Unify Your Contact Center

Evolve IP delivers a truly unified contact center, one that seamlessly integrates with Cisco VoIP, unified communications, and Microsoft Teams; enabling managers to work with and hire staff anywhere.

Evolve IP’s unified omnichannel contact center enables agents to collaborate with everybody in the organization using the device(s) of their choice. And, since the phone system and contact center solution are integrated natively, it improves agent visibility, makes contact centers more effiicent, and enhances customer experience.

Benefits of Evolve IP's Unified Contact Center Solution

  • Flexible WFH Deployment Options Agents can operate via the best endpoint for their needs including a softphone (ECS or Teams or UC1), their mobile phone, a physical handset (SIP or Teams), etc.
  • Seamless Customer Experience Agents can collaborate with anybody in the organization to get the answers they need plus they can instantly conference or transfer a Supervisor or SME.
  • Leadership Empowered Supervisors can remotely listen to live interactions and “whisper” in their Agent’s ear to provide instant coaching.
  • Expanded Labor Pool Leadership has the flexibility to hire staff that can Work Anywhere.

Inherent challenges with a typical contact center overlay solution

Technology Challenge Customer Impact
ACD is unaware of agent’s handset presence
  • Agent could be on a handset call and ACD will attempt to deliver them a 2nd call
  • Inaccurate ACD reporting
ACD and PBX are 2 disparate systems
  • Delays in delivering calls to agents
  • Agents can’t see the entire company phone directory or presence
  • No extension dialing when calling or transferring between Agents and non-ACD users
Two Technology Providers
  • Extra network hops impact call quality
  • Additional time and expertise required when attempting to troubleshoot issues or even provide routine Support due to complexity

Unified Contact Center & Phone System

Allow your agents to operate seamlessly with Evolve IP’s fully unified contact center. Learn how we integrate our Gartner MQ omnichannel contact center software, Cisco VoIP unified communications, and Microsoft Teams today!