Simplify Communications

Evolve Messaging,integrated with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution simplifies communications by allowing professionals to use a single number for short message service (SMS) and voice calls, all while ensuring security and maintaining all interactions on a single platform.

Access Evolve Messaging from anywhere on any device to send and receive text messages

Integrated with Microsoft Teams

With the majority of employees working from home, organizations have increasingly found their employees relying on personal cell phones to text with clients, students, parents, customers, patients and other employees.

In addition to opening the company to legal issues, security and compliance risks, the lack of oversight has hindered businesses as they attempt to keep customer experience in focus while providing a unified brand and communications presence.

The ability to text from a business line inside of Microsoft Teams, using the same number for voice calls, mitigates these issues & delivers numerous benefits to the business, especially the ability to IT Administrators, Legal and Compliance officers to have access to business text messaging conversations when situations arise.

Why choose Evolve Messaging?

The situations are exponentially growing each month!  You need an easy-to-use, secure, integrated text messaging solution for your industry:

  • A health care professional looking for a secure way to have a quick conversation with your colleague
  • A teacher or administrator wanting to easily share an update with your student’s parent
  • A nursing schedule change to flex up or down staffing
  • Employees sharing financial news that impacts stock and bond trading prices by the second
  • Employees in any industry looking to instantly connect with your customer

Evolve IP differentiates itself from other providers in this space by offering business SMS via Microsoft Teams across verticals. Evolve IP’s business texting messaging solution, integrated directly into Microsoft Teams, enables users to take advantage of the speed and convenience of texting, while providing the oversight and security that’s required by enterprise businesses right from within the Teams application, but with access from a web portal for high availability from anywhere on any device.

Key Benefits

Single Number

Use a single number for SMS and voice calls

Access Message History

Ability to search, track, access and maintain a record of previous messages, all on a single platform

Faster Response Time

Provide faster response times as text notifications are delivered in the Microsoft Teams app regardless of the device employees are using

Maintain Security

Maintain security and avoid compliance risks by maintaining a single number and platform for all your interactions

Drive Sales Velocity

Drive sales velocity with more client touchpoints and reporting for sales management

Enhance Communications

Cut and paste official corporate communications in Teams and quickly communicate updates to groups and individuals

Reduce Corporate Liability

Reduce corporate liability for fraud and inappropriate use


Increase speed and convenience of texting while providing the oversight and security that’s required across verticals for all businesses

Benefits of Direct Routing with Evolve Messaging

  • Leverage Existing SIP Handsets  – Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice works seamlessly with business’s current SIP phones so organizations can leverage previous investments until they are ready for Teams-enabled devices.
  • Improved IT and Management Oversight – Evolve IP’s intellectual property for user management, including single-sign-on (Clearlogin) and simplified user provisioning (OSSmosis), make IT more productive and users more secure. Management can also easily evaluate usage reports and see advanced voice quality dashboards
  • Single Solution For All Employees  – The platform unifies Teams and non-Teams users, including contact center and support agents. This allows organizations to deliver a unified experience for users while dramatically simplifying management for IT
  • Platform-Level Solution – Unlike 3rd party softwares, apps or bots which can be used to loosely connect services, Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice is a platform-level solution ensuring users can fully-leverage all of the collaboration and voice features of both Teams and Cisco Broadsoft. The solution not only improves reliability, it also alleviates the risks associated with relying on untested 3rd parties and unplanned updates made to browsers
  • Enterprise Voice Features – All of the call control functions and features businesses need, such as multi-level auto-attendants, advanced hunt groups, call recording (both for Teams and non-Teams users), overhead paging, receptionist clients, and more are fully enabled
  • Real-time Business Intelligence – Evolve Recap, Evolve IP’s AI-driven speech analytics and voice platform, records and transcribes Teams calls. Users can then quickly see evaluations for sentiment, share for training, and trigger automatic functions like Teams notifications to capture key attributes of the call
  • Gain availability and business continuity – Using Cisco, the world’s largest cloud communications software provider, should a businesses’ Teams solution or network go down, or should employees need to work remotely for an extended period of time, calls can be configured and delivered wherever employees are
  • Rely On A Microsoft Gold Partner – Evolve IP has demonstrated core competencies and its associates have completed Microsoft certification programs that ensure clients have an optimal experience implementing Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365 and other hosted Microsoft solutions