Why Cloud Contact Centers?

The rapid adoption of new communication channels has laid waste to traditional contact centers. Customers now demand a seamless experience across all channels, and to keep their accounts and prospects happy, organizations have been forced to make massive changes to their approach to customer engagement.

Your contact center is the lifeblood of the enterprise and anything you can do to improve agent results and customer experience is a major win for the business. In today’s highly competitive environment, if you’re not leveraging technologies like omnichannel, workforce management, rich integration with your business applications, and advanced business intelligence you’re falling behind.

Most businesses are looking for a contact center solution that allows them to deliver a unified customer experience across all communication channels, lower TCO, reduce maintenance headaches, increase ROI, get immediate access to new features and easily scale up or down to meet business fluctuations. Organizations with multi-location contact centers, including those with agents working from home need a contact center solution that meets their unique business requirements that maximize the intrinsic value of the cloud.

By establishing a single, cloud-based contact center businesses can easily streamline operations and maximize staffing. Managers can experience unparalleled control and visibility into their virtual contact center ecosystem through advanced features such as reporting, call recording, exclusive dashboard and Ossmosis administrator tools. With a cloud-based contact center such as Evolve IP’s, businesses can integrate with multiple CRM applications, personalize interactions for each customer and deliver a world-class customer service. Leverage Evolve IP’s redundant and compliant cloud architecture to enable business continuity while also unifying multiple locations and remote agents on a single, integrated platform.

Evolve IP’s Cloud Contact Center Solution

Evolve IP’s omnichannel contact center provides organizations with a sophisticated, cloud-based service that delivers real business value. It provides your contact center managers with more control and deeper insight into operations that can’t be achieved with cumbersome on-site equipment and systems.

Features & Benefits

Evolve IP’s platform is designed to deliver all of the features needed to support a world-class contact center including:

  • Security & Compliance: ensure you meet HIPAA, ITAR, PCI, SOC 2 and related compliance requirements with a platform that has passed rigorous regulatory audits
  • Omni-channel: communicate with clients using their preferred method – calls, text/SMS, email, web chat, web callback, and social media.
  • Call recording & Quality Management: Record all or some of your agent’s calls and screen interactions, assign tags for QA/workflow purposes, and evaluate agents via custom scorecards.
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence: leverage real-time reports in an adhoc or scheduled manner, build custom reports & visualizations, and connect operational data sources for a holistic view of your operation.
  • PBX and ACD: we provide a fully integrated solution or leverage your existing PBX.
  • Contact History / Screen Pop: “telephony enable” your CRM and business applications or leverage the existing CRM to provide an integrated client history across all communication channels.
  • Work from Anywhere: allow your agents and supervisors to operate from any location without any loss of functionality.
  • Real-time and Scheduled Callbacks: offer callers the convenience of a callback instead of waiting for an agent.
  • Visual Call Flows: visually build advanced call flows that offer self-service applications, data-driven routing, and personalized client interactions.
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery: operate your contact center regardless of technology, power or carrier failures.
  • Simple, Concurrent Licensing: a simple pricing structure designed for contact centers eliminates confusion and cost that improves your return on technology investment.
  • Dedicated Team: our contact center practice will customize and design the best solution that fits the strategy of your organization and is available any time you need them.
  • Reduce management headaches: control your configuration and users around the world from our award-winning OSSmosis portal.

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