quadrant three years running, our integrated contact center platform will be tailored for your hotel with all of the features you need to run a world-class call center. From Web chat to social interactions to intelligent virtual agents, hotels using Evolve IP ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Fraud Management

Leveraging Sentry, an industry-leading fraud management solution, Evolve IP monitors and reports suspicious activities enabling hotels to identify and thwart attacks on their telecom systems. SENTRY is based on historical spending patterns and works in two stages: the first triggers alerts showing the average daily spend threshold is being breached, highlighting a potential threat of fraudulent activity or inflated call traffic. The second stage locks down the affected customer group by implementing an outgoing calling plan profile that disables further calls.

Emergency Calls & E911

All hotels using our solution are fully-compliant with regulations around emergency calling and E911.  Local breakouts are available by country and staff notifications are delivered via a Jazz voice message and pop-up. Emails are also sent automatically via a pre-determined address.

Key Functions of Evolved Hospitality

Market leading Omnichannel Call Center – with full analytics for every call, live wallboards, and scheduled reports

Keep existing bedroom phones – to reduce cost and ease migrations to the cloud

Collaboration – Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex integration for all front of house staff.

Leading SIP Phones – supported from the bedroom to reception

Carrier-grade – never miss a call with built-in business continuity

Mobile workforce –  work on any device, anywhere, any time

Key Features of Evolved Hospitality

  • Call Recording – Fully PCI, MFIDII with AI secure payments
  • Call Analytics – Real-time insights into business calling trends
  • Integrations – CRM and other  integrations into over 300 applications
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) – Leverage our AI technology to deliver huge ROI and increase customer satisfaction. SMS Surveys, SMS directions and email campaigns, and AI with natural language to reduce staffing costs.
  • Contact Center (CC) – UC Omnichhannel for your customer service representatives
  • Automated Disaster Redirect – Automatically failover in the event of loss of connectivity
  • Calling plans – Open competitive plans that are bundled or metered
  • Reliability – Proven history of 99.999% reliability with four nines SLA.
  • Porting – supported in over 30+ countries. New DID’s available in 72+ countries
  • E911 – Full support in the US. Emergency calling in over 30 countries
  • Fraud detection – 24/7 automatic management
  • Phones – DECT and WiFi handset options. SIP and Analogue phones supported including fax
  • Open API’s – Developers can integrate and onboard new applications

Tailored Technologies for Hospitality

Evolve IP delivers the only true integrated collaboration, voice communications, and omnichannel contact center offering that has been tailored for the Hospitality market. Our analyst-acclaimed solution provides the global reach necessary to deliver a unified solution for hotel brands with domestic and international properties. We utilize 15 global datacenters and multiple US and international carrier interconnects to bring best-of-breed applications to the hospitality market.