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Work Anywhere UCaaS Solutions that Evolve with Your Business

Evolve IP believes that improving the employee experience is the best way to improve the end-customer experience, which is how companies out-perform their competition. Our work anywhere communications platform keeps employees and customers connected with crystal-clear voice services that integrate with the applications you’re already using today. Best of all, as a strategic partner, Evolve IP tailors all solutions to fit the unique needs of your enterprise, instead of forcing you into a “one-size-fits-none” service. Additionally, our ability to natively integrate with Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex enables us to offer a truly seamless user experience that no other provider can deliver.

The enterprise UCaaS features that  
drive the productivity and results you need. 


HD Audio Calling

Get all the calling features you need on desktop and mobile to enable users to stay connected with:

  • HD video – Build trust and be more engaging with the highest quality video
  • WiFi calling – Leverage your WiFi to pay less for calls
  • One number – Be reached on the device(s) of your choice, wherever you are
  • Corporate directory – Find colleagues within seconds with a simple search
  • Multiple calls – Handle two calls at the same time and even merge them into a three-way conversation
  • Call pull – Seamlessly move active calls from a desktop to mobile or the reverse with a single click, without interrupting your ongoing call.

Video Calling & Conferencing

With Evolve IP video calling you can meet face-to-face virtually with multiple participants, regardless of their locations, dramatically improving collaboration and creating more engaging personal relationships. Evolve IP video calling can be enabled with HD voice desk phones, Windows and MAC soft clients, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.


Unified Messaging

The days of checking multiple applications for messages are over. Unified messaging delivers multiple types of messages, like voice mail, email, and fax, to a single location. It enables users to communicate quickly and concisely with:

  • Direct and group chat – Exchange messages instantly with a colleague or a team, and minimize email overload
  • Presence status – Remove the guesswork by knowing when a colleague is available to communicate
  • History– Never lose track of your chats by viewing yesterday, last week, last month, or all
  • Notifications - Minimize distractions without missing critical updates by customizing your notificationsso you only get alerts about messages that matter to you.
  • External Collaboration - Collaborate with people outside your company by adding external parties directly to spaces

Business Messaging – SMS Texting

Get a fully-integrated SMS / business messaging platform that enables users to text anyone via their business phone number directly from within Microsoft Teams or via a Web browser.

Since Evolve IP’s unified communications solution, including Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Evolve Anywhere with Webex, run natively on every device, employees can text from their business line via a tablet, laptop/desktop, or mobile device.


Integrations & Applications

Evolve IP integrates with all of the popular CRM integrations, messaging and collaboration solutions that most businesses need. Our solutions are supported by standards based APIs enabling businesses to integrate the solution into internally developed or third party applications.

  • Unify your applications: Access all your applications using a cloud-first, real-time platform integration designed to save time and make communication easy
  • Streamline Workflow: Improve your conversion rates and streamline your sales rep workflow through better customer interactions
  • Integrate Seamlessly: Integrate seamlessly with the applications that you’re using today without the need to rip-and-replace and with minimal maintenance

99.999% Reliability / Business Continuity

Regardless of the conditions at your local office, your cloud phone system and business collaboration tools will continue to work in the Evolve IP cloud. In fact, since inception, our core platform has had 99.999% uptime! How did we do that? In addition to our geographically redundant global data centers, located in the top facilities in the world like SWITCH, we also have designed the industry’s best, most-resilient network.

Over the last decade Evolve IP has built one of the world’s most robust data and voice networks leveraging multiple Tier 1 carriers across the globe with additional options for VPN, SD-WAN, and private connectivity. The result is a resilient, fully-meshed redundant network that provides true peace of mind.


Desktop, File & Screen File Sharing

Collaborate with your colleagues regardless of location by

  • File sharing – Simply drag and drop files with a colleague or in a space for your whole team and the files
    you receive are neatly organized, searchable, saved and easily accessible from within your application.
  • Screen sharing – Share your entire screen or just a specific app or a document, without additional downloads or separate web collaboration apps. 
  • Desktop sharing: Share your desktop with multiple users at the same time including internal colleagues or users outside your organization. Additionally, you can share your desktop, make a video call, share a file, and chat, all in the same instance.

Integrated Omnichannel Contact Center

Enable your contact center agents with the same powerful unified communications features as the rest of your business. Evolve IP’s omnichannel contact center is seamlessly integrated with our Evolve IP's global voice, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex that improves agent and customer experience. 


Open Seating / Hoteling

Open Seating offers greater flexibility and mobility to your workforce by allowing users to log into any phone available in your office and turn it into their primary work phone.


Unified Call Recording with Voice AI

Provide your organization with a voice recording and transcription with AI-driven natural language processing. Our solution provides business intelligence that analyzes call sentiment, produces interactive call transcriptions, and delivers automated notifications from keyword triggers via Microsoft Teams and email.

This feature will help your businesses communicate better by enabling voice recording for every part of the enterprise – from Sales – to Support – to HR.


Secure & Accessible on Any Device

Whether at home, on the go, or together in an office meeting room, Evolve IP's UCaaS solution empowers teams to work anywhere, anytime, on any virtually any device.

  • Any device -Flexibility to work on PC and Macs, as well as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones 
  • Always on - With persistent spaces, you never lose your content. intuitive filters allow you to search across people, spaces, messages, and files to find what you need quickly.
  • Always secure - Keep your information safe and secure with end-to-end encryption.

Desk Phones & Soft Phones

Our UCaaS solution works seamlessly with the world’s leading handsets from providers such as Poly, Yealink and Cisco to ensure your users have access to the most up to date HD technology and features.


Cloud Fax

Cloud fax gives you the ability to send and receive faxes with a single click on your desktop anywhere in the world, in the format (.pdf,.doc, .jpeg, etc.) of your choice. Eliminate expensive toner cartridges, wasted paper, and cumbersome fax machines.



Operate as a unified organization with integrated end-users around the globe. Evolve IP’s international platform enables presence, a single directory, and the ability to move calls between locations and across geographies.


Web-based Management Portal

Gain complete control over telephony, voicemail, and conferencing functions via OSSmosis®, a simple to use Web-based management portal. Provisioned users can easily manage and monitor everything from call flows, to user information, to hunt groups, and auto attendants. Administrators can also make moves, adds, and changes without fees or external support as well as set and reset voicemail passwords. Contact center users gain additional controls to manage queues and agents along with features like business workflows, queue callback and much more.


DaaS Accessible

With the remote work here to stay, companies need to deploy all of the technologies users had on their desks on their new work anywhere end devices. To keep employees productive, and ensure they love (and use) their DaaS solutions, IT departments need to deploy reliable voice services using softphones. Evolve IP has been providing virtual desktops along with voice-over IP since 2008 and has a proven integration for softphones that function seamlessly within DaaS solutions like VMware Horizon. This keeps employees happy while also providing the business continuity needed by the enterprise


World-Class Collaboration

Our native integration with Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex enables businesses to experience world-class collaboration features and cutting-edge voice features, that no other provider can deliver including:

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
• Evolve Anywhere with Webex


Data Warehouse

With companies being overwhelmed with a constant flow of data from multiple sources; it is difficult to truly leverage the critical insights this information can provide. Businesses need a consolidated, easy-to-use data repository that can free them from the complexity of unifying data and helps them gain valuable business intelligence to enhance their daily operations. Evolve IP’s Data Warehouse solution provides customers with fast and easy access to all their data and interactions across all voice platforms, from a single location.


Number Routing

Microsoft Teams native voice solution does not enable number routing for true business continuity. Features that are requirements for enterprise business. With Evolve IP’s direct routing solution, voice services will continue work in the Evolve IP cloud regardless of the conditions at your local office or in the unlikely event of issues with Microsoft’s cloud. In fact, since inception, our core platform has had 100% uptime!

Over the last decade Evolve IP has built one of the world’s most robust data and voice networks leveraging multiple Tier 1 carriers across the globe with additional options for VPN, SD-WAN and private connectivity. The result is a resilient, fully-meshed redundant network that provides true peace of mind.


Advanced Hunt Groups

Allow users to handle incoming PSTN calls using advanced hunt group patterns including: Simultaneous, Circular, Regular, or Uniform. Users can also establish a “No Answer” policy to redirect calls to another phone number or voicemail they go unanswered.


Unified Communications Vendor Comparison

This vendor comparison matrix compares unified communications providers such as 8×8, RingCentral, and Zoom against the following key criteria’s and more:


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based communication platform that integrates various communication and collaboration tools into a unified solution. It combines services such as voice, video conferencing, messaging, presence, and file sharing to streamline communication within an organization. Evolve IP natively integrates it’s UCaaS solution I.e. Evolve IP’s Global Voice Cloud with both Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. 

Evolve IP’s UCaaS integrates communication services into a single cloud-based platform, accessible through the internet. It utilizes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to deliver voice and video calls, along with other collaborative tools, to users on a subscription-based model.  
Key features of Evolve IP’s UCaaS include: 
  1.  voice calling 
  2.  video calling 
  3. instant messaging 
  4. business SMS 
  5.  call recording with AI 
  6.  Presence 
  7. audio and video conferencing 
  8.  screen sharing 
  9. file sharing 
  10.  Mobility 
  11.  CRM integrations with business applications 
  12. web-management portal  
  13. receptionist app 
  14.  multi-level auto attendants and hunt groups 
  15.  cloud fax 
  16.  business continuity 
  17.  cloud fax 
  18.  omnichannel call center  
  19.  centralized management. 
  20. Click here to learn more about our key features. 

Benefits of UCaaS include increased productivity, cost savings, enhanced collaboration, flexibility for remote work, improved customer service, scalability, reduced maintenance efforts, and a more efficient communication infrastructure.  

Evolve IP’s UCaaS is suitable for businesses of all mid-size enterprises and various industries, including healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, software technologies, professional services and more.  

If you are a decision maker looking for any one of the below, Evolve IP can help: 

  • Need 100+ UCaaS seats 
  • Use MS Teams or Cisco Webex and have voice/telephony needs 
  • Seeking a truly UNIFIED collaboration and voice experience (vs. Third party bots and plug-ins) 
  • have Integrated CONTACT CENTER needs 
  • have Legacy PBX (ATAs, IVR) or hybrid requirements (non-collab users) 
  • Seeking a single partner for O365, Webex and voice services
  • Considering end-user computing alternatives (DaaS) 
Evolve IP’s UCaaS supports a wide range of communication channels, including voice calls, video calls, instant messaging, emails, SMS, audio and video conferencing, voicemail, fax, and collaboration through file sharing and screen sharing.  
Yes, our UCaaS provides integration capabilities with popular business applications such as Microsoft Teams and Webex enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity.
Our UCaaS solution is offered on a subscription-based pricing model, per user per month. We offer a Webex UCaaS solution and Microsoft Teams UCaaS solution. Our Microsoft Teams & Webex UCaaS solution starts at $5.57 per user per month. Click here to see a more in depth breakdown of our UCaaS offerings.  
We currently do not have a free trial or demo available for UCaaS. 
We offer 24x7x365 support for our UCaaS customers. We provide tailored support and service from the first appointment to post implementation, at no additional cost. In early 2021, we recognized that the traditional telephony support structure required optimization to meet the nuanced needs of today’s remote/hybrid workforce. In 2022, Evolve IP completed transformation of its support organization from a traditional call center to PODs consisting of cross-functional technicians working together to serve a designated group of customers with a similar technology footprint. This unique approach enables Evolve IP to provide a truly high-touch and consultative experience to enable customers to fully optimize their communication, collaboration and compute investment. Now, Evolve IP’s services NPS score is 85% and same day resolution time is 70%. 
Yes, Evolve IP’s UCaaS is highly suitable for a remote workforce as it provides the necessary communication and collaboration tools accessible from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. Evolve IP supports hybrid users, meaning voice and non-voice users. Add screenshot from slide #121 on UCaaS Presentation 
Evolve IP provides HD Audio Calling, continuously monitoring and managing network performance to maintain optimal call quality. We optimize our networks and employ quality of service (QoS) measures to ensure high-quality voice and video calls.  
Some of the common problems UCaaS can help solve are: 
  • Unpredictable costs & hardware requirements 
  • Must reduce total cost of ownership and maintain profits. 
  • Minimize hardware, capex while increasing flexibility to scale. 
  • Need to enable remote and mobile teams 
  • Must support working from home  
    and hybrid models. 
  • Need to be able to stay connected  
    in the field to stay on top of their job. 
  • Too many applications & vendors to keep track of 
  • People spend too much time looking for the tools they need. 
  • Content scattered across multiple locations. 
  • Low employee productivity and retention 
  • Taking too long to get  
    things done. 
  • Outdated tools lead to employee/new hire dissatisfaction. 
Click here to learn more. 
  • Provides a long-term voice strategy with 99.999% network uptime 
  • Reduces costs by consolidating multiple communications and collaboration solutions 
  • Simplifies operations to enable IT to do more with less 
  • Improve user experience, mobility, and productivity with natively integrated UCaaS, CCaaS and Collaboration platforms (such as Microsoft Teams/ Webex) 
  • Ability to easily scale and manage users and locations 
  • Support for unique profiles 
  • Security and compliance 
  • 99.999% Uptime and reliability 
  • Optimization of resources and applications 
  • Improved support and service delivery 
Yes, Evolve IP supports Teams and non-Teams users. 

Microsoft calling plans provide zero support, limited PBX features and a low network uptime. Choosing Evolve IP would mean 24x7x365 support and service (at no additional cost), better network uptime and advanced features such as Receptionist app, compliant Call Recording, business SMS, and much more. 

Microsoft Direct Evolve IP
Microsoft's calling plan is $12 for Domestic and an additional $12 for international (even if 1 call is made) Evolve IP's entry point is $7.95, not including volume discounts, international calling is billed on a per-call basis
Microsoft only offers 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) Evolve IP has a 99.99% SLA, but consistently delivers 99.999% availability and uptime
Microsoft does not provide customer service Evolve IP offers 24/7/365 customer service
Microsoft has a limited feature set that cannot be upgraded Evolve IP offers enterprise-level features included multi-level auto attendants, call recording, contact center, CRM integration, receptionis, IVR and analog points for fax, overhead paging
Microsoft is not a service provider – they are the world's largest software provider Evolve IP is a service provider which includes support, service delivery, account management, and training
Microsoft can deliver a unified invoice for O365 and Microsoft voice Evolve IP can deliver the same


Yes, we offer Cloud Fax. We partner with Pangea to deliver a secure and scalable faxing solution. Evolve IP’s 100% cloud based solution allows you to: 
  • Send and receive faxes electronically to and from anywhere in the world 
  • Exchange faxes in the format of your choice (.pdf, .doc, etc.)  
  • Secure encrypted transmission  
  • Send concurrent faxes with no added delay 
  • Support toll-free and international faxing  
Yes, we offer Call Recording with Voice AI. With Evolve IP’s AI-enriched call recording platform, businesses can record 100% of calls, chats and videos, replay recordings and reveal crucial insights from any and every conversation, all in a simplified, automated and compliant manner. Click here to learn more. 
Yes, we offer SMS. Evolve IP differentiates itself from other providers by offering business SMS integrated directly into Microsoft Teams. This enables users to take advantage of the speed and convenience of business SMS messaging texting while providing the oversight and security required by enterprise businesses. Click here to learn more about our SMS features. 
Choosing between Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Cisco Webex for UCaaS depends on your specific business needs and requirements. Both platforms offer a comprehensive suite of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) features, but they have different strengths and weaknesses.  
  • If your organization uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams for collaboration, then Evolve IP’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is the way to go. But if your organization is a Cisco shop, then Evolve Anywhere with Cisco Webex is the right way to go.  
  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing offers a tight integration with Microsoft Office 365 and a large ecosystem of certified devices where as Cisco Webex is not as tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and has a smaller ecosystem of certified devices. 
  • When considering between these 2 solutions, it is important to consider your organizations size, your existing IT infrastructure, user preferences, and budge 


Enterprise Voice Features

Enterprise Voice Features

Yes, we do. Enterprises headquartered in North America, looking to deploy and manage Microsoft Teams-based services around the world, can leverage Evolve IP’s hosted PBX solutions. Whether you are a business looking for two-way calling capabilities for your international users, or a customer looking to deploy Microsoft Teams Voice throughout your organization, Evolve IP can deliver Teams enabled voice services and collaboration features to your remote offices and users around the world. To learn more about our international support click here. 
Yes, unlike other vendors, Evolve IP supports existing SIP handsets with Teams. To learn more, click here. 

Microsoft has developed a Call Quality Dashboard that provides layers of information in relation to call quality.  



Yes, we do. 

There are four ways to deploy Microsoft Teams with Voice:



The deployment process goes through the following steps highlighted in the table below. Click here to learn more.  


Complete an implementation workbook including all user information, auto-attendants, hunt groups, contact center, receptionists, call recording

Provide documentation on existing call center routing and messaging such as call flow diagrams (if applicable)

Identify business & technical requirements for network,desktop, smart phones, tablets and VoIP routing, gateways, firewalls

Document requirements in your vendor applications

Verify and purchase necessary Microsoft licensing in Office 365 Customer Tenant for: E1, E3, E5, Phone System, Audio Conferencing, and Conference Room licensing

Approve design

Build Hosted PBX and contact center solution on the vendor voice platform

Build the sub-domain, gateways, trunking, voice routing policies in Office 365 Customer Tenant

Build user roles, permissions and PSTN usages in the Office 365 Customer Tenant

Identify use cases for testing and document formal User Acceptance Test criteria

Order phones, headset, accessories, and video conference equipment for delivery (depends if phones are purchased through Evolve)

Install applications, bookmark web-based applications, test logins

Build your identity an access management instance for users to access the vendor’s application

Build web-based portal for service management

Ensure that all network and firewall requirements documented by the vendor have been met

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Perform user acceptance testing including routing, messaging, phones and video endpoints

Document testing feedback

Update solution based upon testing feedback

UAT approval

Implement change freeze three days prior to the go-live date

Finalize go-live testing and end-user change management plans

Finalize go-live testing and end-user change management plans

 Finalize cutover plans

 Ensure that every user has logged into MS Teams and confirmed access

Train system administrator(s)

 Train users on vendor applications

 Provide access to vendor knowledge base of system documentation, how-to articles, user guides, quick- reference guides, etc.


 Document deployment feedback

Update solution based upon testing feedback

Provide any supplemental training

Take ownership of all voice administration activities including call recording, receptionist, analog ports, auto- attendants, and hunt groups



Our TCO Calculator is designed to assist in projecting the Total Cost of implementing and supporting a Direct Routing deployment. The TCO model incorporates 3 primary expense categories: Physical Hardware and Software Expenses, Operational Expenses & Personnel Costs. Click here to download the TCO Calculator. 
In the unlikely event that Microsoft Teams is unreachable, businesses can continue to make and receive calls by leveraging Evolve IP’s voice continuity capabilities and 24x7 support. Click here to learn more. 
Yes, UCaaS solutions often offer customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their unique communication and collaboration requirements, including branding, feature selection, and integration preferences.  

Your essential IT ally for the enterprise hybrid workforce.

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