Today’s enterprises are increasingly reliant on cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, for efficient collaboration and productivity. Contrary to popular belief, your data in the cloud isn’t immune to loss. Built-in backup solutions that come as part of your productivity suite (such as Microsoft) do not protect you. Evolve IP partners with Veeam, the #1 leader in data protection, to deliver Unlimited M365 Backup. With Evolve IP’s M365 Veeam Backup solution, you can quickly recover lost data, ensure uninfected data is available to maintain business continuity and schedule automatic backups for an added layer of security.


The Problem: Microsoft 365 Cyberattacks and Data Loss Are Common

of discovered vulnerabilities involve Microsoft 365 data
of discovered vulnerabilities involve Microsoft 365 data
of discovered vulnerabilities involve Microsoft 365 data
of discovered vulnerabilities involve Microsoft 365 data
Sources: SaaS Data Protection: A work in Progress, ESG, November 2022, IT threat evolution in Q3 2022

The Solution: Unlimited M365 Backup Veeam,
#1 Microsoft 365 backup solution in market

Even though Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, the Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model states that it is the customer’s responsibility to protect the M365 data. Evolve IP partners with Veeam, #1 Microsoft 365 backup solution in market, protecting 16 million Microsoft 365 users. Our solution is designed to provide comprehensive protection for your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data, so that it’s always protected and accessible. With Evolve IP, you also get the backup flexibility you need to meet your recovery point objectives, recover Microsoft 365 data no matter what data loss scenario you encounter and leverage any storage target your organization wants to utilize for its backup data.

7 Reasons Why Backing Up M365 Is Critical

The need for backing up Microsoft 365 data goes beyond recovering lost or deleted files. Here are seven compelling reasons why Microsoft 365 backup is critical:

  • Accidental deletion: accidental deletion, modification or overwrites of data can be catastrophic. With a backup solution, you can quickly recover lost data and maintain business continuity.
  • Retention policy gaps and confusion: Microsoft’s retention policies can be complex to understand and implement correctly, leaving your data at risk of loss after the retention period expires.
  • Internal security threats: the risk of internal threats, like disgruntled employees deleting essential data, is real and can’t be ignored. A backup solution provides a safeguard in these situations.
  • External security threats: malware and ransomware can do significant damage to your organization’s data and reputation. Regular backups ensure an uninfected copy of your data is always available for recovery.
  • Legal and compliance requirements: a robust backup solution can keep your company out of legal trouble by allowing you to retrieve data as required for legal and compliance purposes.
  • Managing hybrid email deployments and migrations: the right Microsoft 365 backup solution should be able to handle hybrid email deployments, making the source location irrelevant.
  • Teams data structure: the Microsoft Teams backend is much more complex than many realize. With this added layer of complexity, ensuring that data is adequately protected is paramount.

Why Unlimited M365 Backup from Evolve IP?

Evolve IP and Veeam together provide unlimited M365 backup and comprehensive strategies that defend your organization against evolving security threats

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The Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model


Frequently Asked Questions

No, even though Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, the Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model states that it is the customer’s responsibility to protect the M365 data. Meaning, Microsoft is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of its services, ensuring it’s accessible and protected from service-side issues. And the customer is responsible for protecting the M365 data itself.
Data loss incidents are far too common. In a recent study by ESG, 53% of IT professionals admitted their organizations had experienced data loss or corruption in their SaaS applications. It’s worth noting that less than 25% of organizations are able to recover 100% of their Microsoft 365 data during a data loss incident, making the need for backup all the more pertinent.

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