Ensure your staff is fully prepared to leverage new technology

New tools, systems and software can be overwhelming for your agents without strong Change Management efforts to ensure your staff is fully prepared to leverage new technology. Evolve IP has successfully implemented hundreds of customers and developed best practices to ensure your success. Our customer-focused implementation and agent training is done in parallel with your existing system so that employees will be 100% comfortable before they are “live” with the new system. Unlike other cloud-providers, the time to deploy our services is counted in days not weeks or months.

Contact Center Practice

Our team of Product Specialists possess years of operational experience in call centers and hundreds of customer implementations to draw upon when designing your new call center. Rarely do we find a customer who is “happy” with their current call center design/call flows. We start with a blank “canvas” and learn about your organization’s priorities, customers, types of calls, agent alignment strategy, reporting needs, etc. so we can build the optimal solution for you. We understand that call centers rarely “sit still” and will also help you tweak your call center any time you need our expertise to help you fully leverage your technology investment. There is

Evolve IP’s Contact Center Implementation Package

  • Up-front design sessions combined with the orientation of our technology’s capabilities
  • Documented call flow diagrams so you can visualize and approve your new solution
  • Creation and configuration of the call center to your specifications
  • Walkthrough of Supervisor and call center reporting after initial go-live to ensure leadership fully understands the metrics
  • Access to Evolve IP Knowledge Base including end-user and admin guides, best practices, quick-tip videos, and free instructor-led training
  • Post Go-Live Health Check, during which the customer’s queue and agent performance will be reviewed, opportunities to improve those results will be discussed, and additional optimization activities will be identified

Consulting Services

We are always happy to share best practices and recommendations with our customers whenever you need the advice of our seasoned call center professionals. If you need us to take the next step and implement those changes, we can provide those consulting services on an hourly basis.

  • Call center redesign and implementation
  • Activation of DNIS capabilities to uniquely prioritize, brand, and track different marketing campaigns, callers, or offices
  • Advanced data-driven routing to send callers to the right destination based upon their “status” or “value” through a real-time link to your business applications
  • Self-service applications to speak data like “account balance” or “transaction status” to your caller

How to Keep Up With the Latest Trends of the Call Center

Like any industry, things move quickly in the call center industry, so it’s hard to always keep up to speed on the latest trends. But, there are certainly things you can do to help stay abreast of what’s happening in the call center business.

Implementation Process

Below is a look at our customer-focused service delivery, training and implementation process