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Evolve IP Delivers World’s Only Omnichannel Contact Center Integrated with Microsoft Teams and Virtual Workspaces

August 5, 2020 / Evolve IP

Enables Contact Center Employees to Work Anywhere Securely and Access All of Their Business Applications On the Devices of Their Choice

Evolve IP®, the world’s leading provider of Work Anywhere™ solutions; today announced that it has integrated the omnichannel Evolve Contact Suite with Microsoft Teams and the company’s virtual Workspaces solution. The powerful combination allows agents to be fully immersed in all parts of the business while supporting clients and prospects anywhere on the devices of their choice. Leveraging a powerful, Web-based identity and access management portal, agents and managers can take advantage of the productivity benefits of Microsoft Teams, access all of the business’s applications, including legacy on-premises applications while delivering a world-class customer experience with Evolve IP’s analyst-acclaimed omnichannel contact center software.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on contact centers forcing businesses to quickly spin up patchwork, work-from-home solutions or dramatically alter their physical contact center footprint. Now, with businesses evaluating a long-term strategic change toward work anywhere users, IT and contact center leaders are looking at better ways to connect agents not only to the contact center solution, but to the critical applications they need to do their jobs.

The Evolve Contact Suite, which has been noted by Gartner in three consecutive CCaaS Magic Quadrants, was designed from the start to enable contact center agents to work anywhere. And new enhancements to the platform further those capabilities, all at a cost that is 30-40% less than other solutions that lack its remote work capabilities and Microsoft Teams integration.

[Case Study] CARS – Charitable Adult Rides and Services – by Evolve IP

Charitable Adult Rides and Services (CARS) is a non-profit that enables vehicle donations and ride services for over 3,500 charities. They leverage Evolve IP to make agents more productive and call centers more integrated, flexible, and intelligent.

Major advantages of the Evolve Contact Suite include:

  • Robust omnichannel features – ECS provides all of the features required by contact centers to deliver a world-class customer experience, including voice, email, text, chat, and more.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams – For businesses using Microsoft Teams for collaboration and video conferencing, contact center agents can take full advantage of Team’s productivity features while also interacting with the rest of their company’s associates.
  • Work and Hire Anywhere (Agent & Managers) – The Evolve Contact Suite runs on all major Web-browsers with easily navigable, attractive modern user interfaces that improve agent productivity and empower a great customer experience. Real-time dashboards help users, no matter where they live and work, stay on top of KPI and key business metrics.
  • Work Anywhere (IT) – Agents and Managers need nothing more than a web browser to securely access Contact Center, SaaS, and critical legacy applications from the same Web portal. This frees IT from deploying and managing PCs and supporting clunky VPNs to get agents access to the tools they need.
  • Unified Solution / Leverage Current Phone Investments – ECS can be deployed as a unified solution with Cisco / Broadsoft VoIP software. This cloud-based delivery provides superior reliability, higher call quality, and in many cases, can help businesses further reduce costs by keeping current handsets.
  • Superior AI Speech Analytics – Using Evolve RECAP, agents and managers can easily identify call sentiment, receive automated notifications, and document, review, and train via multi-media call transcriptions.
  • Advanced Reporting – Evolve IP offers a wide variety of easily customizable ‘out-of-the-box’ reports and can provide a standard API for businesses to build their own reporting via its Data Warehouse.
  • Quickly Customize Call Flows – With more dispersed agents, working under tougher conditions than ever, call routing more has become even more challenging. ECS offers a powerful GUI (Graphic User Interface) to easily build advanced routing call flows.
  • Maintain Compliance – The Evolve Contact Suite is compliant for organizations needing  HIPAA / HITRUST, GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOC2, and more.

“When agents and their managers were forced to move home, businesses struggled to deliver all of the functionality required for them to be successful,” said Scott Kinka, Chief Technology Officer of Evolve IP. “Some CCaaS solutions provide a remote way for agents to join the omnichannel contact center, but they fall short in securely delivering the rest of the applications agents need to be successful.  IT is still burdened with shipping computers and managing VPNs.”

Kinka continued, “No one in the contact center market, besides Evolve IP, can provide a complete solution for agents and managers that delivers award-winning omnichannel features, secure access to SaaS and legacy applications, and integration with the rest of the business via Microsoft Teams; all from a web browser on nearly any device.”

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  • One of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing dermatology businesses estimates savings of $6.45 Million over 5 years

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    “Evolve IP’s digital workspaces have allowed us to acquire more practices in a faster and more profitable way. That is resulting in bottom-line cost savings and top-line business benefits.”

    – Jeff Francis, Vice President of IT USDP

  • International Law Firm Drives Communications Reliability Across 60+ Worldwide Locations and Saves Over $300,000 a Year

    View Case Study

    “That’s the type of proposition I like to bring to a Board of Directors. When I can say, ‘we can get everything new, be completely redundant, it can meet all of our needs and oh, by the way, we are going to save over $300,000 a year.’ It makes it easy for me to sell!”

    – Ken Schultz CIO of Ogletree Deakins

  • Financial advisory firm enables employees to Work Anywhere with an integrated platform

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    “The transition has been almost seamless to our folks, working from home full time. My team looks like heroes right now.”

    Ryan Easter, Director of IT and Principal at Johnson Investment Counsel

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