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Contact center call recording software is quickly becoming a staple in the modern enterprise environment. Evolve IP works with Dubber to deliver a first-in-class contact center experience for end-users and customers alike. This partnership allows organizations to unlock the power of data-driven insights while streamlining recording operations. 

Let’s explore contact center as a service solutions and learn more about the insights organizations can gather from this advanced technology. 

Three Key Insights Delivered by Contact Center Call Recording Software 

Alongside Dubber, the world’s leading call recording and voice AI platform, Evolve IP’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution unlocks the power for voice data for businesses. Our CCaaS platform records 100% of the calls, chats, and SMS messages an organization sees daily. From this data, the system leverages powerful AI technology to deliver key insights into your business. 

These insights can help your business improve sales or address compliance mandates. Moreover, they help your enterprise-level organization adapt in real-time to changes and grow to meet evolving industry demands. 

1. Automated Notifications Triggered by Keywords

With Evolve IP’s contact center recording software, team members can identify keywords relevant to business operations. When the AI-powered software identifies a keyword, it will automatically notify relevant team members. This means you can track, in near real-time, what your customers or employees are bringing up in conversations. 

This can be a powerful tool in understanding how certain keywords come up in context and how they impact your business. For instance, if you’re concerned about customers not understanding your product or service, you can track some relevant keywords and learn more about the types of customers that bring these topics up and the context around their conversations. 

2. Sentiment Analysis

Sometimes a lot can be left out of a transcript. While text can give us quite a lot in terms of insights, they often lack the original sentiment of the speaker. This is a problem with traditional attempts at analyzing voice data. 

Evolve IP works alongside Dubber to provide advanced AI-powered insights leveraging natural language processing (NLP). Through our CCaaS solution, team members can better understand the sentiment around an interaction. Is the customer frustrated? Are they happy? The software can help you better understand these customer sentiments.  

3. Keyword Trends

As businesses grow and evolve, so do their customers and employees. Enterprises need to be on top of shifting trends in the workplace and in the larger business landscape to better adapt and evolve to meet demands. With Evolve IP, teams can better understand which keywords are coming up in interactions. 

A mastery of keyword trends can help drive changes in business practices. It can also help team members better understand what customers need and how they feel about a product or service. Searching for specific keywords in customer conversations is a powerful way to grow with data-driven insights.  

How Contact Center Call Recording Software Provides Insights 

Part of Evolve IP’s CCaaS solution is Dubber’s AI-powered platform. This system not only tracks and records voice data across your unified communications system but also develops unique insights into your business. But how does it all work? 

First is recording. Organizations can create on-demand or automatic recordings to capture conversations no matter where they occur. Whether it’s in Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or Evolve IP’s enterprise voice services, the platform captures it all and provides rich meta-data analysis. 

Next, the software captures all this voice data and delivers it to Dubber’s infinitely scalable Voice Intelligence Cloud. Not only can you effortlessly search through all the voice data using Dubber’s Elastic Search feature, but with transcription services, you can easily jump into discussions and read the conversation line for line. 

Lastly, Dubber’s AI-powered software reveals key insights using advanced technology like NLP. This helps deliver all kinds of insightful data: 

  • Critical business intelligence 
  • Insights into day-to-day operations 
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Keyword trends 
  • Business trend tracking 
  • Compliance management data 

What Metrics to Look for in AI-Powered Speech Analytics 

When it comes to metrics delivered through AI-powered speech analytics, different industries can find different sources of impactful data-driven information. For example, financial services organizations might lean heavily on targeting risk-related keywords. These metrics can help businesses detect misconduct or regulatory compliance in real-time. 

For enterprise environments, many metrics can help businesses learn and adapt. Here are a few that stand out: 

  • Compliance intelligence — Compliance is an essential part of any organization. AI-powered speech analysis can help your team gather metrics to satisfy compliance standards and respond to information requests easily and promptly. 
  • Customer intelligence — AI-powered metrics can help teams gain powerful insights into customer behavior and sentiment. This helps improve the customer experience, reduce churn, and accelerate dispute resolution and remediation. 
  • Revenue intelligence — Data can help sales teams refine methods and address performance issues. 
  • People intelligence — Metrics aren’t only for customers. Organizations can use AI voice data analytics to better understand employee sentiment, boost productivity and refine training methods. 

Improve Call Center Etiquette With a Unified Recording and Analytics Solution 

One of the key advantages of implementing a CCaaS system with unified recording and AI-powered analytics is the real-time data your teams can utilize. For the customer experience, this means a more refined and organized interaction. 

Team members can easily track and transfer calls to other employees like subject matter experts (SMEs) using CCaaS coworker presence status. This means that questions rarely go unanswered. Moreover, the open collaboration platform allows users to connect and get the answers they need without having to overcome traditional communication barriers. 

Leadership can offer real-time coaching to employees while they are on a call. This is a great opportunity to focus on data-driven insights delivered through AI analytics and react to better improve the overall customer experience. It also helps team leaders better understand what is happening day-to-day, empowering future training methods. 

With AI-powered analytics solutions, teams have access to what customers are talking about and the context and sentiment around the conversation. If certain strategies aren’t working, team members can quickly identify and act. The results are improved customer satisfaction and enhanced productivity. 

How Can Evolve IP Help? 

Evolve IP is partnering with Dubber to deliver enterprise-level organizations contact center call recording software with the power of AI-driven analytics. This advanced combination of technology gives organizations complete access to unified recording while offering data-driven insights into customer sentiment, employee satisfaction and much more. If you want to learn more about Evolve IP CCaaS solutions, contact us today. 

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