Onboard users within minutes vs. days/weeks and enable them to securely access all company apps and data on day one from any where, on an end-point of their choice. 

Is your IT infrastructure  keeping pace as your remote  workforce grows? 

As an IT leader, you must give remote and mobile employees secure access to their apps and desktops. This is a daunting task if you have a small, overworked IT team and work in an organization that is rapidly growing. Here's how Evolve IP's DaaS, powered by Citrix, helps you meet your cloud mandate while saving you countless management hours and headaches.

Simplify your cloud management with DaaS

Organizations are moving to the cloud at a rapid pace to support a growing remote workforce and provide anytime, anywhere access to apps and desktops.

Deploying desktops and apps in the cloud makes business sense, as it:

  • Simplifies your deployment of apps and desktops to any device, anywhere
  • Eliminates CAPEX, as you pay only for what you use
  • Gives you flexibility so that you can support peaks in cloud demand
  • Provides business continuity in times of rapid change
  • Allows you to quickly scale to support new workers and contractors
  • Smooths your transition during a merger or acquisition
  • Keeps sensitive data off employees' devices and provides vendors with secure access

However, app and desktop virtualization can create management challenges, especially if your IT team is small and bogged down with other tasks. In fact, 78 percent of enterprises reported that a lack of resources and expertise is a top challenge when adopting the cloud.2 This skills shortage will delay half of enterprise cloud migrations by two years or more.3

Gartner recommends that enterprises use managed services to overcome these challenges.

This white paper introduces managed DaaS. Managed DaaS allows you to quickly provision the virtual apps and desktops users need to stay productive-without doing everything yourself.

Cloud data centers will process 94 percent of all workloads in 2021.1

Spend less time on VDI deployment and management

The use of VDI is expanding significantly, as 40 percent of organizations have deployed it to improve how they manage and maintain their digital workspaces.4

As many organizations already know, VDI provides total control over your infrastructure, but with this control comes complexity.

Since VDI runs on-premises, you need to manage it yourself. You're responsible for everything from deploying virtual desktops to purchasing, managing, and upgrading your infrastructure. This daily management requirement can lead to some unexpected (and higher than anticipated) costs.

Finally, while VDI is very secure (because vital apps and data are stored centrally vs. on individual devices), organizations might be investigating additional layers of protection to keep their vital assets out of unwanted hands.

DaaS: The new way to improve cloud and IT efficiencies

A growing number of organizations are using DaaS to overcome these challenges.

DaaS is an offering that provides users with an on-demand, virtualized desktop experience delivered from a remotely hosted location. It includes provisioning, patching and maintenance of the management plane and resources to host workloads.

IT organizations that use DaaS report that it allows them to "quickly access desktop resources in a timely and more elastic manner."

With DaaS, you can give users a better experience without purchasing or maintaining hardware. Its pay-as­you-go subscription model makes it easy for you to scale to support your remote workforce, branch offices, and seasonal employees.

And best of all, you don't need to handle it yourself.

A managed DaaS provider can take care of your VDI deployment and ongoing management. However, you stay in complete control, deciding how apps and desktops are deployed and what level of security is integrated.

55 percent of organizations currently use DaaS or are in the middle of their first deployment. Meanwhile, another 11 percent are planning to deploy DaaS within the next year.5

Deploy And Go With DaaS


Supporting the hybrid workforce can be complicated — Evolve IP’s DaaS, Powered by Citrix makes it simple.

Deliver a high-performing workspace experience to thousands of users in minutes without compromising security or driving up costs. 

Click the link below to learn more about the 5 reasons it's time for your team to switch to DaaS.

Did you know?

72% of IT leaders have invested or will invest in DaaS in the next 24 months

Source: Gartner Market Guide for Desktop as a Service 2021

Power up your cloud desktop delivery and agility with managed DaaS

A growing number of organizations are using DaaS to overcome these challenges.

Evolve IP, partners with Citrix to deliver managed DaaS solution. This solution is the simplest and fastest way to deliver apps and desktops. In just a few clicks, you can deploy desktops and apps from the cloud to any device at any location. This gives all employees the same, secure virtual experience-no matter which operating system or network they use.

Our managed DaaS solutions greatly simplify your virtual app and desktop management. We can take care of your updates, security patches, and support­handling as little or as much as you like.

Instead of spending countless hours on endpoint management, your IT team will have more time for innovation and other strategic projects.

This powerful combination also brings new levels of flexibility and choice to your cloud infrastructure. You can use it as a stand-alone solution or add it to your on­premises or hybrid cloud VDI deployments. With Evolve IP's solutions, powered by Citrix, you can deliver virtual desktops any way you want.

Here are six ways that Evolve IP's managed DaaS drives business value:

1.    Simplify IT management.

  • Reduce maintenance, as you don't need to manage each endpoint for patches and updates.
  • Quickly respond to business needs. Evolve IP's DaaS, powered by Citrix is a turnkey solution for delivering apps and desktops to any user, anywhere, without building out robust back-end infrastructure.
  • Eliminate capital expenses. You don't need to maintain a data center or expensive hardware.

2.    Gain flexibility and support peaks in cloud demand.
Business disruptions such as power outages and virus outbreaks can occur at any time. While more companies offer ways to work from home in times of interruption, these arrangements can be complicated to set up and maintain. They can also increase your risk of a data breach.  With Evolve IP's Managed DaaS solution, powered by Citrix, you can quickly burst in the cloud to handle peaks in demand. Our pay-as-you-go model makes it easy for you to scale and ensures that you're only charged for what you use.  Plus, with managed DaaS, you can keep pace without adding more to your already full plate. 

3. Quickly scale to support temporary workers and contractors.
By adopting a turnkey solution for delivering apps and desktops, you can ensure a secure, consistent experience-for any number of users, in any situation.  Quickly spin up secure apps and desktops from the cloud and then scale back down when you no longer have a need. Managed DaaS is the simplest, safest way to deploy virtual apps and desktops in record time. 

4. Quickly onboard new employees and sites during a merger or acquisition.
Your technology is critical when it comes to maintaining employee productivity during mergers and acquisitions.

Evolve IP's DaaS makes it easy to spin up desktops on­demand, so your new employees are productive from day one. And, with managed DaaS, you can give everyone a seamless experience with equal access to shared information and apps-without provisioning individual devices or adding thousands of new endpoints to your admin workload. 

5. Provide vendors with secure access
Nearly half of firms suffer a breach caused by a vendor. Give vendors access to what they need while keeping your virtual environment controlled and secure. Evolve IP's virtual desktop solution, powered by Citrix gives vendors, developers, and others who require off-site access exceptional performance, no matter where they work. It also gives you peace of mind that your vendors will only access what they are allowed to see - minimizing your risk of a data breach.

6. Gain flexibility with how and when you move in the cloud
Stay within your current data center, expand into any public cloud, or Evolve IP's private cloud. It's your choice. 

With Evolve IP, you can move to the cloud at your pace. Keep using your existing data center to rive more value from your investments. Or increase your agility by migrating your apps and desktops to a public cloud. You can even move some of your infrastructure to the cloud while keeping the rest on-premises.

No matter which approach you take, you can manage all of your apps and desktops from a single console and gain total visibility across your environment.


Evolve IP's DaaS solution, powered by Citrix goes beyond VDI and offers more flexibility by providing managed DaaS capabilities. You can provision desktops in Evolve IP’s data centers or on Azure public cloud infrastructure, giving you more agility and ease of management - and freeing your IT team to focus on what matters


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