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What is DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service?)

April 19, 2018 / Evolve IP

What is DaaS?

What does DaaS stand for? DaaS stands for Desktop-as-a-Service. Ok, but what does DaaS actually mean? When you have a Desktop as a Service solution, you work on a virtual desktop infrastructure hosted in the cloud. The cloud-based desktop is stored on a remote server, it is separate from the physical devices which access it. With hosted desktop services, a third-party provider handles data storage, security, backup, and upgrades while your employees focus on driving your business forward.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) frees your business from the endless cycle of purchasing, supporting, and upgrading PCs by delivering access to an untethered “virtual” workspace.

Why DaaS?

There are several reasons to select Desktop as a Service, even beyond its cool Germanic acronym. Here are just some of the benefits DaaS offers your organization.

  1. Mobility and Productivity. You might be thinking you already support this — “it’s called a laptop, duh” — but with DaaS saving all user data during login and logoff sessions, all your end-users (not just those provisioned with laptops) can log in to their virtual desktop from any internet-enabled device, at any time, anywhere in the world. And, while ensuring a consistent user experience, regardless of device format or brand, Desktop as a Service standardizes deployment, security, and support delivering a secure strategy for BYOD and geographically dispersed workforces.
  2. Predictable Costs. Desktop as a Service shifts a large portion of IT expenditure from inconsistent “chunked” capital investments to a steadier, predictable, recurring operating expenditure. Desktop as a Service also allows organizations to regulate monthly spend based on business needs. No buying and storing hardware in anticipation of new hires and when new desktops are required, there’s no tedious procurement cycle.
  3. Since security breaches often take place at the edge of the network, DaaS is an attractive security option because data and applications reside in the cloud, not on end-user devices that are ripe targets because of weaker security tools and laxer security practices of the end-users themselves. And, your easily scalable, higher-performance network is now managed by your cloud service provider. Security is their lifeblood. You can focus on your business niche while gaining the peace of mind that your CSP is continuously addressing the security of your network and patching of software.
  4. Business continuity. Desktop as a Service provides secure 24/7 access to your resources via the cloud, from any environment. In the event, then, of a disaster or other emergency, your employees should be able to continue to access their virtual desktops from any device, OS or platform.
  5. Free up IT resources. Unlike Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), in which your in-house, centrally located IT team, manages the hardware, software, licensing, and deployment, Desktop as a Service shifts responsibilities to the CSP along with owning and managing the technology stack (i.e. power, cooling, security, storage, backups, networking).  A Desktop as a Service solution allows the organization’s IT team to have more time to focus on other areas. Citrix’s Kenneth Oestreich told Tech Republic, DaaS is “VDI that’s someone else’s problem.”

Selecting your Desktop as a Service Solution and Provider

In your DaaS selection process, consider the following:

  • What type of computing needs are you looking for DaaS to address?
  • Are you better suited by an industry-specific solution or by a business-ready one? Does the DaaS provider offer flexible options for desktops or just “one size fits most?”
  • What is the division of responsibility between your organization and the CSP? Are the responsibilities documented?
  • What kind of security and compliance guarantees does the provider offer?

Be sure, too, that you are fully aware what processing power, data backup, and storage come with your subscription. A Desktop as a Service solution is often appealing to smaller enterprises with budget limitations (since it is typically less costly than VDI), but before subscribing, do your due diligence to ensure you’ll get all you need without in fact bringing more work to your IT team.

Ultimately, this solution offers increased performance, flexible connectivity, reliability, predictable costs and business continuity. Thus, it makes sense that Desktop as a Service is gaining momentum among companies and organizations — no matter which language they are using to do business.

Evolve IP offers your organization’s desktop users the ability to use desktops, notebooks, tablets, or smartphones with the same positive user experience. We can customize a DaaS solution to ensure security and compliance while keeping you on budget.

Comparing DaaS Solutions

This virtual desktop (VDI) or DaaS comparison guide is designed for those who are looking into hosted VDI’s or DaaS solutions. The comparison guide also compares the technology to Evolve IP’s Workspaces solution.

Evolve IP’s DaaS solutions are built for optimal performance and security. Our experts are reliable, highly-skilled, and work seamlessly with your IT team to provide the best DaaS solutions.

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