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Work from Home DaaS Comparison – Major DaaS Options in the Market

March 20, 2020 / Evolve IP

If your business is considering enabling remote work, Bring Your Own Device or looking to easily provision, update and secure your users with DaaS or a virtual workspace you’re not alone. In fact, according to Gartner, DaaS momentum continues to build – especially in the midmarket. 

To help businesses think through some of the major considerations we developed a comparison guide that outlines: 

  • How projects get funded 
  • Major solution types 
  • Key questions to consider
  • A cost evaluation process
  • Thoughts on overcoming objections 

So, why would should listen to us? Well, Evolve IP… 

  • Has been providing DaaS solutions for over 11 years 
  • Is the largest multi-tenant VMware DaaS provider in the United States.  
  • Our solution has been named in every Gartner DaaS Market Guide since inception.  
  • We also work with Citrix and have deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for clients. 
  • We have tens of thousands of users 

Bottom line, we have a lot of experience to pull from for this comparison. 

Today we will look at the major DaaS solutions in the market. 

Major Desktop-as-a-Service / DaaS Solutions in the Market 

XenDesktop, now known as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, and VMware Horizon DaaS –  We have grouped these two together as they are both very robust solutions and, for the most part, their selection typically comes down to brand preference as opposed to having significant differences in performance.   

One important note is that both can be architected in a multi-tenant environment.   

When we say multi-tenant, that’s not to say you are sharing the same space with other clients, it’s more like an apartment complex.  To continue the analogy, typically each customer is living on their own floor (vlan) and the building supervisors (platform engineers), are caring for the entire building. This gives you a personal, secure, private space.  To take it one step further, if Licenses and Inspections checks on the buildings, top providers, like Evolve IP, ensure their apartments are certified for major compliances like HIPAA / HITRUST, PCI-DSS, etc.  

VMware Horizon View – This is the enterprise version of virtual desktop technology.  We note it here because there are providers building solutions on this technology. For service providers  with a low number of clients, this can work.  However, as the providers’ customer counts grow, you can think of this as more of a single-family home community. The maintenance crew now has 100 homes to manage instead of 1 large building. Typically, at this point, the vendors economies of scale dry up and there are more things that can go wrong; there are more ways to break in, more management portals to maintain, etc.  VMware Horizon View was not designed to be multi-tenant. 

Azure Virtual Desktops – To be honest, there isn’t a significant track record for this solution since Azure Virtual Desktops just became Generally Available (GA) at the beginning of the year.  It is, however, utilizing RDP as a protocol. While RDP has come a long way, it does not yet compare to the performance of ICA or PCoIP and still requires a double authentication potentially frustrating to users who want a simple and immediate experience. 

Comparing DaaS Solutions

This virtual desktop or DaaS comparison guide is designed for those who are looking into hosted virtual desktops or desktops as a service (DaaS). It also compares the technology to Evolve IP’s Workspaces solution.

Amazon Workspaces – Not to be confused with Evolve IP’s Workspaces product below.  This is similar to Azure in that it’s a public cloud offering.  It seems to be a bit more tried and test and is a decent solution.  As with Azure, the consuming organization is left in a DIY state of mind whereby the customer needs to figure out how to tie in all the ancillary pieces a desktop will need like RMM, Anti-virus, etc. 

Evolve IP Workspaces – We developed Workspaces because most of our clients no longer require every employee to have a full virtual desktop / DaaS seat.  Why? Quite simply SaaS exploded. Research shows that typically over 50% of an organization’s applications are SaaS and 2020 brings with it an adoption rate that is more likely 75-80%.   

SaaS is great for flexibility and business continuity and allowing users to work the way they want, where they want, on the devices they want.  But it’s creating 2 major issues. 

  1. How do you control access to SaaS applications and keep data secure? 
  2. How do you untether and deliver the 20-25% of applications that are based on legacy technologies and residing on servers in the enterprise? How do you make this seamless and easy for your employees to access and for IT to manage? 

Workspaces from Evolve IP solves these issues by: 

  • All users start by logging into a Single Sign On (SSO) Web portal that includes Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).   
    • This portal gives IT a centralized point for enabling or disabling user access to SaaS and legacy applications.   
  • Once in their portal, users see their personal application tiles and simply click to be passed into the SaaS applications without needing to login again.   
    • With self-service password resets for users, say ‘Goodbye’ to 50% of your helpdesk requests! 
  • If users need access to legacy applications e.g. Encompass, Fiserv, those applications also appear as a tile for the user to click and launch from the Evolve IP data center.  
    • This makes those hosted, line-of-business applications look, act and feel like a SaaS app.   
  • If the user needs an entire virtual desktop experience, they simply click a tile to launch their desktop, all within their user Web browser.   

Can these 2 issues above be solved with DaaS?  Sure.  But Workspaces is a much better solution.  

Here’s why, Workspaces alIows IT to define user types and deliver just the services and applications they need. 

  • The first user type just needs SaaS applications 
  • The second user type needs SaaS and legacy, line-of-business hosted applications 
  • The third user type would be a power user that needs a full desktop and OS 


Evolve IP Workspaces breaks the “one size fits all” DaaS mold and gives users just the right tools for their job while reducing overspending by the company. 

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