Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Your contact center needs to strike a tricky balance. On one side, you need to provide excellent customer service to drive more revenue and retain current customers. On the other, you must ensure your team is servicing as many customers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Simple to design and even easier for callers to use, Evolve IP’s IVR is delivered through easily customized pre-built scripts that deliver the exact call flows and features you need.

Evolve IP’s IVR service can easily be deployed for common IVR solutions but retains the flexibility to be customized for your exact needs. Here are just a few of the common applications used by IVR customers:

  • Post Call Survey: provide inbound or outbound call surveys to understand the satisfaction of your customers once their call or business transaction is complete.
  • Appointment Reminder/Notify: deliver an automated outbound call to notify the customer about a change in their transaction status change or confirm an upcoming appointment
  • Speech Auto Attendant: offer a speech “receptionist” to route callers to the proper team or department
  • Data Driven Routing: deliver prioritized calls to the proper destination based upon the customer’s transaction status or account information


  • Speech and Text Options: provides Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities that allow callers to get help when they need it, without having to sift through complex or frustrating call menus
  • Robust Reporting: allows managers to better understand the caller’s experience and the success of the voice automation. Summary reporting provides clear visibility into the application’s performance while capturing each caller’s unique experience to empower the contact center with actional insights
  • Self-Service Applications: create caller scripts that allow users to check the status of their account or transaction 24 x 7 through speech or touch-tone interactions. Authenticate and identify callers to provide personalized service
  • Interaction Flow: point and click configuration of complex paths across all interaction types
  • CRM and Database Connectivity: integrate call flows easily with your database or CRM system. Upload customer data for customer and account “lookups” or engage real-time integration from the IVR with web-enabled business applications
  • AMP Platform: as a Service for fully programmable, completely customized interactions


Evolve IP’s IVR service is always managed and supported by Evolve IP, regardless of who delivers the connections to your office. This ensures your business can access its critical cloud-based resources whenever they’re needed.

  • Lower Cost per Call: automate common inbound and outbound transactions and processes to reduce agent call volume and labor cost.
  • Drive Agent Productivity: leverage data driven routing and CRM integrations to ensure the right-skilled agents are focused on just the right calls and outcomes, thereby increasing agent productivity & business efficiency.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: provide customers with an efficient and easy way to quickly get the answer they need. Ensures the right customers receive the right kind of attention.
  • Pre-integrated: simplify deployment by seamlessly joining with the Evolve IP phone system and hosted contact center. Allows customers to avoid complex integration projects and hidden costs.
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery and Continuity Features: leverages Evolve IP’s award­ winning, redundant cloud platform to ensure your IVR application keeps running regardless of what happens at your physical location.
  • Control: accessed via an easy to use interface, providing point and click control to customer IVR “scripts”.
  • Flexible plans and options: provides customers with usage based plans, or monthly per port plans that meet budgetary and business

Custom Customer Scenarios:

Here are some sample customer scenarios that we built the IVR solution for:

About the Enterprise:

  • Industry: Electronics & Manufacturing
  • $12B global conglomerate household name that provides printers, copies, and various multi-function devices to businesses of all sizes
  • Their contact center is a high-end technical support team that support field technicians

Business Situation:

  • Technicians work on-site at a customer and struggle to repair a machine; for which they need to make frequent calls to their contact center
  • The contact center is staffed by highly trained team members, however, these technical calls are usually very long
  • The customer was looking for ways to shorten the length of the calls via voice automation


  • Customized IVR
  • This automation was designed to:
    • Free agents from having to capture the nature of the call,
    • WHO is the technician
    • WHAT specific device they are calling about


  • All transactions can be linked to a specific technician
  • Helps agents confirm if the device is supported
  • Helps agents access the history of the machine
  • Eliminates the amount of time it took at the beginning of every call to capture the above information


  • Better service to technicians
  • Allows agents to work seamlessly within their field service system
  • Automatic screen pop: When an agent receives a call, the system automatically opens up the correct screen in their proprietary business application based upon the ticket, technician, or machine identified by the caller
  • Eliminates wait time: Technicians can close a customer issue/ticket directly through the phone system

About the Enterprise:

  • Industry: Insurance & Finance
  • Privately-held $300M auto insurance company offers specialty property and casualty insurance programs designed to meet the needs of the nonstandard customer in 22 states
  • Contact center is the focal point for new and existing customers who are typically calling to either enroll/renew their policy or deal with a new/existing claim

Business Situation:

  • Customer wanted to offer bilingual self-service voice automation 24×7 to their existing customers as a means to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce inbound calls for routine inquiries


  • Through the IVR, existing policyholders have the ability to retrieve the status of their existing policy, make a payment, and receive answers to common questions about address changes, payment options, grace periods, and roadside assistance
  • For policyholders with a claim, the IVR offers the ability to retrieve the latest payment information, contact the adjuster(s), receive appraisal status or schedule, and receive answers to common claim-related questions


  • Dramatically reduce routine calls to their agents
  • Expanded their hours of operation to 24×7 through voice automation

Post Call Survey

There is no better way to understand customer’s needs and satisfaction than by simply asking the customers themselves.

Evolve IP’s Post Call Survey provides businesses the opportunity to improve customer experience and contact center performance by collecting immediate feedback from the customer about their recent interaction with their contact center representative.

Evolve IP’s Post Call Survey is an automated system that provides customized phone-based surveys based upon the nature of the customer inquiry.

  • Automated application with user defined parameters
  • Customized reports that provide customer feedback
  • Flexibility to use pre-built survey questions or use customized questions provided by an organization
  • Ability to offer an opt-in option to callers at the beginning of every interaction
  • Flexibility to add questions in several formats such as T/F, Y/N, multiple choice etc.

Evolve IP’s Post Call Survey delivers a high return on investment, allows you to reduce operating cost and helps you differentiate your contact center by enhancing customer & employee satisfaction.