Veeam DRaaS – Disaster Recovery Solution

Cloud-based backup has become a go-to solution for almost any organization that wants to ensure data survivability. DRaaS VE-CC with Veeam Cloud Connect allows you to keep an up-to-date copy or secondary copy of your virtualized applications in Evolve IP’s cloud, restoring files and virtual disks to your local environment as needed.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Veeam

Veeam CC Replication
Provides clients with a Veeam-flavored DRaaS solution that’s easy to setup and a perfect fit for Veeam customers looking to leverage the cloud for high RPO/RTO. Clients can choose between a fully managed or self-service model.


  • Tighter RPO and RTO compared to nightly backup solutions
  • Leverage Veeam integration
  • Satisfy regulatory and compliant requirements for offsite backup
  • Easy to use – simply click “Add Service Provider” and enter your credentials
  • Evolve IP cloud repositories appear as part of the client backup infrastructure

Veeam CC Backup
A fully integrated, fast and secure way to back, replicate and restore from Evolve IP’s cloud using Veeam® Cloud Connect™.

Ensure availability of your mission-critical applications without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery (DR) site. Veeam Cloud Connect provides fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR.

Most businesses collect, retain and transmit data on a daily basis – data that is critical to the success of their organization. The threat of data theft, natural disasters and hardware failures can result in a hard hit to a business’ bottom line, costing days of downtime, thousands of dollars and irreversible damage to an organization’s reputation.


  • Built-in technology: Veeam Cloud Connect is built into Veeam’s Availability solutions for all end users at no additional charge and with no additional licensing required.
  • Single infrastructure: Avoid the need to maintain a secondary site and incur capital expenses in order to build and support additional infrastructure for off-site backup or DR.
  • Simple networking: Built-in network extension appliances to simplify networking complexity and preserve communication with and between running VMs, regardless of the physical location.
  • Pay as you go: Get backups and replicas off-site with a pricing model that allows you to pay only for what you need.
Veeam Self-Service Portal

Veeam Cloud Backup
A self-service portal designed to backup and restore the Evolve IP Virtual Data Center. Clients can manage their backup policies 100% on their own, anytime, anywhere. Includes data encryption at-rest and in-motion.


  • Full backup policy and job management
  • Daily email notifications
  • Dashboard showing protected VM’s, job status and backup storage quota
  • File-level and image-level restore
  • File-level restore (pick and pop) with direct download from portal
Veeam Backup Office 365

Backup for Office 365

The misconception that Microsoft fully backs up your data on your behalf is quite common, and without a shift in mindset, could have damaging repercussions when this responsibility is left unattended.

“With Office 365, it’s your data. You own it.  You control it.”


The backup and recoverability that Microsoft provides and what users assume they are getting are often different. Microsoft Office 365 offers geo-redundancy, which is often mistaken for backup. Backup takes place when a historical copy of data is made and then stored in several locations, so if data is lost, accidentally deleted or maliciously attacked, for example — there will be an easily accessible copy elsewhere. Geo-redundancy, on the other hand, protects against site or hardware failure, so if there is some type of infrastructure crash or outage, your users will remain Always-On and oblivious to these underlying issues.

Powered by Veeam, Evolve IP’s Backup for Office 365 provides complete protection, access and control of your organization’s emails, contacts, files and more. Using this cloud-to-cloud backup to back data to Evolve IP’s private cloud, IT can assert greater control over Office 365 access and protection.

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As a proud Platinum Veeam Cloud and Service Provider, Evolve IP is excited to help end users expand their data backup protection and imporove their business continuity profile through Veeam Cloud Connect.

Veeam Cloud Connect is an important component of Prem ExtendTM our comprehensive suite of cloud-based data backup, replication and disaster recovery managed solutions. We look forward to partnering with Veeam resellers who want to offer proven, secure and HIPPA and PCI-compliant managed solutions to their customers.

In support of Veeam’s recently announced Cloud Connect promotion, Evolve IP is proud to announce our “Five for Five” promotion which adds even greater incentive and value for your customers as they experience Veeam Cloud Connect for the first time.

As customers explore the benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect, you will have a great opportunity to explore the potential for other Prem ExtendTM services such as DaaS, DRaaS (Server and/or Desktop) andManaged DRaaS. As always, wesupport our resellers with a robust commission schedule and a variety of sales and marketing tools to support your growth.