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The Problem: Email is the #1 attack plane for assailants

97% of companies were targeted by email-based phishing attacks in 2023
94% of companies say they need stronger protections for their MS 365 and Google Workspace applications 
Average total cost of a data breach to a business runs at about $3.86 million 

The Solution: #1 Email Security Solution   

Evolve IP partners with the leading global vendor, Mimecast for email security to: 

  • Reduce the risks of increasing security threats and complexity in meeting compliance requirements
  • Protect users and data through security of all email, remediation of unwanted or malicious email, and an immutable, compliant archive 
  • Reduce disruption by providing IT with a single, integrated platform to mitigate risk through secure, reliable and compliant email 
  • Arming end users with self-service applications 
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Evolve IP and Mimecast together provide enterprise-grade email security and comprehensive strategies that defend your organization against evolving security threats 


Your Trusted Provider

That works along your side as an extension of your team to solve business problems


One Invoice

Ability to consolidate products and services into a single invoice 


Low Cost

Better price points while keeping your IT environment productive and flexible


One Number to Call

For all your support needs 


Mimecast Certified Engineers

For consultation and faster problem resolution


Fast Deployment

Deploy and configure the service, along with free IT Administrator training

How Does It Work? 

Mimecast uses AI and Machine Learning models based on analysis of more than 1.3 billion emails daily. By filtering out malicious emails at scale and driving intelligent analysis of the unknown, Mimecast's advanced email and collaboration security optimizes efficacy

Plus, Mimecast helps you make smarter decisions about communications that fall into the gray area between safe and malicious  

Evolve IP’s Email Security solution, Awareness Training and DMARC Analyzer, powered by Mimecast, deliver protection for communications, people and data, making information actionable and providing the reliability, resilience and scale that the modern threat landscape demands

Key Benefits

  • Archiving and Email Retention - Meet your security and compliance requirements with flexible policies
  • Cyber Resilience - Securing inbound, internal, and outbound mail with immediate threat remediation and email recovery
  • Robust Protection - Covering inbound, internal, and outbound mail with immediate threat remediation
  • Integrated Solution - Reduce cost and complexity with this single, integrated, multitenant, cloud-native solution
  • Open Platform - Integrate Mimecast with your existing security systems through open APIs
  • Ease of Administration - Simplify your deployment and management with a unified, web-based administration console 
  • Community Defense - Benefit from Mimecast’s global visibility and rapid detection of sophisticated threats
  • Flexibility and Scalability - Easily scale your business and eliminate your need to manage infrastructure with Mimecast’s reliable multitenant cloud architecture
  • Continuous Innovation - Updates and upgrades are deployed quickly due to solution’s multi-tenant cloud architecture  
  • Threat Intelligence - Gain a deeper understanding of the cyberthreats relevant to your business

The State of Email Security 2023

Mimecast’s seventh annual State of Email Security report comes as organizations all over the world grow more skittish over rising economic volatility and intensifying geopolitical tensions. Now is definitely not the time to become lax on cybersecurity. Learn how your professional colleagues are responding to these growing cyber threats. 
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Mimecast Q&A Webinar

Mimecast Email Security FAQs

This FAQ addresses common questions about Mimecast email security solutions offered by Evolve IP

Emails are a common way to distribute ransomware and malware. These programs can encrypt your data, lock you out of your system, or steal your information. Email is the #1 attack vector for cybercriminals Phishing emails are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. They can impersonate legitimate companies or individuals, tricking users into revealing sensitive information or clicking malicious links. These modern attacks are become increasingly more sophisticated and in turn are able to bypass traditional spam filters more often. 97% of companies were targeted by phishing attacks in 2023.
While basic email providers, such as Google Workspace our Microsoft 365, are great email platforms, they offer limited security features. Single sourcing an entire security portfolio with the same vendor, is risky. Email providers expertise lies in providing an email platform, not providing robust email security. Mimecast specializes in advanced email security, offering features like:
  • Malware and phishing protection
  • URL filtering to block malicious links
  • Data loss prevention
  • Email continuity in case of outages
  • Deeper Expertise: Evolve IP has certified Mimecast engineers on staff for expert support.
  • Simplified Management: One point of contact for both Mimecast and Evolve IP services.
  • Holistic Security Approach: We can combine Mimecast with other security solutions for a layered defense.
  • Configuration Assistance: Our team can help you configure Mimecast for optimal protection
  • Improved Efficiency: Evolve IP can help you migrate from another email security vendor to Mimecast and offer the benefits mentioned above.


We know you have other options for securing Mimecast. What sets us apart from other vendors is our customer support, consolidation, and certified expertise. With Evolve IP, customers with existing Mimecast licenses gain a single point of contact for support through Evolve IP. We also have certified Mimecast engineers on staff who can provide advanced troubleshooting. Evolve IP goes beyond email security and offers additional security solutions like intrusion detection and data backup for a layered defense strategy. Combining multiple security solutions minimizes the risk of security breaches and allows for recovery if one layer fails. Click here to learn more about what sets us apart from the rest. 

Mimecast is a cloud-based email security solution that adds an extra layer of protection on top of your existing email provider (like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace). It uses advanced filtering techniques to catch spam, phishing attempts, malware, and other email threats. Mimecast can also help you recover from email outages and prevent data loss.

Basic spam filters can catch some threats, but they're not perfect. Mimecast offers more sophisticated security features to protect against modern email attacks. These attacks are often disguised as legitimate emails and can be very difficult to detect without advanced tools.

While Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are fantastic collaboration and email platforms, they are also the ideal vehicle for delivering these attacks. Evolve IP can help you migrate your existing email security to Mimecast. We can also show you how Mimecast offers a wider range of features and a more comprehensive security approach.

Given that 90% of cyber attacks originate from email, it is critical to ensure your current email security & protection platform not only goes beyond identifying the obvious "malicious" components but also takes the "human" element into consideration.

This is where the power of Evolve IP & Mimecast comes in. We offer:

  • More defense and security walls than Microsoft
  • Policies for high targeted and impersonated groups and individuals

Protection further enhanced with artificial intelligence to detect sophisticated attacks and unusual communications patterns, as well as to improve user behavior. To learn more click here.

The cost of Mimecast depends on the specific features you need and the size of your organization. Evolve IP can work with you to create a customized plan that fits your budget. Contact us today for an instant quote.

Mimecast takes data security very seriously. They use industry-leading security practices to protect your data.

Contact Evolve IP today! We can answer your questions, help you choose the right Mimecast plan, and get you set up quickly.


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