Call Recording and Speech Analytics Overview

Communicate better, train employees, and operate more securely, by enabling automatic call recording throughout your business.

Evolve Recap is a call recording, transcription, and speech analytics platform with AI-driven natural language processing.

Recap provides actionable business intelligence by analyzing call sentiment, producing interactive call transcriptions, and delivering automated notifications via Microsoft Teams and email.

Call recording software with natural language processing. 

Evolve Recap captures, highlights, and stores key moments of every call in your company.

  • Receive keyword notifications for training
  • Analyze data points across conversations
  • See call attributes & improve interactions
  • Eliminate manual reviews and note-taking
  • Replay calls and get interactive transcripts at a moment’s notice

Integrated with Evolve IP’s Microsoft Teams direct routing and unified communications solution, enterprises can easily deploy voice recording throughout their entire organization & support remote working.

Key Features

Search and Discover

Search and discover using keywords across conversations

Interactive Transcript

Simply click to download, playback, annotate and share transcripts.

Natural Language Processing

Identify key points during a call, such as when a customer sounds frustrated

Alert Notifications

Trigger an email, Teams message, or other alerts based on keywords you define.

Call Recording Software Use Cases

  • Customer Experience –  Evolve Recap enables contact center and support leaders to quickly identify and respond to client issues, train new employees, and document customer calls
  • Sales Coaching – Sales leaders can use Evolve Recap to review client calls with personnel; improving sales effectiveness as well as identifying potential opportunities for further engagement
  • Human Resources – HR can now easily record and share interviews to speed hiring cycles as well as document onboarding and termination conversations
  • Telemedicine – Healthcare organizations that provide remote consultations can now document patient engagements as well as share calls and transcriptions securely
  • Compliance – for businesses that require encrypted call recording, Evolve Recap ensures that their PCI-DSS, HIPAA / HITRUST, and SOC2 compliance will be maintained
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Partners can share notes, review recordings and search key moments immediately, thereby eliminating the need to take and search through notes, lose information or miss out on important updates