UCaaS vs CCaaS vs SaaS. Confused? Don’t Be.

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When it comes to buying new technology for your business or upgrading tech that manages either internal or external processes, you’re going to face a barrage of “aaS” acronyms, and we want you to be prepared. The first thing you should remember is that all “aaS” means is “as a service.” 

What Does UCaaS Mean? 

UCaaS stands for unified communications as a serviceUnified communications models support a few different business functions, including audio, video, web conferencing, telephony, and any other communications-enabled business processes. It’s important to note that UCaaS works in a cloud delivery model. 

The foundational goals of unifying business communications are twofold: to centralize IT management and oversight and to enhance collaboration with applications and services. 

In addition to the more generally understood use cases for UCaaS — crystal clear voice, phones, webinars, virtual meetings — there are also some more specific functions, such as presence technology. This tech allows teams to communicate their whereabouts, setting “present” or “away” messages to make work-life more transparent and efficient. 

Ultimately, UCaaS has become popular because it enables and equips remote workers to stay in the loop, connecting in ways similar to in-person meetings and tasks. 

Examples of UCaaS 

There are an ever-increasing number of UCaaS platforms, partly in response to the increase in the remote workforce. By 2024, 80% of organizations will prioritize collaboration and meeting platforms over telephony when defining unified communications portfolio strategy, up from 30% in 2019. Most platforms either deliver traditional PBX features, such as HD audio, presence, etc., or deliver collaboration features, such as video conferencing, group chats, or online meetings. But, to truly support hybrid work, businesses are looking for a UCaaS solution that delivers both collaboration features and traditional PBX features, seamlessly and securely. Evolve IP’s unified communication solution delivers crystal clear voice services and world-class collaboration features from Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex that seamlessly integrate with the popular applications customers are already using today, in a secure and reliable manner. Enabling employees to improve productivity and support business continuity.  

For a deeper dive into UCaaS, read “What is Unified Communications? 

What Does CCaaS Mean? 

CCaaS stands for contact center as a service. This is a software deployment model that is often operated by a third-party vendor. A similar phrase is CPaaS, which stands for communications platform as a service, and is less specific than CCaaS. In context, CCaaS is a service or set of services for contact or call centers. 

CCaaS includes technology for voice calling, online chats and messaging, email, social media, and other channels. It is specifically suited to support the customer service function of an organization, and the people who run or work in customer service or customer success departments. 

Contact center software solutions are cloud-based and may offer features that automate repetitive tasks, provide alerts and tracking, tie tasks to KPIs, and are a net positive for enhancing the customer experience. 

CCaaS Examples 

In addition to the specific services listed above, CCaaS may include emerging technologies, such as voice AI powered interactive voice response (IVR) systems. This addresses a key frustration many people have with call center experiences and is a way in which fully integrated CCaaS provides immense benefits to the end-user. 

At Evolve IP, we have plenty of examples of how our clients have improved operations and accelerated progress through effective CCaaS. Check out some examples of call center software, and the difference this tech can make. 

What Does SaaS Mean? 

SaaS stands for software as a service. This is probably the most familiar acronym in this set because SaaS is literally everywhere. Whether you know it or not, you use SaaS everyday as you share files, watch TV, check your email, or ask Alexa to Google something. SaaS supports our everyday lives as well as forming the backbone of most business operations. 

Examples of SaaS 

SaaS providers are vast in number and include behemoths like Google, Cisco, Amazon, Dropbox, Slack, and HubSpot, as well as more niched providers for virtual assistance, voice technology, apps on your phone, and more. 

UCaaS vs CCaaS 

Now that you know the basics, it is important that you understand the nuances of some of these essential services, namely UCaaS vs CCaaS. 

UCaaS vs CCaaS have similar functions but may be used for different purposes. Here are some of the key features of each: 



Cloud based services 

Typically, subscription-based  

Focused on streamlining internal communication  Focused on optimizing external communication 
Email  Omnichannel 
SMS messaging  IVR menu 
Mobile applications  Personalization options 
Easily integrates with CRM and other tools  Easily integrates with helpdesk tools 
VoIP technology  Call queuing 
Video and audio conferences  Call routing 
Live chat  Artificial intelligence and automation 
Centralized management 

These lists aren’t exhaustive but illustrative of what each of these services can offer. 

Other points of similarity are that both can be used across multiple communication channels, are typically cheaper than on-premises systems, are scalable, and improve employee productivity and customer engagement. 

Many businesses buy packages that bundle UCaaS and contact center services. On a single cloud-based platform, this can ideally facilitate both internal communication and external communication, which is key to providing both employees and customers with a frictionless experience. In a business climate where the experience of the humans both on your team and on your client roster matter more than ever, these services are mission critical to success. 

Evolve IP: Your Partner for SaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS…and more! 

Evolve IP specializes in bringing together the unified communications, collaboration, voice, virtual desktop, and contact center tools from the world’s biggest tech companies into a single, secure solution, fine-tuned for the hybrid workforce. Rather than a hodgepodge tech stack, we offer seamlessly integrated solutions and advanced features that make it easier for your people to work efficiently, from anywhere, on any device. Contact us today to learn how we are making the future of work better for everyone. 

Your essential IT ally for the enterprise hybrid workforce.

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