Evolve IP Workspaces

Make the work experience better. Enable employees to be more productive while ensuring your IT becomes more secure, dependable and easier to manage.

Why Workspaces?

Your associates are working 7 days a week from just about every location imaginable. That’s great for your business. However, the combination of providing anywhere access to user data, applications and desktops, while securing and managing their multiple devices is making IT’s job harder than ever.

Evolve IP’s Workspace platform delivers all of the tools users need to do their job from a single portal that can be accessed on any device, anywhere, at any time. It also makes businesses more secure, more dependable and much easier to manage.

Our analyst-acclaimed solution makes employees more productive and collaborative while allowing them to maintain their modern lifestyle by seamlessly integrating identity and access management, SaaS and hosted applications, and cloud desktops.

Best of all, every Workspace solution is purpose-built just the way your business wants; delivering just the services your users need.

Workspace Use Cases

IT Professionals Use Case

Employees are working everywhere, all of the time, on just about every device you can imagine. Evolve IP Workspaces allows IT to take back control; improving security, simplifying core IT functions and improving their day-to-day efficiency.

  • Deliver a Purpose-Built WorkspaceSave your company money by providing employees with just the services they need. Evolve IP Workspaces allow you to tailor the integrated delivery of SaaS, hosted line of business applications, or full cloud desktops by the employee profiles you set.
  • Enable self-servicedramatically reduce password resets and related requests by enabling user self-service tools. Get back serious time for projects that grow the business.
  • Provision like a champEasily manage users, applications and services from a single pane of glass. Employee and contractor onboarding and terminations are simplified and accelerated.
  • Speed up rolloutsnew applications and services are applied without having to ‘touch’ each employee device. Eliminate or decrease the patching and updating of software and hardware.

Business Use Case

To grow your business your current associates must be more productive than ever and you have to be able to attract top talent. Evolve IP Workspaces will improve your top and bottom line and keep you competitive.

  • Lower costsEmployees are provided with just the right tools to do their jobs. Evolve IP Workspaces eliminate the need to purchase and support unnecessary hardware and software.
  • Expand hiring capabilitiesProvide complete flexibility for home and mobile workers. Improve your employees’ worklife harmony.
  • Employees can use the devices they wantEasily implement and support a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy that keeps employees happy and more productive.
  • Simplify M&Acapitalize on M&A faster by increasing your IT agility. Quickly enable new technology integrations on all employee devices.
  • Improve securityWith Evolve IP Workspaces, and the Evolve IP Compliance Cloud™, security and compliance are assured and your sensitive application data is protected.

Employee Use Case

According to recent surveys, 70% of all employees are working remotely at least once per week. Evolve IP Workspaces allow businesses to take advantage of this shift, capitalizing on productivity improvements that will improve your business.

  • Simplify Access – All users are delivered a tailored ‘home page’ and single network password that provides access to all of the business applications they need to do their job.
  • Work+Life = Harmony – Employees can work how and where they want; contributing to the business and collaborating with other associates in ways that improve productivity, all while meeting their lifestyle needs.
  • Logging in has never been easier – Employees will be thrilled when you eliminate their painful and slow corporate network access.

Why Evolve IP for Workspaces?

Purpose-Built for Your Users & Your Business

We’re willing to bet that having tricked-out PCs for all of your employees is overkill. In fact, with so many applications moving to the cloud, simply having a full Windows or Mac OS for each associate probably isn’t necessary! Some businesses have attempted to tackle the issue with VDI or DaaS solutions but the reality is that these scenarios are still costly and demand significant levels of IT management.

There’s a better way … Evolve IP Workspaces.

Evolve IP Workspaces deliver just the applications your users need on the devices that make the most sense for the business. For example, you can define that certain users only need SaaS applications like Office 365 or Salesforce.com and provide them on a simple Chromebook or via BYOD. Others may require SaaS and legacy applications such as QuickBooks, while power users may still require a fully powered Windows OS on a laptop or PC.

Delivering Workspaces in this way dramatically reduces costs, and with our self-service tools and management portal, you’ll make your IT team more efficient than ever. Provide a tailored Workspace solution from Evolve IP and make work better for your employees and IT.

One Password. One Portal.

Evolve IP Workspaces are delivered from the Clearlogin™ Identity and Access Management platform. This approach unifies access to all of the applications used in the business under a single identity and password and is controlled by IT.

Users only need to remember one password to access their various SaaS applications, hosted applications, and cloud desktops. IT can rest easy knowing that they can apply appropriate password strength and lockout rules across various applications, while users remain connected with self-service password management.

The Evolve IP OneCloud™

Workspaces support secure access into a broad spectrum of Evolve IP products including our Collaboration and Contact Center products. Simply put, no Cloud provider is delivering a unified experience for users and administrators that can match Evolve IP’s OneCloud. Imagine delivering Collaboration, Communications, Contact Center, Applications and Desktops from a single cloud, behind a single password, with security and analytics.

Solution Highlights


Access Management with Clearlogin™

Clearlogin delivers a secure, and centralized on ramp to Evolve IP services, SaaS applications, Hosted LOB applications and Cloud Desktops using your existing network password from any web browser. 

  • Identity and Access Management, SSO and MFA 
  • Access published apps & desktops from any device 
  • Manage identities for your existing applications as well as Evolve IP-hosted 
  • Integration with Active Directory, “Client/Server” 
  • Applications and Windows logon 
  • Browser plugin for password management 
  • Secure policy management 
  • Reporting and event logging 
  • Contextual / Conditional Access 
  • Lockout settings for all applications 
  • Self-service password reset for end-users 
  • 3rd party MFA support 

Hosted Applications

Evolve IP can host your legacy line-of-business apps in our secure cloud providing the convenience of SaaS for the applications that you just can’t do without. 

  • Cloud-enable legacy applications 
  • Browser-based delivery 
  • Supports mobile and tablet delivery 
  • Access securely from Clearlogin 
  • Application updates and patching included 
  • Package nearly any application regardless of operating system and version 

Hosted Desktops

For users that require a little more, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), provides a complete online operating system that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on nearly any device.

  • Integration with your Active Directory (AD) and app servers or your hosted IaaS systems at Evolve IP
  • Infrastructure and maintenance from a dedicated service provider with self-service provisioning and management via a Web-based Management Portal
  • Browser-based delivery
  • Supports mobile and tablet delivery
  • Variety of BYOL options secure existing investments
  • Access Securely from Clearlogin

Unified Workspaces

Our bundled, performance-based workspaces optimize application delivery and experience based on user-profile. Unified Workspaces include Access Management, Hosted Applications and Hosted Desktops in an easy to purchase bundle.

  • Full suite of Workspace options, bundled and expertly managed by Evolve IP’s US-based engineering team
  • Applications and Desktops securely hosted in Evolve IP’s private cloud
  • Includes Clearlogin IDMaaS for secure access to all of your applications
  • Deliver a “home page” with a single network password to all business applications
  • Integrated access to Hosted Applications & Desktops when the use case requires it
  • Performance-based to optimize application delivery and experience based on user-profile
  • Integrated OneCloud™ add-ons for the ultimate in security and productivity

Workspace Portal

The Evolve IP Workspace Portal reduces the time and technical knowledge needed to provision Active Directory, seats (users) and applications.

  • Managed resources, updates, and patches for presentation layer
  • All plans include 30 day profile disk backup
  • User lockout for admin / password changes
  • Pooled user and company profile/storage services
  • Single-pane management for Office 365 licenses, users, provisioning, reporting and more
  • Enables session and Desktop self-support
  • Clients can add and remove seats plus assign apps as needed on their own
  • Perform MACD tasks with users and seats in real time
  • Unify mobile and desktop management
  • Security controls such as granular policy-setting to allow application policies to be defined and managed to restrict access based on roles and devices

Make Work Better For Your Business

Download our brief today and learn how we improve work for IT and employees!

Evolve IP’s Workspaces are a new way to manage and deploy secure cloud-based work environments that meet the demands of modern users. The Workspace platform brings together Identity Management, Hosted Applications, and Cloud Desktops into a single, secure, browser-based work environment for end-users and a self-service portal for IT administrators to provision and manage the solution.

Gartner’s Market Guide for Desktop as a Service

In this Market Guide, Gartner describes and analyzes the characteristics of the DaaS market, both current state and future direction, as well as provide descriptions of representative vendors that offer DaaS services to end-user customers.

“The relationship between employees and technology in the workplace is changing and employees expect flexibility and autonomy. When technology is overly complicated or there is a lack of technology, employee engagement decreases.”

Source: Gartner (November, 2019)