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Working Remotely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch how Johnson Investment Counsel – one of the Midwest’s largest financial advisory firms – enabled all of their employees to work from home, consult with clients, handle investment trades, and manage their business seamlessly.

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The Problem

Johnson Investment Counsel (JIC) is one of the Midwest’s largest investment firms handling $13 billion in assets with 3,500 clients across 49 states. Four years ago, JIC deployed Evolve IP’s OneCloud™ platform for their phone system, workspaces/desktops as a service, disaster recovery, data center applications and network connectivity.

Ryan Easter, Director of IT and Principal at Johnson Investment Counsel, noted the goal was to get “out of the server business and focus on delivering value to our internal clients,” ultimately enabling their employees to work anywhere, securely and within the business’s compliance standards.

In October 2019, the company conducted a pandemic practice test to ensure they could conduct business as usual with everyone working from home and half the staff incapacitated. They were totally unaware that the coronavirus pandemic would soon put the solution to test for real and for an extended period of time.

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