Christian Teeft

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Teeft is a seasoned technology leader with over 25 years of experience in hosting and XaaS delivering outcomes for customers.

In his current roll, Chief Technology Officer at Evolve IP, Christian possesses a deep understanding of core IT infrastructure, including managed services for compute, storage, security, networking, backup, and disaster recovery.

Prior to joining Evolve IP, Christian was the Chief Strategy Office at NTT Secure-24 where he set strategic direction of the company and managed the product management team. Before that he served as CTO of Symmetry.

Throughout his career, Christian has consistently demonstrated a talent for leading and cultivating high-performing technology teams. His accomplishments include the successful migration of over 1,500 virtual machines and 1.2PB of data to a new platform, showcasing his expertise in large-scale IT transitions. Additionally, Christian played a pivotal role in designing and launching the first private and public cloud offering at a previous company, highlighting his vision, and understanding of evolving technological landscapes.

Christian holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from DePaul University as well as professional certifications from Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL, Solaris, and Sun Microsystems and others.