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Make Work Better…for You and Your Employees

Your associates are working 7 days a week from just about every location imaginable. That’s great for your business. However, the combination of providing anywhere access to user data, applications and desktops, while securing and managing their multiple devices is making IT’s job harder than ever.

Evolve IP’s Workspace platform delivers all of the tools users need to do their job from a single portal that can be accessed on any device, anywhere, at any time. It also makes businesses more secure, more dependable and much easier to manage.

Our analyst-acclaimed solution makes employees more productive and collaborative while allowing them to maintain their modern lifestyle by seamlessly integrating identity and access management, SaaS and hosted applications, and cloud desktops.

Best of all, every Workspace solution is purpose-built just the way your business wants; delivering just the services your users need.

Evolve IP Clearlogin

One Password. One Portal. OneCloud.

Clearlogin provides enhanced security functionality for applications, as well as form-based authentication for applications that do not support SSO. It is designed to enhance the end-user experience during log-ins by making the process quick, simple and allow end-users to enter the application environment without difficulty.

Unify the Delivery of Applications

With the wide array of application types that are now part of most enterprise customer infrastructures, organizations are looking for the most efficient and effective way to deliver access to these applications—end-to-end—regardless of their location.

Evolve IP enables organizations to overcome these challenges with a single sign-on solution that simplifies management, secures user identity and improves the user experience while securely delivering application types.

Desktop as a Service – the Fastest and Easiest Way to Deploy Modern Desktops

IT departments have continuously retooled their approach to desktop management in an ongoing effort to strike a balance between user experience, security and IT management overhead.

With Evolve IP’s virtual desktops, organizations maximize existing IT investments while providing the modern desktop experience that unlocks user productivity.

Gartner’s Market Guide for Desktop as a Service

In this Market Guide, Gartner describes and analyzes the characteristics of the DaaS market, both current state and future direction, as well as provide descriptions of representative vendors that offer DaaS services to end-user customers.

Why Evolve IP?

The right Virtual Desktop Solution can help transform your business.


Virtual desktops are simple to use and increase productivity across your organization, for both IT and the end-user. Users access their virtual desktops from any location on any device and administrators can support and deploy desktops from a centralized location. Additionally, IT saves valuable time and gets employees back to work quickly because they are able to rectify issues remotely; an especially helpful feature for associates working offsite or on the road.


Users are able to access their virtual desktops on any device enabling organizations to extend their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs from cell phones to tablets to laptops, without compromising organizational control or security. In fact, IT is able to enforce security across all users, regardless of the device they are using to access their virtual desktop. If a user’s device is ever lost or stolen, the company apps and data will be locked down and not be accessible.


Desktop services can be purchased and hosted at multiple Evolve IP availability zones. With geographically redundant data centers, you are ensured that your services will remain available regardless of conditions at your location. And for the ultimate in business continuity, DR Desktops is a service that delivers on-demand desktops in an emergency. In the event of a declaration, these desktops are taken out of standby, already configured with the corporate image, applications, and connectivity necessary to access resources on the corporate network.


As is common with other cloud-based solutions, desktop virtualization enables organizations to quickly and easily scale as needed, spinning up a new desktop or adding resources to multiple existing desktops with the click of a mouse. Evolve IP’s DaaS delivers virtualized end-users desktops and applications with the cost and complexity of maintaining an on-premise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Microsoft Office 365

Evolve IP is one of the only vendors in the country that is able to legally support O365 licensing in a multi-tenant cloud desktop offering. As an approved Shared Computer Activation (SCA) program provider, Evolve IP can deploy your eligible licenses to your chosen cloud infrastructure solution and can provide US-based support 24/7/365.

Virtual Machine

When using Evolve IP’s virtual desktops, each user retains his or her own instance of the desktop OS and software applications, which is actually running in a virtual machine on a server. The user then accesses his or her desktop via a variety of lower-cost devices, such as a netbook, a Chromebook, tablet, thin client, as well as a laptop.

Solution Highlights


Access Management with Clearlogin™

Clearlogin delivers a secure, and centralized on ramp to Evolve IP services, SaaS applications, Hosted LOB applications and Cloud Desktops using your existing network password from any web browser. 

  • Identity and Access Management, SSO and MFA 
  • Access published Apps & Desktops from any device 
  • Manage identities for your existing applications as 
  • well as Evolve IP-hosted 
  • Integration with Active Directory, “Client/Server” 
  • Applications and Windows Logon 
  • Browser plugin for PW Management 
  • Secure Policy Management 
  • Reporting and Event Logging 
  • Contextual / Conditional Access 
  • Lockout Settings for all applications 
  • Self-service Password Reset for end-users 
  • 3rd Party MFA Support 

Hosted Applications

Evolve IP can host your legacy line-ofbusiness apps in our secure cloud providing the convenience of SaaS for the applications that you just can’t do without. 

  • Cloud-enable legacy applications 
  • Browser-based delivery 
  • Supports mobile and tablet delivery 
  • Access securely from Clearlogin 
  • Application Updates and Patching included 
  • Package nearly any application regardless of operating system and version 

Hosted Desktops

For users that require a little more, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), provides a complete online operating system that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on nearly any device.

  • Integration with your Active Directory (AD) and app servers or your hosted IaaS systems at Evolve IP
  • Infrastructure and maintenance from a dedicated service provider with self-service provisioning and management via a Web-based Management Portal
  • Browser-based delivery
  • Supports mobile and tablet delivery
  • Variety of BYOL options secure existing investments
  • Access Securely from Clearlogin

Unified Workspaces

Our bundled, performance-based workspaces optimize application delivery and experience based on user-profile. Unified Workspaces include Access Management, Hosted Applications and Hosted Desktops in an easy to purchase bundle.

  • Full suite of Workspace options, bundled and expertly managed by Evolve IP’s US-based engineering team
  • Applications and Desktops securely hosted in Evolve IP’s private cloud
  • Includes Clearlogin IDMaaS for secure access to all of your applications
  • Deliver a “home page” with a single network password to all business applications
  • Integrated access to Hosted Applications & Desktops when the use case requires it
  • Performance-based to optimize application delivery and experience based on user-profile
  • Integrated OneCloud™ add-ons for the ultimate in security and productivity

Workspace Portal

The Evolve IP Workspace Portal reduces the time and technical knowledge needed to provision Active Directory, seats (users) and applications.

  • Managed resources, updates, and patches for presentation layer
  • All plans include 30 day profile disk backup
  • User lockout for admin / password changes
  • Pooled user and company profile/storage services
  • Single-pane management for Office 365 licenses, users, provisioning, reporting and more
  • Enables session and Desktop self-support
  • Clients can add and remove seats plus assign apps as needed on their own
  • Perform MACD tasks with users and seats in real time
  • Unify mobile and desktop management
  • Security controls such as granular policy-setting to allow application policies to be defined and managed to restrict access based on roles and devices