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Today’s work teams are scattered across multiple geographic regions and time zones. Although we’ve seen many advantages to remote and hybrid work environments in recent years, we’ve also uncovered challenges. However, integration between Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex collaboration tools with unified communications has helped address some of those challenges for today’s businesses.

In this blog, we will address how to find the best unified communications provider and how this integrated model can help your organization improve productivity.

Features to Look for in a Unified Communications Provider

Unified communication, by definition, must promote accurate, real-time, and productive communications between employees, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment. Although many vendors exist in this space, you’ll want to ensure that your selected partner can better facilitate the following:


Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex collaboration tools are all about helping employees work better, smarter and more efficiently. Here’s how:

  • Team Messaging. Promotes a collaborative culture and facilitates regular updates.
  • Desktop Sharing. Helps meeting participants feel as if they are in the same room.
  • Web Conferencing. Allows both video and audio participation to help employees stay in touch.
  • Seamless Integration. Integrating with project management, CRM, document management, and reporting eases meeting follow-up and promotes accountability for ongoing work.

Voice Communication

Traditional communications tools such as desk phones, overhead paging, contact center, and shared conference room devices still play a critical role in unified communications and must be incorporated seamlessly. In addition, employees such as receptionists and administrative assistants should still be able to tap into the UC system to become more efficient and productive with their daily roles.

Native integration between communications and collaboration tools, along with uninterrupted, high-quality voice services, are important in building your system. You’ll want communications to be seamless between these traditional tools and things like mobile phones without the need for plugins or additional software.

Advanced technologies can allow:

  • Recording and AI analysis of conversations and meetings
  • Incorporating contact center features such as interactive voice response for self-service
  • Accessing backend CRM systems for richer customer interactions

Presence Detection

Understanding when team members or supervisors are available for assistance, brainstorming or questions is a key component of unified communications. By having an integrated system, employees can quickly discern whether others are on the phone, in a meeting or otherwise unavailable. Workflows and notifications help communicate availability, and businesses can log messages, see histories, and manage chats as needed.

Unified solutions can incorporate shared calendars and customizations. They also offer necessary settings for heavily regulated industries that require disclosures or other compliance measures.

How Webex Collaboration Tools Enhance Productivity

In recent years, Cisco Webex has improved its features to enhance user experience. Here are some recent improvements:

  • Integration with OneDrive and SharePoint. Users no longer need to be added separately to access Webex.
  • Custom Meeting Layouts. Reduce distractions by only including those aspects you want to highlight in a particular meeting.
  • Single-Click Access. Escalate a routine phone call to a collaborative meeting in a single click.
  • Linux Support. Collaborate with colleagues on Linux platforms effectively.

By using these and other tools within your unified communications platform, you will reap a wide range of benefits including:

Better Connectivity

Not only does unified communications provide the infrastructure to improve overall connectivity between the organization and its employees, but it offers tools such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and live chatting to keep team members in close contact with one another. These features, in combination with a healthier work-life balance, lead to happier, more productive and loyal employees. Be sure you select a solution with streamlined user interfaces, presence capabilities and seamless integration into your overall tech stack.

Smarter Management

Many artificial intelligence tools are quite sophisticated today, allowing unified communications platforms to better integrate with data, operations and transaction management solutions. These AI-based solutions are designed to enhance communications and, as such, should be easily integrated into the overall system. For example, voice AI systems may be able to monitor call center activity and provide analysis of satisfaction levels or detect common complaints. This data should be accessible to the right employees who can then make necessary updates to further streamline communications to customers.

More Secure Environment

One security breach can wreak absolute havoc on employee productivity. Ransomware attacks, the compromising of sensitive information, or other cybercrimes are on the rise, and the increasing amount of data traveling on the internet fuels the problem. An increase in communication and collaboration cannot mean a rise in vulnerability points. Instead, a unified communications provider must take responsibility for protecting that data during transit and once it arrives at its destination. This is even more important in heavily regulated industries.

Support Hybrid and Remote Work Models with Webex Unified Communications

Evolve IP Global Voice with Webex’s advanced messaging and meetings capabilities offers businesses enterprise-grade calling and cutting-edge features in one application to support hybrid and remote work environments. In keeping Webex at the center of the employee experience, you’ll be providing superior dial tone, premium features, and world-class integrations. If you’re ready to learn more and enjoy the Evolve IP Webex experience contact EvolveIP today.

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