AI means many things to many people. At Evolve IP, we leverage AI to unlock the full value of conversations that take place across your organization. Furthermore, the rise in hybrid work has moved most in-person interactions and meetings to virtual calls. Businesses are looking for a solution that can capture the untapped voice data and provide actionable business intelligence, quickly and securely from any location.

With Evolve IP’s conversational intelligence platform, businesses can not only record 100% of calls, chats and videos, but can capture critical moments, replay and summarize recordings, and reveal crucial insights from any and every conversation, all in a simplified, automated and compliant manner.

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The Problem:

1. Wasted time manually reviewing calls: 

Intelligent call recording can automatically summarize calls, extract key information, and highlight important moments. This saves time spent listening to entire recordings, especially for tasks like coaching or compliance reviews.

2. Lack of visibility into customer sentiment:

Sentiment analysis can be used to understand the emotional tone of a conversation, helping businesses identify areas where they can improve customer satisfaction. For example, if calls consistently show frustration with a certain product feature, it might be a sign that improvements are needed.

3. Compliance Challenges:

Intelligent call recording can ensure that all calls are recorded and easily accessible for regulatory compliance purposes. It can also automate processes like redacting sensitive information.

The Solution: Conversation Intelligence (CI), Powered by Dubber

Evolve IP partners with the leading provider for conversation capture & intelligence, Dubber to:

Increased Sales & Conversion Rates:

  • Track how CI insights improve agent call handling, leading to more closed deals – Sales Closing Moment.
  • Measure the impact of improved product recommendations based on conversation analysis – Sales Closing Moment.

Reduced Costs:

  • Quantify savings from decreased call handling time due to better agent training from CI insights – Dubber AI and QA.
  • Track cost reductions from fewer customer service escalations due to improved agent performance.
  • Track cost reductions from using Dubber AI to perform QA of recorded calls – Dubber AI and QA.

Reduced Risk: 

  • CI can help identify compliance issues or areas for improvement in customer interactions, potentially avoiding legal or reputational risks – Automated PCI content redaction.

Evolve IP and Dubber together help you improve efficiency, gain deeper customer understanding, and potentially even generate new revenue streams.

  • Your Trusted provider – that works along your side as an extension of your team to solve business problems
  • One invoice - ability to consolidate products and services into a single invoice
  • Low Cost - Better price points while keeping your IT environment productive and flexible
  • One number to call - for all your support needs
  • Certified engineers for consultation and faster problem resolution
  • Fast deployment - Deploy and configure the service within 30 days

How does it work? 

Evolve IP’s conversational intelligence solution, powered by Dubber, leverages the power of AI to identify and understand key Moments within conversations. But we don't stop at mere data extraction. Our advanced AI algorithms dive deep into the fabric of your conversations, uncovering hidden insights that traditional methods simply can't capture.


Key Benefits



We gain a deeper understanding of the moment within the context of the entire conversation



We use AI to identify a moment within a conversation



We connect moments across all conversations to deliver insights that help make informed business decisions

  • Customer Experience –  Evolve IP’s call recording solution with voice AI enables contact center and support leaders to quickly identify and respond to client issues, train new employees, and document customer calls
  • Sales Coaching – Sales leaders can use Evolve IP’s call recording solution with voice AI to review client calls with personnel; improving sales effectiveness as well as identifying potential opportunities for further engagement
  • Human Resources – HR can now easily record and share interviews to speed hiring cycles as well as document onboarding and termination conversations
  • Telemedicine – Healthcare organizations that provide remote consultations can now document patient engagements as well as share calls and transcriptions securely
  • Compliance – for businesses that require encrypted call recording, Evolve IP’s call recording solution with voice AI ensures that their PCI-DSS, HIPAA / HITRUST, and SOC2 compliance will be maintained
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Partners can share notes, review recordings and search key moments immediately, thereby eliminating the need to take and search through notes, lose information or miss out on important updates


Absolutely, call reviews are valuable. However, Evolve IP’s conversational intelligence solution powered by Dubber goes beyond simple listening. It uses AI to analyze every conversation, identify key talking points, and surface actionable insights you might miss on a single listen. Imagine having all your calls summarized with key points and customer sentiment readily available.

Let's discuss the ROI (Return on Investment). Evolve IP’s solution can help improve sales win rates, reduce customer churn, and boost agent effectiveness. These improvements can lead to significant cost savings and revenue growth. Additionally, Evolve IP can drastically lower the payroll expenses for call recording QA or open additional time by more efficiently finding data within recordings.

Dubber is a coaching tool, not a surveillance mechanism. It can help identify areas for improvement and celebrate successes. Features like anonymized data analysis help focus on trends and avoid singling out individuals.

You don't have to! Dubber offers a solution for PCI Compliance which is bundled into the Evolve IP’s product SKU. This solution ensures PCI compliance by completely preventing the transmission and storage of any cardholder data within your environment. Agents will not even see the full card details, minimizing risk.

Conversational Intelligence is a technology that uses AI to automatically transcribe, analyze, and score every call that takes place in a call center. CI can capture the voice of the customer and the agent, and extract key information such as sentiment, emotion, intent, topics, keywords, and compliance. CI can also provide real-time feedback and coaching to agents during or after the call, as well as generate reports and dashboards for managers to monitor and improve the overall call quality and customer satisfaction. CI can integrate with existing call center platforms and CRM systems, and offer a scalable and flexible solution that can adapt to different business needs and goals.

Traditional Quality Management is a process that involves manually reviewing a sample of calls by a dedicated staff member, usually a quality analyst or a supervisor. The staff member listens to the calls and evaluates them based on predefined criteria, such as call duration, customer satisfaction, agent behavior, and compliance. The staff member then provides feedback and coaching to the agents, and generates reports and dashboards for managers to track and improve the call quality and customer satisfaction. Traditional QM is often limited by the availability and expertise of the staff member, the accuracy of the sample and how it lines up with prototypical recordings, and the timeliness and effectiveness of the feedback and coaching.

To compare the ROI of CI and traditional QM, we will use a realistic scenario of a call center with 30 agents, who handle 60 calls per day each, for a total of 1800 calls per day. We will also assume that the call center has a dedicated QM staff member, who earns a loaded salary of $90,000 per year, and that the current success rate of traditional QM is 3% of calls reviewed. We will also assume that the cost of CI software is $49.95 per month per agent. We will then calculate the cost per call reviewed, the net savings, and the ROI for both methods, as well as consider some additional factors that could affect the comparison.

The table below summarizes the results of the comparison between CI and traditional QM, based on the scenario described above.


Calls Reviewed per Year

Annual Cost

Cost per Call Reviewed

Net Savings (Year 1)

ROI (Year 1)

Traditional QM






Conversational Intelligence







As the table shows, CI can review 100% of calls, compared to only 3% by traditional QM, for a much lower annual cost and cost per call reviewed. CI can also produce $54,036 in net savings per year, by replacing the dedicated staff member's salary with the CI software cost, and generate a very high ROI of 300.6%. However, these results are not the only factors to consider when comparing CI and traditional QM. There are also some additional considerations that could affect the comparison, such as the impact of CI on agent performance, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Besides the financial aspects, there are also some qualitative aspects that could influence the comparison between CI and traditional QM. These include:

  • Improved Agent Performance: CI can offer more granular and objective insights into call quality, such as the sentiment, emotion, intent, and compliance of the customer and the agent. CI can also provide real-time feedback and coaching to agents during or after the call, as well as personalized recommendations and best practices. These features can potentially lead to more targeted and effective coaching, improved agent skills and behavior, and increased agent confidence and motivation.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Better trained and equipped agents can lead to higher customer satisfaction scores, as they can handle customer inquiries and issues more efficiently and empathetically. CI can also help identify and address customer pain points, needs, and expectations, and provide insights into customer loyalty and retention. These features can potentially lead to more satisfied and loyal customers, increased customer lifetime value, and positive word-of-mouth.
  • Employee Engagement: Freeing up the dedicated staff member's time from manual call reviews could be used for other tasks or potentially redeployed elsewhere, impacting overall employee engagement. CI can also help create a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where agents and managers can collaborate and share feedback and best practices. These features can potentially lead to higher employee engagement, lower turnover, and higher productivity.

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