The Statement of Work listed below provides general information regarding services offered by Evolve IP and governs the responsibilities and accountabilities of each party under the Agreement.

Products: Evolve IP reserves the right to adjust the features and/or functionality of any Services at its discretion. A change does not affect the term length of any Service ordered unless that change substantively changes the capabilities of the Service – in which case, Customer may request a termination for the affected Service only.

Implementation: Provision of the Services listed above per details gathered from Customer on the Implementation Workbook. Test services according to Evolve IP quality standards for typical customer use. Customer must test the operability of services in their own environment for their own use.

Provide knowledgebase ( access to training materials, user guides, quick tip videos, and best practices for the Services delivered by Evolve IP. Where applicable, Evolve IP will provide links to underlying vendor help content for the most up to date information on industry standard applications, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Google, VMware, and more.

Provide access to appropriate web portals for administration of Evolve IP Services.

Train Customer in the use of the Services delivered based on the training selections listed above. Unless otherwise stated, training is limited to available content and general (multi-customer) online content/sessions. Most training materials are free of charge. Requests for on-site or additional training are subject to charges, including but not limited to travel expenses, as outlined in the Sales Order. Evolve IP does not provide training on the use of Microsoft Teams application as part of the direct routing solution.

Provide direction on implementation, best practices, on-site installation, configuration or migration and seeding of data to the Evolve IP Cloud. Customer is responsible for such implementation work unless otherwise stated in the Sales Order.
Configuration Burn-in Period: Evolve IP will configure all Services per Customer-provided documentation and will provide reasonable adjustments at Customer’s request for a period of up to 30 days. Any substantive change to configured Services after that period that must be performed by Evolve IP may require additional Professional Services Fees.
Ongoing Administration: Monitor provided Services to ensure availability and notify Customer when appropriate. Unless otherwise stated above, monitoring does not extend to Customer-provided equipment or software or Customer administered environments such as server operating systems or software. Customer may subscribe to the Evolve IP Status Page ( for automated monitoring and client notifications via SMS or Email.

Perform up to 5 security policy moves, adds and changes (“MACs”) per month for Services not generally designed for self-administration. Additional MACs will be charged on a per incident basis.

Log File Retention: Maintain applicable log records for lengths of time appropriate to each product and consistent with our SOC policies. Security logs are maintained for a 90-day rolling retention in raw log formats (Syslog, SDE, etc.). These logs are not parsed for individual Customer data or access. If Customer requires log files specific to their environment, they should consider Evolve IP SIEM Services and/or discuss standard log retention before executing this Agreement/Sales Order.

Administrator Support: Provide support to Group Administrators. See Group Administrator / Single Point of Contact below. Support is limited to Service functionality, not Customer’s use of the Service, operability on applications, Customer equipment or networks. Support does not include direct support for end users unless otherwise specified; end user help desk support, if retained by Customer through our ITaaS offering, will be available upon the formal transition to the ITaaS team.

Additional Professional Services Fees: Evolve IP technical personnel are responsible for Evolve IP deliverables listed above, and not for Customer responsibilities listed below. In the event Customer fails to meet these responsibilities and requires Evolve IP’s involvement to do so or requests support from Evolve IP for any reason other than an Evolve IP Service-related issue, including, but not limited to, Customer switch/LAN configuration, configuration of 3rd party access, non-standard configurations, software installation, virus remediation, systems or end user support; Customer acknowledges that they will be billed the applicable professional services rate, billable in 15 minute increments. Evolve IP technician(s) will not perform any work without confirmation from a Group Administrator (See Group Administrator / Single Point of Contact below). Additionally, Evolve IP reserves the right to deny requests for Professional Services in the event we do not have the available knowledge or resources to support the required work.

Service Activation Date/Invoicing. Following the Effective Date of the Sales Order Evolve IP will commence user acceptance testing (“UAT”) to validate operability of the Service(s). At such time that Customer has provided written or electronic notice to Evolve IP that the UAT deliverables have been satisfactorily met and the Service(s) are acceptable to Customer and able to be placed into a production environment (the “Service Acceptance Date”) Evolve IP will move forward with the implementation of all Services detailed on the Sales Order. Following the Service Acceptance Date, at such time that a) Evolve IP has made a Service available for Customer’s use, b) Evolve IP has activated a Service on Customer’s behalf (for 3rd party licensing services, including but not limited to Office 365), or Evolve IP has ported Customer’s telephone numbers, such date shall constitute the “Service Activation Date” and billing for the Service(s) shall commence. If multiple Services are contained in a Sales Order, or if a Sales Order contains multiple locations, those Services and/or locations may have different Service Activation Dates. Any Service(s) subsequently added to an existing location through means other than a signed Sales Order (i.e. ticket or email) will be coterminous with the Initial Service Term.


Customer and Third Party Information: Customer commits to providing reasonable best effort in supplying necessary information and/or resources to supply the necessary information required for project planning, configuration, implementation and service activation. Customer commits to providing reasonable best effort in ensuring that this and any necessary third party (such as but not limited to, domain name and accompanying services, network configuration, call flow, security policy, IP address justifications, etc.) information is accurate, complete and currently applicable. Any configuration changes required as a result of incorrect information or miscommunication of requirements provided by Customer or Customer’s resources may be charged at the applicable rate.

Group Administrator/Single Point of Contact: Customer is responsible for the assignment of up to five (5) Group Administrators that will be responsible for administering all customer locations. Your assigned Group Administrators shall have the authority to make decisions that may affect billing including users, features, Services, and quantities. The Group Administrators are responsible for learning the features of the Services and aiding internal users of the Services. After initial training, Evolve IP is available for direct support only to specified Group Administrators. Additionally, the Group Administrators will be the single points of contact for Customer’s locations and will have the authority to determine call flow requirements, add/delete users, etc. If a user other than a Group Administrator requests that changes be made to Customer's account, Evolve IP will require that the user obtain and furnish to Evolve IP authorization from a Group Administrator which clearly states that the user requesting changes is authorized to do so.

Expedited Installation: In the event that Evolve IP is required expedite the installation of Customer’s Services, relocations, or place an expedited order for Dedicated Access (T1, DS3, Ethernet, etc.) in an effort to complete an installation by Customer's requested due date, or based on a direct request by Customer for any reason, Customer agrees to pay a charge equal to a) the aggregate fees, charges, expenses, and taxes payable by Evolve IP to third parties in connection with the expedite, and b) any charges that may be assessed directly by Evolve IP in order to perform the expedite request. Customer understands and agrees that an expedite only ensures that a "best effort" will be applied by Evolve IP and its underlying providers and does not guarantee any particular completion date.

Cancelling/Disconnecting with Incumbent Vendors: After Customer has confirmed that the installation and activation of the Services is complete and that everything has been transitioned, Customer is responsible for cancelling and/or disconnecting the services that were previously provided by Customer's incumbent vendors. Evolve IP does not have the ability, nor the authority, to cancel or disconnect any services on behalf of Customer.

Customer Telephone Numbers: It is Customer’s responsibility to provide Evolve IP with a complete list of telephone numbers that are to be ported to Evolve IP and specified for phone or faxing, and to complete any Letter of Authorization (“LOA”) requested by Evolve IP to help facilitate the porting process. Customer MUST NOT include any telephone numbers for alarm lines, postage meters, door buzzers, etc. on an LOA, as those services require a traditional telephone line (“POTS”), and Customer must ensure that those lines either stay on the incumbent provider or are moved to new POTS lines. Evolve IP is not responsible for providing service on these lines.

Services Provided Over the Internet or Customer-provided Access: In some cases, Evolve IP provides services over Dedicated Access (T1, Ethernet, Fiber, etc.) controlled and billed by Evolve IP. Services MAY be rendered over Customer’s public Internet access or private network connections. In these cases, quality, response time and general operation of the Services may be affected. Evolve IP will provide support for all Services that we control but cannot ensure end to end quality of the Services given the elements that are not within our control.

If Evolve IP is not providing Dedicated Access or in cases where the Customer is making use of Cloud Connect services, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to provide one or more Business Class Internet services with Ethernet handoff and at least 1 Static IP address per connection dedicated to EIP routers/devices (additional IPs may be needed) and must manage the relationship with the provider (unless otherwise specified). This includes engaging the service provider for support in the event of a service outage and/or quality degradation or at the request of Evolve IP.

Any Evolve IP service may be affected by customer owned firewalls. If so, Customer agrees to make changes recommended by Evolve IP to support proper operation of the Service and will engage their own internal support or 3rd party vendor to help remediate as necessary.

In cases where Evolve IP becomes the Customer’s ISP (Cloud Connect, Dedicated Access) Customer will be leveraging Evolve IP public addresses and, in most cases, must re-address their public facing Internet resources.

Customer Network: Customer accepts responsibility for their networking environment and any consequences of not implementing Evolve IP LLC’s best practices. To ensure the proper operation of services, Customer must maintain / configure wiring and LAN/WAN equipment (switches and routers not managed by Evolve IP) to the following standards:
• Appropriate available bandwidth per concurrent user/product (approximately 100Kbps for each phone call or desktop session)
• No single application accounts for greater than 30% of all LAN traffic (for proper queuing)
• All internal cabling is CAT 5, CAT 5E, CAT 6, or is otherwise capable of delivering at least 100mbps to the end device
• All jacks at the work station and on the patch panel are neatly labeled.
• Total traffic does not regularly exceed 75% of the total available bandwidth
• Packet Loss < 1%
• No in-line network hubs between switch and endpoints (Phones, PCs, etc.) leveraging Evolve IP services
• If Customer is providing LAN switches they must have individual VLANS for voice and data according to Evolve IP provided instructions.
• Customer’s routers and switches must be configured to pass and honor QoS (DSCP) markings on the Service’s packets.
• If these standards are not met, service quality may be affected. If Customer is unwilling or unable to support or manage the LAN/WAN to these specific requirements, Evolve IP can provide options for LAN assessment and management.

Customer Owned Equipment and Software: Evolve IP cannot warranty the operability or quality of services that are delivered on or over Customer-owned equipment or software including but not limited to: routers, switches, firewalls, servers, desktops, backup devices, printers, scanners, internal wiring, and Wi-Fi access points. Customer is responsible for the operation, and proper maintenance of items that they own. Evolve IP is not responsible for the performance of Customer-owned applications installed in the Evolve IP cloud. All Customer end points (including but not limited to Windows and MAC, Thin/Zero Clients, Tablets, Smart Phones) must meet the recommended system requirements (CPU, RAM, Operating System, etc.) and conform with best practices around user interaction that are provided by Evolve IP or 3rd party vendors (for instance, heavy multi-tasking while on a softphone call will likely cause poor call quality and is therefore discouraged).

Customer configuration / installation: Unless otherwise stated, Customer is responsible for the configuration and installation of equipment and software (on premise and to Evolve IP Cloud assets such as Virtual servers and desktops) within their control. This includes but is not limited to: configuration of new IP address assignments on any hardware and/or software not managed by Evolve IP, migration of data to the Evolve IP cloud, configuration of local A/D services, the opening of firewall ports to support proper operation of services, or configuration VPN or encryption from customer owned devices. Customer is responsible for the design and execution of User Acceptance Testing for retained Evolve IP services.l"}\

Implementation Workbook: As part of the implementation process, Customer is responsible for completing the document called the “Implementation Workbook”. Evolve IP will provide this document during or shortly after the project kickoff meeting and it is incumbent upon Customer to complete all tabs of the workbook to the best of their ability. A completed copy of this document is required for Evolve IP to proceed with the implementation. Any delay in returning this completed document to Evolve IP will result in delays to the implementation.

Administration of services: Evolve IP products are designed for customer self-administration. Products will be implemented and turned over to Customer to administrate on a go-forward basis. If Customer does not want to administrate Services, it may consider ITaaS or Vetanium Service offerings. Administration includes but is not limited to: account or services moves, adds and changes; administration of servers/desktops in Evolve IP’s cloud; administration of A/D and GPOs; creation of rules and policies in products such as RMM, MDM, Email Security, Web Security, DRaaS and Backup and other security products; user, number and call flow administration of UCaaS and CCaaS services.

Any action taken by Customer that limits performance (including oversubscription of allocated resources) within the Virtual Data Center, Desktop, A/D or operability of the server at the application or OS level, including changing network settings, administrator default settings, virtual machine snapshots, or poor storage management, call flow, contact center availability, etc. is Customer’s responsibility. Additional professional service fees will apply if Evolve IP is required to assist to bring services back to normal operation.

Software updates: Any software provided to the Customer in association with Evolve IP Services is designed to be delivered using modern and up-to-date, hardware and operating systems. Customer must install platform security patches, updates, and service packs as soon as practical to their equipment and software. Software updates may change system behavior and functionality and as such may negatively affect your applications. Evolve IP cannot foresee, nor can it be held responsible for service disruption or changes in functionality or performance due to implementation of software patches and upgrades. Software updates within Evolve IP’s core network and of Evolve IP owned assets will remain the responsibility of Evolve IP. Evolve IP will notify customer when such standard maintenance activities may affect the Service.

Software End User License Agreement (EULA): Customer must meet the EULA of any software installed in the Evolve IP cloud regardless of whether that software has been acquired from Evolve IP. Customers must accept the EULA of any Evolve IP provided software upon installation. Microsoft Licensing: NOT all customer-owned Microsoft software can legally be hosted in the cloud. Customer is advised that they must ensure their own compliance with Microsoft’s EULA. The customer must provide their Software Assurance ID and fill out a mobility form that must be approved by Microsoft to move licensing to the cloud. If not approved by Microsoft, Evolve IP reserves the right to bill the customer for licensing monthly under SPLA.

Virus / Malware Protection: Certain Evolve IP Services contain virus and malware protection; however, definitions are not guaranteed to catch all security risks, particularly immediately after the introduction of a new attack. Evolve IP is not responsible for any damages relative to loss or theft of data or systems. Customer MUST provide ample protection on its own equipment and any service provided by Evolve IP that is administered by Customer. Additionally, Customer is responsible for the education and enforcement of its own employees related to responsible use of Internet-based resources and the security of its data.

Compliance Cloud: Unless customer specifically contracts for Compliance Products, Evolve IP’s certifications do not pass on to Customer. Customers with Compliance Requirements must meet Evolve IP’s reference architecture and/or use Compliance Approved SKU’s to qualify for a compliant architecture such as PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.

Backups: Evolve IP performs backups of its systems consistent with our SOC policies. These backups are designed for Evolve IP use and are not designed to backup Customer’s content or to maintain historical retentions of that data. Customer is advised to ensure that it maintains backups of its data by utilizing an Evolve IP Backup service, or by keeping its own backups onsite or by leveraging an alternative cloud service. Please note that even if Customer has purchased an Evolve IP Backup Service, we are unable to control your backups until they are in full production within the Evolve IP cloud, and therefore Customer is responsible for maintaining and ensuring backups of current production environments during the implementation phase. Customer understands that Evolve IP offers several different DRaaS and Backup services and it is Customer’s responsibility to know that the option they chose meets their organization’s Recovery Time Objective.

Customer Domain Name(s): Domain names that are owned by Customer are the responsibility of Customer. Changes required to domain names to ensure proper use of the services, such as repointing an MX record to utilize Evolve IP’s email security or services, are Customer’s responsibility to perform with its domain name registrar. Evolve IP makes no claim to Customer’s domain name(s). Customer may be asked to make changes to or add TXT records for domain authentication with products such as, but not limited to, Office 365 and Mimecast.

Data Transfer Time / Recovery / Seeding: Downloading or uploading data from / to the Evolve IP cloud will be limited by the available network and speed of Customer’s equipment, and Internet Access and will be affected by the data size. If additional assistance is required in planning, setting up or taking an initial seed, additional professional service fees may apply. Customer is responsible for the monitoring of network usage during data transfer period. Evolve IP is not responsible for real or perceived impact on the available network during the data transfer time.

Sizing of Solutions: During the sales process Evolve IP may have provided advice or information on the sizing of your environment. Sizing may include number of seats, required bandwidth, amount of storage or processing required. These recommendations are based on industry-standards and have been made based on available information from Customer at the time of sale. Customer is responsible for the resources that they consume on our cloud, regardless of the quantities on this Sales Order. Evolve IP is not responsible for sizing Customer’s environment.

Evolve IP Equipment in Customer’s Location: Certain Services listed above include Evolve IP-provided equipment that will reside at Customer’s locations, including but not limited to phones, thin clients, switches, and routers. In these cases, Customer agrees to:
• Supply sufficient grounded and conditioned AC power for Evolve IP provided equipment. Evolve IP is not responsible for damaged equipment from power surges; equipment and support for damaged equipment from power will be billed back to Customer.
• Safely store Evolve IP-provided equipment under appropriate climatic/physical conditions.
• Permit complete access to Evolve IP service personnel if a visit is scheduled and to be present during the scheduled time frame. If Customer is not present at stated location during scheduled visit, additional Professional Services fees are applicable.
• Provide a clean, safe environment for Evolve IP Technicians to install service.
• Installation of phones where desks exceed 75 lbs. and/or are obstructing access to LAN ports.
• Be responsible for any physical damage done to Evolve IP equipment, either while located at Customer’s facility and/or being shipped back to Evolve IP by Customer.
• The pricing detailed in the Sales Order is exclusive of travel expenses incurred by Evolve IP. Customer is responsible for payment of all charges relating to Evolve IP personnel travelling to Customer’s locations for the installation of or training on Evolve IP Services. This includes, but is not limited to, airfare, hotel, rental car, personal car mileage, and per diem expenses.

3rd Party Services and Applications: Evolve IP establishes relationships with 3rd party services and application developers to further its product offerings or to offer well-known and widely available software in a supported fashion on the Evolve IP network. In these cases:
• Evolve IP is responsible for acquiring and licensing the application to Customer, generally on a per user basis.
• Evolve IP will provide all Tier 1 support and provide an assisted handoff to 3rd party for Tier 2 & Tier 3 support as needed.
• 3rd Party may, in some cases, communicate directly with Customer.
• 3rd Parties may or may not meet or exceed Evolve IP’s Policies and Standards.
• 3rd Party Services and Developers include but are not limited to: Microsoft 365/Office 365), Zendesk, Mimecast, Barracuda MSP, Tenfold (Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics Connectors), Go Integrator / Mondago (Various CRM and Skype for Business Integration), Mutare (Voicemail Scribe), AlertLogic, Cisco Umbrella, VMware Airwatch, Solarwinds N-able.

Workspace Additional Considerations:
• Customer Admin is responsible for end user communication related to the following Moves Adds Changes Deletions (MACD's): User and group assignment, permissions, application and desktop assignment.
• Customer is responsible for maintaining and sizing of any backend systems that powers the workspace application. See Customer Administration and Configuration sections.
• Customer must open a ticket and contact their CTA for changes beyond 5% of their original deployment.
• Customer understands Workspace is in the early stages of public release and may still require minor refinements that may impact delivery timelines ("Controlled Release").

Desktop (VDI) and DaaS Additional Considerations:
• Each DaaS Desktop is licensed with a Microsoft RDS (Remote Desktop Access) license which covers streaming of Windows devices owned or provisioned to an individual user. If Customer opts to have multiple end-users access a single desktop, additional licensing will be required.
• All Customer end points (Windows and MAC, Thin/Zero Clients, Tablets, Smart Phones) must support the Horizon View client or the HTML5/ Blast client to access Evolve IP DaaS.
• While every effort is made to ensure feature parity between the various client OS and Device types used to access DaaS, differences in features and capabilities do exist. Customer is responsible for ensuring that they understand these differences and that their chosen platform (Equipment, OS) will meet their business requirements.
• Customer is responsible for maintaining gold pattern image(s) that are used as a basis for all desktop users.

DRaaS Additional Considerations:
• Customer is advised that any DRaaS product should be sized at similar or larger sized volumes as their production data. Every Service maintains a journal and creates retentions that will grow over time. Customer’s configuration will determine that rate of growth. Customer will be billed for any storage they consume.
• Customer understands that Evolve IP offers several different DRaaS and Backup services and it is Customer’s responsibility to know that the option they chose meets their organization’s Recovery Time Objective.
• Customer is responsible for regular DR testing and backup/restore testing.

Encryption Keys: In some cases, Evolve IP may provide Customer with Encryption keys that are required to secure their environment. To maintain the integrity of the environment, Evolve IP does not have access to those keys. Customer is responsible for its own keys. Data may not be accessible without those keys and is not recoverable by Evolve IP without them.

Evolve Contact Center & Evolve Contact Suite:
• Customer’s project team is responsible for Contact Center service implementation and must read the Evolve Contact Center Awareness Guide, understand all Customer responsibilities contained therein, and be prepared for applicable requirements prior to project engagement.
• Customer must test agent and supervisor applications prior to “going live”
• In an overlay configuration, customer will be responsible for coordinating any communications with the current PBX or HPBX vendor
• As it pertains to the use of dialer functions, Customer is responsible for the following items:
o TCPA Compliance
o Compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations covering items including, but not limited to:
 Time of day restrictions
 Best practice for utilizing the different dialer features
 Form of consent required to place calls using the dialer
 Prohibited parties that may not be contacted using the dialer
 Any exceptions to the FCC/FTC or state dialer rules

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice with Direct Routing
Evolve IP Responsibilities:
• Project manage the implementation tasks, milestones, preparation, porting, installation, go-live and training associated with the Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice solution
• Build the Evolve IP Hosted PBX, Contact Center services, and add-on services such as Call Recording, Speech Analytics, SMS, and others
• Port US and Canadian local and toll-free telephone numbers as specified on your signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) and register for e-911 services
• Create and manage Customer sub-domains for MS Teams Direct Routing using Evolve IP services for DNS
• Provide Customer with user documentation for Evolve IP applications. This includes but is not limited to: links to web applications, downloads for installed Customers, user guides, videos, and knowledge base content.
• Remote installation includes the configuration of any voice gateways, SD-WAN devices, ATAs, and SIP enabled desk phones designed to be plug and play for Customer to physically connect the equipment in desired locations. For Teams-enabled devices, Evolve IP is only responsible for purchasing equipment and shipping to Customer location as the end users must use their Microsoft sign-in credentials to authenticate the phone.
• On-site installation includes the configuration of any voice gateways, SD-WAN devices, ATAs, and SIP enabled desk phones in desired locations. For Teams-enabled devices, Evolve IP is only responsible for unpackaging the phones and bringing them up to the MS Teams authentication screen.
• Provide training on Evolve IP applications (as selected on your sales order) for: receptionists, contact center agents, supervisors, administrative assistants, and administrators of the OSSmosis portal.
• Evolve IP provides Tier 2 and Tier 3 troubleshooting for issues with the Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice solution.
• Evolve IP will further perform Tier 2 and Tier 3 Advanced Support in the client’s Microsoft 365 tenant if the client purchases Evolve Teams Office 365 Enterprise Voice Advanced Support on their sales order for the entire enterprise. Client must make Evolve IP a Microsoft CSP to troubleshoot in the client’s M365 tenant and open tickets with Microsoft.
• Evolve IP reserves the right, based on the desired customer call flow, to build phone numbers on the Evolve IP voice platform and either use our Enterprise hunt groups OR forward to Microsoft Call Queues based on optimal user experience. The standard practice will be to put voice numbers on Evolve IP and forward a "pilot" number on a Microsoft Call Queue. Microsoft resource accounts and call queues are free.

Customer Responsibilities:
If Customer purchases Evolve Teams Direct Routing Implementation AND Evolve IP is not the CSP of record, then Customer is responsible for setting up Evolve IP with an account in their Microsoft 365 Customer Tenant with the proper roles and permissions to implement the Direct Routing services according to the published Evolve IP recommendations. Currently, Evolve IP requires (2) E1 licenses with temporarily for 1 week to build the Direct Routing configuration, once the implementation workbook is complete. If the client purchases Evolve Teams Office 365 Enterprise Voice Advanced Support, we require the client to make Evolve IP a Microsoft CSP, even if we do NOT sell the Microsoft 365 licensing, to provide client support in the M365 tenant and open tickets with Microsoft on the client’s behalf. All licensing required by Evolve IP for implementation and advanced support is at the expense of the client.
• Complete the Evolve IP Implementation workbook that documents the design of user features, phone numbers, extensions, hunt groups, auto-attendants, contact center, time schedules, call recording, integrations to CRM, applications assigned to users, and more. Review the implementation workbook with Evolve IP project manager. Signoff on completion for Evolve IP to build the voice services.
• Provide a signed LOA with a recent invoice detailing the phone numbers, address, carrier of record for US and Canadian local and toll-free port orders
• Ensure users have purchased the required user licensing and phone system Microsoft licensing directly on their account or through their CSP of record, including Evolve IP. Ensure the optional licensing for audio conferencing, conference rooms, and live events are purchased and assigned.
• Ensure that supported models of Teams-enabled devices or SIP devices are purchased and ready for installation. This includes but is not limited to: desk phones, headsets, USB peripherals, conference room equipment, and accessories.
o Note that support for SIP Phones with Evolve Teams Voice requires either the Standard or Plus seat types. Basic users are soft-client only or Teams-enabled devices.
• Mount, install, and run cabling for video conferencing equipment
• PC and network design according to Microsoft recommended standards:
• Authentication of phones and network settings configured to allow the phones to reach the Microsoft Teams phone system
• Customer provides Tier 1 troubleshooting for issues with the Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice solution, including: password and authentication checks, phone admin settings, call quality and analytics verification in Microsoft 365 portal, issue replication, and gathering log data for Tier 2 and Tier 3 assistance.
• Ongoing end user administration via the OSSmosis portal moves, adds, and changes to services

Microsoft 365 Implementation Responsibilities:
The following responsibilities are performed in the Microsoft 365 Customer Tenant. Evolve IP will complete these responsibilities if you have Evolve Teams Direct Routing Implementation on your sales order, see above about the requirement for Evolve to have temporary licenses to build. If you have selected Self-Service Administration, then you or your Microsoft partner will perform the following responsibilities.
Perform configurations in the Microsoft 365 Customer Tenant via the GUI and using Microsoft PowerShell commands, such as the following and not limited to:
• Submit the Microsoft Customer Agreement at the following URL:
• Verify and add the subdomain in the Microsoft 365 Customer Tenant that will be supplied and managed by Evolve IP
• Setup voice routing, PSTN gateways and voice routing policies
• Provision end users for Teams Direct Routing
• Setting up user accounts and roles for administering Teams Direct Routing
• Ensure and/or recommend purchasing the proper Microsoft Licensing that is required for users to provision users for Teams Direct Routing to Microsoft standards
• Ensure and/or recommend purchasing the add-on services via Microsoft licensing, which are, but not limited to: audio conferencing, conference room licensing, and live events.
• Create and manage resource accounts used for Microsoft provided call queues and auto-attendants

Evolve Messaging

Evolve IP Responsibilities
• Port the “SMS” services of a business line to Evolve IP’s preferred carrier for SMS/MMS services. This solution does NOT impact the voice services and underlying carrier for PSTN calling.
• Provide an application, web-based and/or embedded within other business applications such as Microsoft Teams, as an interface for end users to send and receive messages.
• Store messages securely for the life of the account on Evolve IP with administrator web portal access to filter, search, and retrieve messages
• Evolve IP provides service for origination and termination of SMS/MMS service for business phone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan. Evolve IP does not offer the SMS/MMS service to originate nor terminate with international phone numbers
• Evolve IP offers “group messaging” which is the ability for a user to send a “blast message” to multiple users at once but will create individual threads for messaging. Evolve IP does not offer SMS “Conversations” where all users and send and receive messages within a group conversation. There is a roadmap in 2021 to offer group conversations via SMS.

Customer Responsibilities
• Provide an accurate Letter of Authorization (LOA) that lists the phone numbers to be SMS-enabled with Evolve IP SMS providers, including but not limited to ZipWhip, Inc and
• Provide the users associated with each SMS phone number that will be activated
• Maintain internal communication policies, acceptable user policies, compliance, and security measurements for communications over business SMS
• Maintain external compliance according to United States TCPA and CTIA governance, along with international laws based on individual country
• Ensure that phone numbers setup for the Evolve Messaging application are using the phone numbers in a P2P fashion and are not utilized in an A2P environment. Clients accept responsibility charges associated with A2P messaging may be billed back to their account. P2P messaging is defined as not exceeding 60 messages per minute.
• Provide end users with access to the Evolve Messaging application via Evolve IP’s ClearLogin application and/or Microsoft Teams

Recap - Call Recording and Speech Analytics Platform

Evolve IP Responsibilities
• Activation of Call Recording Services according to the users' profiles as part of the user's license type or as an additional feature on each Recap intended telephone number with users or numbers for a location configured for contact centers, hunt groups, and/or receptionists
• Establishment of a single user admin with Clearlogin tenant so that the Recap tile is available for client admin to set up additional end users and manage policies and call recording profiles
• Setup the storage profile retention policy according to the product and sales order specifications
• Provide end users with access, as licensed, to the Recap application via Evolve IP's Clearlogin application

Customer Responsibilities
• Client admin to ensure that:
o Published MOPs on Evolve IP's support website are followed to set up grant access for end users to Recap
o End users must have their Broadsoft IDs attached to their Clearlogin user profile
• Maintain compliance with all relevant local, state, federal, and other jurisdictional requirements on call recording, including, but not limited to, two-party consent, as necessary
• Ensure that no third party call recording files are intentionally or unintentionally loaded into the Recap platform for transcription and artificial intelligence services

Azure Pricing Estimate Worksheet. Any values contained within the Azure Pricing Estimate Worksheet are purely estimates based on requirements provided by Customer. Actual charges may vary based on utilization of the Service or other configuration changes requested by Customer in writing. These values are not guaranteed to be accurate, nor do they confer obligations or commitments of any kind upon any Party. Evolve IP passes through usage costs directly from Microsoft and will provide Customer with details on pricing applicable to Customer upon request.

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