How UCaaS and CCaaS Work Together to Improve Your Tech Stack

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How UCaaS and CCaaS Work Together to Improve Your Tech Stack


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) are standard practices in companies of all sizes. They are also integral to successful business operations.


That’s true, but IT teams face an unfortunate, common scenario: the contact center exists in a tech silo, operating as an inflexible system that requires dedicated management. Typically, UCaaS lives in a whole separate silo, with its own management demands and requirements.


The good news is, that doesn’t have to be true anymore. Evolve IP is here to make your tech stack easier to manage. This means addressing IT’s biggest concerns around onboarding, security, integrations, and more. Growth doesn’t have to include endless bolt-ons or new systems with real or practically real firewalls. Our elegant, elite processes can make it easy for you to use UCaaS and CCaaS together, in harmony. That’s what this article aims to illustrate.


First up: we’re living in an age of acronyms: no way around it. Let’s start with clarifying terms, namely, UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.


CCaaS Solutions

In an age of customer-centricity, contact centers provide an irreplaceable touchpoint for managing relationships. This may include outbound sales and telemarketing, customer service, and other traditional applications that now use CCaaS for automation, interactive voice responses, voice AI, and more.


CCaaS solutions are not only functionally important but also generate huge data sets that help business leaders and managers identify problems and activate meaningful improvement.


Benefits of CCaaS

As the world continues to “go remote,” customers need to still feel connected to companies. CCaaS platforms are typically low cost, flexible, scalable, provide fast problem resolution, and provide high-quality service. They also may enable strong employee engagement and yield deep customer insights.


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UCaaS Solutions

Unified communications (UC) that are cloud-delivered are considered UCaaS. There are six elements typically associated with Unified Communications as a Service:

  1. Meetings (web conferencing, audio, video)
  2. Enterprise telephony
  3. Mobility
  4. Unified messaging
  5. Communications-enabled business processes
  6. Instant messaging and presence


Each of these provides similar benefits to premises-based UC but happens in a virtual environment.


Benefits of UCaaS

There are numerous benefits to UCaaS, one of which is cost. Companies can save money through lower energy costs, pay per user setups, and face no additional hardware costs.


Two additional benefits are security and scalability. In the cloud, it is possible for IT teams to remotely manage devices and systems. This makes it easier to implement and enforce solid security protocols. UCaaS also has the advantage of being easy to scale, with simple expansion possible in a phased approach.


UCaaS and CCaaS Working Together

At the open, we talked about the frustrating dynamic of having call centers live in a completely separate system from the rest of business communications. Because of the cloud, this is no longer necessary.


In fact, at Enterprise Connect 2022, a presentation called “UCaaS Plus CCaaS” was highly attended and featured panelists discussing how this connection is changing the future of collaboration and virtual teams.


Here are the key takeaways from that discussion:

  • Use cases made possible by UCaaS and CCaaS are foreseen in enterprise CX and internal collaboration.
  • Experts envision a “collaborative contact center,” where conversations support maximal engagement, first-contact resolution, and revenue.
  • The future demand for knowledge workers in different departments represents a challenge in the workplace. Unified, cloud-based communications make sharing and working together widely accessible.
  • As the average enterprise organization continues to expand globally, these solutions make it easier for people working across time zones and geographical boundaries.
  • Finally, innovation is progressing at light speed. Companies that relay, share, and intelligently use information faster will have an advantage.


The Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified communications is the synchronization of all communication tools, all channels, all platforms, and all approaches, effortlessly coordinated for optimal outcomes. When UC gets upgraded to UCaaS, all of this work is cloud-based, which opens new opportunities.


It is mission critical that companies effectively facilitate great communication. The ecosystem of communication required for enterprise operations is immense. There is internal communication, external communication, cross-communication, communication that certain people have to see but not others, and more. All of this chatter happens in multiple media: text, video, and audio.


New work from home or Work Anywhere™ movements have changed how we deploy and manage devices. The sheer number of factors that contribute to how your organization's communications are gargantuan. Hence, the need to unify it all.


The cloud has made it possible, unlocking new capabilities and ways to make all of this complexity simple.


UCaaS and CCaaS = Seamless Unified Communications Solutions

In any enterprise environment, using best-class comms tools is imperative. Not only does it make operations easier, but it also accelerates progress. Every field is experiencing the growing pains of new tech adoption. The good news is that you can partner with a company that alleviates that pain, making it easier to do more with what you have, and manage it all with ease.


Reach out anytime, and we’ll show you real-world examples of how our platform coordinates UCaaS and CCaaS, illustrating to your IT team just how easy it is to get real solutions that work.

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