Experience Seamless Unified Communications … Everywhere.

Evolve IP delivers voice services and unified communications with Quality of Service (QoS) to users in any country around the world.

Businesses headquartered in North America, and with offices around the globe, can leverage the award-winning Evolve IP voice platform with Cisco VoIP to:

  • Reduce management overhead by unifying systems between offices
  • Easily administrate essential unified communications and IP phone system functions via the Web
  • Realize greater productivity gains for end-users

Current Client Deployments


  • User experience is drastically improved by leveraging the same platform for handsets, IM&P collaboration tools, Office 365 integration, CRM integration, Google Apps integration and more
  • QoS provides an enterprise experience for all users
  • Business continuity and increased bandwidth are enabled via Cloud Connect, a packet-level bonding service that leverages multiple network connections in any country. Private access is also available globally through Evolve IP carrier relationships
  • Business continuity automatically takes effect between international sites in the event of power failures and disasters at each of your locations
  • Call center services are greatly enhanced. Supervisors can manage agents and queues regardless of geographic location and agents around the globe simply need to login into the queue to begin receiving calls


  • Extension dialing between all of your offices is enabled using a single unified corporate directory
  • UC collaboration tools update phone presence of all users regardless of location, along with soft phones, video calling, screen-sharing and more
  • Call routing between all locations is simplified and easy to manage
  • Visual Design Studio: build complex and powerful call flows with unlimited power using a visual, intuitive call flow design tool
  • CRM and Database Connectivity: integrate call flows easily with your database or CRM system. Upload customer data for customer and account “lookups” or engage real-time integration from the IVR with web-enabled business applications

International Architecture

Using Evolve IP voice gateways, international offices easily connect to our award-winning PBX platforms hosted in multiple SOC II certified data centers. This proven format takes advantage of all the cloud-based benefits for dial-tone, high availability, ease of management, minimal CAPEX expenditure, and more.

For international locations, Local Area Network, VLANs, are utilized to segment the voice and data traffic at the start for efficient routing–leading to Quality of Service (QoS). Unlike other providers relying on global backhauls, our solution leverages industry-leading voice gateway devices keeping media locally. The result is voice traffic that is managed by Evolve IP with QoS settings applied.

Dial plans are customized both on voice gateways and in the Evolve IP core platform. Voice gateways connect with existing voice carriers and Internet providers to deliver quality service. In the end, the most efficient routes for calling locally to other offices, emergency services, toll-free, and calling around the world are made from each international office.

Evolve IP supplies high-definition voice and video Polycom handsets for use both domestically and abroad or you may utilize existing pre-certified handsets All locations, anywhere in the world, can be connected to Evolve IP’s hosted PBX location in the US providing a consistent, enterprise-quality, and highly-effective international solution.

To learn more, click here to download a datasheet or fill out the contact us form to speak with an experienced Technology Advisors on how Evolve IP can unify your communications globally.

International DID Numbers

For businesses that have users working remotely OR want to generate a local presence by having an international phone number, Evolve IP can offer local numbers in more than 50 countries around the world.

  • Increase your footprint without your customers incurring charges by dialing internationally.
  • Improve sales and support by advertising local numbers to your customers, partners, and vendors.

Our cloud-based PBX can route calls efficiently once international DIDs are applied to auto-attendants, call centers, users, hunt groups, and audio conference bridges.

International – Inbound Only DIDs
Argentina Dominican Republic Japan Portugal
Australia El Salvador Latvia Puerto Rico
Austria Estonia Lithuania Romania
Bahrain Finland Luxembourg Singapore
Belgium France Malaysia Slovakia
Brazil Georgia Malta Slovenia
Bulgaria Germany Mexico South Africa
Canada Greece Netherlands South Korea
Chile Hong Kong New Zealand Spain
Colombia Hungary Norway Sweden
Croatia Ireland Panama Switzerland
Cyprus Israel Peru Turkey
Czech Republic Italy Poland United Kingdom