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Call Recording Software: Uses Outside the Call Center

December 11, 2012 / Evolve IP

Call recording products have become a vital tool in call centers and we’ve all heard the message alerting us that our “call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes” when we call our credit card company.

Once a system is in place, every call center quickly realizes the value it provides. For example:

  • Contact center managers save calls that illustrate exceptional customer service to play during training.
  • Calls not handled successfully can serve as examples when providing constructive criticism to improve an agent’s skill set.
  • When recorded calls are delivered as a cloud service, managers can email or store recordings as .wav files.
  • Managers can refer to recordings to resolve disputes between a customer and a call center agent.

While the benefits to a call center are obvious, there are many other areas across an organization where a company can benefit from implementing call recording service.

Meet Compliance needs with Call Recording software

Many organizations are legally required to monitor their customer interactions for risk management purposes. Call recording can help ensure compliance for organizations that are required to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations.

Organizations such as financial institutions are regulated by entities that enforce the proper handling of personal financial information. In fact, Call Recording is mandated for financial institutions by legislation in many states. A Call Recording solution can help your business uphold compliance with regulatory groups and provide proof of compliance during an audit.

Call Recording service reduces liability risk and settles disputes

It’s likely that every department in your organization interacts with your customers in some way. Any miscommunication can escalate from a simple “he said, she said” disagreement into something bigger that ultimately results in a law suit. No business wants to face a lawsuit, or pay the costs for one, so it’s important to keep meticulous records.

To protect yourself, you should get everything in writing. But, when a phone call is required, you can still be protected by Call Recording software, which provides evidence that can be used to resolve matters before they escalate into a law suit.

Internal disputes that arise between co-workers, or between managers and subordinates, can be quickly resolved with proof obtained through Call Recording software.

A Call Recording system means productive performance reviews

Recorded phone calls provide managers with specific examples to illustrate how their employee is performing during annual reviews, as well as helping the employee to create a development plan, and to hold them accountable to it.

For example, if an employee is responsible for upselling and consistently misses her quota, her leader can review calls with her and offer suggestions on how she might have better handled the calls. If the leader has received complaints from a vendor his employee works with regularly, he can review calls between the vendor and the employee to ascertain recommendations for a more successful partnership.

Interview, conference call, and witness Call Recording

Lawyers, journalists, and many others commonly conduct phone interviews and nearly every business today holds daily conference calls. It can be distracting when either party is trying to take notes during an interview or conference call, and it can also slow down the call – or worse, participants can miss notating important points.

With Call Recording software, participants can focus on the conversation and the recorded call can be sent as a .wav file email attachment to the participants after the call. Like any audio file, users can rewind or fast forward through the recording to get all the details they might have missed during the live call, or transcribe an entire interview if needed.

Sales training is enhanced by Call Recording service

Phone call recordings of the top performers on your sales team can be played during weekly team meetings for training purposes and to share best practices. One team member may have a better close ratio because of the specific way he describes the benefits of your company’s product or service.

In contrast, recordings of lost sales opportunity calls can serve to provide constructive feedback to an individual or the team. Salespeople looking to improve their performance can listen to and analyze their own calls to determine key areas of success and need for improvement.

Many companies employ telemarketers to qualify leads before they are assigned to the senior salesperson. Rather than having the telemarketers waste valuable calling time typing up lengthy notes to summarize a call with a good lead, they can share the file of the recorded call with the salesperson before he or she follows up.

Improved customer satisfaction with a Call Recording system

Without a way to monitor the quality of your team’s customer interactions, you can only wait for a customer complaint to come in, then act defensively. Many dissatisfied customers won’t even notify you that they are unhappy with their service until they end the relationship.

With a Call Recording solution, supervisors can proactively monitor their team’ customer interactions to better manage the quality, resolve issues at first detection, and control customer satisfaction levels. One member of the team may be better at empathizing with customers’ needs or resolving their problems; recordings of this employee’s calls can be used to help mentor other team members.

Sharing recorded phone calls with VoIP Call Recording

If you have to miss an important conference call on your hosted VoIP system, your co-worker can record the call and email the .wav file to you to keep you up-to-speed. If you had an exceptionally successful call with a client and you want to share it with your boss or co-workers, you can email it to them directly. If you need a colleague to follow up on a call you had with business partner, you can send the recording to the colleague to inform her of what was discussed.

Added security and reduction of personal calls

With Call Recording software, businesses can ensure that restricted information stays in-house. It can also help to detect other security issues and to reduce the occurrence of inappropriate conversations and use of company time for personal calls.

Cloud features and benefits

A cloud-based Call Recording solution, such as the one Evolve IP offers, provides the same benefits any service delivered from the cloud provides, including: lower total cost of ownership (TCO), flexibility, scalability, disaster recovery, security, and centralized management (being able to monitor calls regardless of employee location). Managers and users also benefit from access to indexed recordings, live monitoring, tagging, reporting, multiple set-up options, accessibility and control.

In summary

There are myriad ways in which businesses can benefit from a cloud-based Call Recording solution. How phone calls are handled across your organization is just as important as the experience customers and partners receive when they walk through your front door. Is the way your team handles calls consistent with your corporate values and business goals? A Call Recording solution will answer that question for you.

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