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A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) creates all kinds of new possibilities for managing a remote workforce. The first priority, before cloud-based solutions are fully implemented, is security. How do you keep end users safe, without compromising sensitive information, trade secrets, client information, and more? That key question is answered by companies like Evolve IP, which is leading the way in new technologies and applications that provide the ultimate in security, with the ultimate in ease of use. Read on to learn more about how to maintain user security with desktop virtualization solutions.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Cloud desktop virtualization is made possible by Desktop as a Service (DaaS) technology. This is a cloud computing offering which uses hosting to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). DaaS providers offer hosted virtual desktop solutions that enable work anywhere, remote work, and hybrid work arrangements.


Hosted virtual desktops (HVD) enable continuity and secure access to essential business information for employees of all kinds. Growth in this area accelerated by necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the benefits of DaaS and related tech have persisted and are becoming standard practice in organizations of all sizes everywhere in the world.


DaaS Benefits

Desktop as a Service is accelerating growth in many sectors because of its immense benefits, which include:


  • Better, easier, faster access to company information and working, shared documents
  • Lower capital expenditure/overhead
  • Reduced operating costs and managerial burden on IT
  • Enhanced responsiveness
  • Improved continuity for projects and the business as a whole
  • Better reliability, regardless of connectivity or location


Security can be achieved in DaaS, but the quality of that varies by provider and protocol.



How Do I Know if a DaaS Environment is Right for My Business?

Even businesses that have been previously low-tech or tech-limited have adopted DaaS. To understand whether DaaS is the right fit for your business, evaluate based on these criteria: 

  • What endpoints do you have/need?
  • What will full IT support costs be?
  • Will it support user productivity?
  • Are there poignant cybersecurity threats that need to be addressed through enhanced measures?

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Cloud Desktop Virtualization

The power of DaaS is on display in cloud desktop virtualizations. Let’s cover what a virtualized desktop is, how these solutions handle security, and what kinds of centralized security options are available through desktop virtualization vendors.


A Virtualized Desktop

A virtualized desktop displays an abstract of a remote operating system. In plainest terms, end users connect remotely, logging in as though they are on-site, when in fact they are experiencing a virtualized version of a machine or system at a totally different location.


Because of this, less hardware provisioning is required, less configuration, less troubleshooting, and a simpler, more streamlined approach is unlocked. Companies have flocked to systems like these because of the dramatic reduction of cost, time, and hassle. Workstation loads are simulated to any connected device, and numerous measures can be used to secure the information transmitted to the end user.


How to Desktop Virtualization Solutions Handle Security?

Desktop virtualization solutions handle security by keeping all data in a data center, not on multiple devices or stored locations. Sensitive information and systems are accessed virtually, and that data in transit can be subject to network access control rules and firewalls. This safeguards against intrusions and malware attacks, as well as creating a single source of truth back at IT, where monitoring and controls are in place.


A related benefit is that IT can roll out patches, software updates, malware updates, and more without ever handling end user devices or machines. It makes ongoing security faster and easier.


Is Centralized Security Offered Through Desktop Virtualization Vendors?

The third-party hosting that is part of DaaS and desktop virtualization is part of the vetting criteria you should look at for vendors. That hosting will dictate standard security practices and is imperative to ideal functionality. DaaS solutions should deliver a centralized, secure experience.


At Evolve IP, we offer managed DaaS, private cloud through SD-WAN, and a public cloud through Azure and Microsoft 365. This variety translates into scalable options that fit the needs of the client, but all of them are founded on best-in-class cutting-edge security technologies.


From onboarding and deployment to ongoing maintenance and management, you want to be sure the vendor you have chosen has a track-record of reliability, uptime, and on-demand assistance. Every precaution possible should be taken to ensure integrations are well accounted for and managed, and you get unmatched support for your tech stack.


The goal of virtual desktops and DaaS is to serve up next-gen, end-user computing that maintains rock-solid security through the third-party. When it works, your team is suddenly empowered and equipped to work together, from anywhere, without a hitch or concern.


Evolve IP: Market Leader in Desktop as a Service

Evolve IP has been recognized by Gartner as a market leader in Desktop as a Service. We offer a full suite of unified communications products, which unlock fresh possibilities for businesses. Security is our highest priority, and we exercise ongoing oversight, implementing new tactics and exercising agility to assure we are always one step ahead of cyber threats.


Our clients and users include enterprise and mid-size level organizations, and we are proud to earn trust through our secure, effortless systems that deliver all of the benefits of virtualization to businesses and, ultimately, end users.


To learn more about DaaS with Evolve IP, or any of our other unified communications services or products, connect with us today.


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