Unprecedented Control Over Evolve IP Services

The OSSmosis Portal has two login options: Administrator and Personal. The OSSmosis Administrator Portal grants full access for IT Administrators and other personnel to control your Evolve IP technology across the entire organization. The OSSmosis Personal Portal grants an individual user complete control over telephony, voicemail, and conferencing functions.

OSSmosis Administrator Portal

The home screen is essentially designed to keep you updated on our latest product developments & roll-outs. It contains links to numerous functions & reports that you can easily jump to, access & modify.

Account Detail

  • Manage account invoices, review account contracts & invoice notifications
  • View which services you have installed at which locations, including the cost, activation date, and quantity of each service


  • Create and schedule call detail reports
  • Trace all your inbound and outbound calls
  • Review any changes made on the platform by the administrator

Telephony Control

  • Control all aspects of your organization’s telephony features with just a few clicks
  • Manage and monitors everything from call flow, to user information, to hunt groups, auto attendants etc.
  • Make moves, adds, and changes with no hassles, no calls to vendor and no fees
  • Set and reset voicemail passwords, and so much more

Call Centers

  • Manage queues, agents and supervisors
  • Manage caller interactions, business workflow as well as queue callback

Call Recording

  • Listen and manage call recordings
  • Archive and download specific interactions for quality management and coaching purpose
  • Manage and configure user groups and recording profiles for your enterprise
  • All call recordings are HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant – along with adhering to many other standards

Application Support

  • Create and update support tickets
  • Access our pool of content on knowledge base
  • Provide actionable feedback

Live Training

Evolve IP believes in continued education and we provide live training on a regular basis on all of our cloud services. For instance, when you’re on-boarding a user, you can engage into a live training that is held by our corporate trainers on all of our products on a monthly basis.

There’s even more power under the hood…

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