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In a world of increasing interconnectivity, many workplaces and organizations are seeking simplified and accessible ways to increase their revenue, productivity, and rapport with customers.

When it comes to streamlining workflow and making your life easier, unified communications is benefiting organizations in both these ways and more.

But what specifically is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)? Read on to learn all about it.


What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is a single platform that brings together all your business’s communications needs for streamlined and convenient collaboration in remote and in-office operations.

UC provides a cloud-based platform for employee and customer communications that integrates voice and video calls, file sharing, chat and any other team-specific communication functionality you require.

UC is able to accomplish this using the power of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. It aims to simplify user adoption by integrating all of your business’s communication tools into a single platform. Team members can link their personal and business cellphones for hassle-free transfers. They can also manage their email, fax and other messages in a single inbox.

The benefits of UC go beyond simplification of your workflow and collaboration strategy. UC can unite all your communications tools in order to provide improved productivity and connection with your team and customers.

UC offers better solutions for:

  • Audio, video and web meetings
  • Mobility support
  • Voice and telephony
  • Digital messaging such as email and voice mail
  • Client communications
  • Communications-enabled application integration

By integrating multiple channels of communication, UC can make collaborating more efficient for your clients or employees.


What is Unified Communications a Service (UCaaS)?

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. UCaaS providers offer UC solutions to companies and organizations that need streamlined workflows and communications processes. UCaaS allows businesses to increase productivity and revenue regardless of where they are working or what tools they need to do their work effectively.

For remote, hybrid and in-office operations, employees need simplified ways of connecting so they can accomplish their goals as a team. The best UCaaS platforms are able to natively integrate the top workflow platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex.

Not only does a single platform solution provide seamless integration of the world’s leading digital workplace technologies, but it also offers opportunities for increased productivity, enhanced security and improved employee experience.

UCaaS is not just duplicating your company’s existing communications process. It is the next generation of workplace technologies that can enhance the way your team connects with each other.


The Definition of UCaaS

Unified communications as a service is defined as a single cloud-based platform that integrates multiple communications tools to simplify and enhance collaboration and productivity.

UCaaS providers own, operate, maintain and deliver unified communications solutions for businesses and enterprises of varying sizes.

UCaaS providers differ from CCaaS and SaaS providers in that they all offer different types of services.

CCaaS providers offer contact centers as a service. Their third-party-operated customer service software makes it easier for organizations to connect with their clients or customers.

SaaS providers offer software as a service. They provide their software as a solution for supporting the daily lives of their customers, be it for file sharing, entertainment, business operations support and more.

The major difference between UCaaS and SaaS or CCaaS is that UCaaS can provide integration between different SaaS and CCaaS applications, software or platforms so your team can achieve maximum efficiency with all the tools you love in one place.


Features of UCaaS

Common characteristics of UCaaS include multitenancy and self-service portals for team and project management. When your team uses UCaaS, you will have streamlined access to your essential tools for a single recurring subscription charge.


Audio and Video

UCaaS provides HD video, audio conferencing and WiFi calling for enhanced connectivity across desktop and mobile devices.

Advanced UCaaS conferencing functionality will make your team members feel closer, no matter where they are in the world. Users can sign onto meetings with a variety of devices and applications so they feel more comfortable and can focus on what matters most—connecting to each other.


Mobile Apps

UCaaS integrates various messaging and collaboration tools to meet the needs of your team. Using standards-based APIs, they provide easier access to collaboration solutions.

The effect is unified applications, simplified workflows and seamless integration. Your team will love having cloud-based access to the systems that make it easier to do what they do best.


Messaging and Chat

All your messaging applications unified under one platform so your team can communicate across any device with ease.

UCaaS provides direct group chatting, status updates, chat history, simplified notification and external collaboration that integrates multiple channels including SMS, Microsoft Teams, Webex and more.


Screen Sharing

UCaaS allows your team to connect to each other in a variety of ways. File, screen and desktop sharing make it easy to collaborate on projects as if you are all in the same room.


Virtual Backgrounds and Layouts

UCaaS is desktop as a service (DaaS) accessible, which means providing virtual desktops with voice-over IP integration. Your employees will love the seamless functionality and business continuity, resulting in improved productivity and employee satisfaction.



UCaaS solutions provide advanced call recording with voice AI so team meetings, HR conferences, support calls and sales pitches can be stored and shared with accessible transcriptions.


What is UCaaS? The Future of Communication

Unified communications as a service is the next step toward a brighter future of work. Using integrated applications, streamlined workflow and collaboration tools, it is the modern business’s answer to the problem of employee engagement in an increasingly digital world.

Evolve IP provides award-winning UCaaS solutions to enterprises across the globe. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your team.

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